//Your Complete Guide To Running Effective Instagram Ads

Your Complete Guide To Running Effective Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are an efficient way of digital advertising. With an ever-growing community of 700 million users, Instagram ads work in a non-intrusive fashion and are more likely to appeal to your target audience. The engagement rate is the highest and it also establishes a connection with your Facebook audience, since these apps are connected.

In terms of ROI and the expenditure incurred on Instagram marketing, the output results are wide-ranging and work in favor of the investor. However, running a successful ad campaign on Instagram is a skill set that needs to be learned and improved with time. Your ad campaign skills will determine how effective your ads are in creating brand awareness and portraying a strong brand image.

Thus we bring to the insights on how to run effective ads on Instagram for the success of your marketing campaign.

Let’s take a quick read. 

Make a close note of your most engaging posts

Instagram ads image for Make a close note of your most engaging posts

The first step to running effective ads is identifying the posts that have high outreach. To do this, check all your past Instagram posts, and view their insights. The engagements need to be recorded on the following factors, i.e. likes, comments, shares, saves, profile visits, website clicks, and emails.

Once you add these numbers you receive the total engagement value of a particular post. Take out the percentage value to check how effective it has been on the audience. Thus, the posts which have high values should be considered to run ad campaigns.

Strategize the overall content you create

image for Strategize the overall content you create

Well, for an ad campaign you cannot always turn old posts into ads. You have to work consistently towards creating new, meaningful, and original content. To begin with, you have to publish content that invokes engagement and drives attention to your profile.

People should be motivated to check out your content and stay tuned to it in the future. Your content should also be authoritative and educative about the overall goals of your ad campaign. It should talk about brand achievements, its principles, and working accomplishments to lure your followers.

Your content should be enticing and must give credit to the user for subscribing to your page. Even though your posts are limited to 2200 characters, you must find a way to interact organically and smoothly with your audience. Make sure to add URLs and website links on your posts and keep it consistent and similar on your Instagram Bio, which is the big gateway to drive traffic. Trust in the content that promises to generate traffic and convert it into leads.

Invest in ads that fulfill your overall marketing strategies

Similar to any other social and digital marketing campaign, advertising on Instagram should have a meaningful flow and must not be created out of context. They must strictly portray your company’s brand targets, strategies and must stick to the cause for creating brand awareness and enhancing its image in the market. These ads should work in favor of your company’s premise, with adequate call-to-actions to increase necessary interactions.

You should always try to implement and establish a dual-channel approach while running a social media ad campaign. This implies that to maintain consistency and increase engagement, think about how you can integrate your Instagram ad campaign to your corresponding social media handles like Facebook.

Utilize images as a center of the campaign


It’s rightfully said that images convey a thousand words. Hence a successful Instagram campaign relies on enticing creatives and images that grab the attention of the viewers. These are the focal point of every call to action and they demand a response from your audience. When you specifically employ certain images for your campaign, the results are much better than expected.

Work on well shot, uniquely captured and well-edited images that maintain the feed aesthetic, convey and convince the audience with the message, and all in all stick to the overall purpose of your campaign. 

Know your keywords and hashtags that pertain to the campaign 

image for Know your keywords and hashtags that pertain to the campaign

Even though hashtags are a Twitter origin, they go a long way on Instagram in filtering content and categorizing its engagement. It is important that you have specific keywords designed specifically for your campaign and these are utilized in your content as Hashtags. This will ensure your posts appear in specific word searches.

The keywords you utilize should be relevant to your brand, its products and services and must also be catering to the interests and aspirations of your audience. Tapping on a particular hashtag will transfer the user to a new page that has all the images incorporating the particular hashtag. Hence, utilize it wisely and check thoroughly.

Once you start an ad campaign, make sure all your posts, old and new are equipped with these hashtags to maintain consistency.

Rely on social media statistics

image for Rely on social media statistics

Your Instagram ad campaign must also rely on the statistics provided by social media insights. This will reveal the data of the posts that have the highest engagement, along with the days of the week and times of the day when your account receives high outreach in the forms of views, clicks, likes, and shares. Employ this data analysis in building the future course of your campaign.

Keep a check on the trends that have been working on your social media across various handles. Apply these trends on your ad campaign strategies too as they have been tried and tested on your audience already.

A/B Test Your campaigns

image for test and retest your ad campaigns

Testing your ads gives you an actual reality check and helps you learn a lot about social media campaigns. After you create a standard ad, run the other possible ads against this particular ad to check the results and compare them. This will tell you exactly which offer, what timing, and what kind of audience responds to your campaign the most.


Every Instagram ad campaign is similar to a story. You as an ad manager are the storyteller and you have to keep the story going. It has to be engaging in bits, must have an enticing and surprising element. Your ads should maintain consistency and must be dedicated to the overall brand image.

We hope that this article gave you the required techniques that you need to implement to run a smooth and successful ad campaign.