//Wigzo Review: Best Ecommerce Marketing Automation Platform

Wigzo Review: Best Ecommerce Marketing Automation Platform

The new digital age has fundamentally changed consumer’s thoughts about convenience, speed, price, product information, service, and brand interactions. As a result, it has given marketers a whole new way to create customer value, engage customers, and build customer relationships.

To reach this burgeoning market, many companies are looking for a new-age platform to nurture their customer relationship and boost sales.

To help brands find a suitable tool, Today, I will review one of the new age omnichannel platforms built for eCommerce business – Wigzo.

What is Wigzo?


Wigzo is an omnichannel personalization suite that works on artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning to improve the lead conversion rates by providing quality user experience through automation and personalizing the user journey with the help of up-to-date analytics.

It has been in the industry for 9 years and works with different eCommerce brands to help them increase their sales by keeping their audience actively engaged with personalized notifications.

Wigzo has 1000+ customers globally and 50 billion events processed per month.

With Wigzo you can send automated triggered and segmented campaigns.

It helps brands create a full customer profile, offering a win-win for both customers and marketers.

Wigzo works with all eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, and many more.

Increase sales & revenue and Improve ROI, Increase customer lifetime value, and build brand awareness are the most popular goals marketers achieved using Wigzo.

Awok has increased 3x more sales & on-site conversion rates by 7% using Wigzo. Read the full case study here.

Who is Wigzo For?

In recent years, many brands are becoming aware of the benefits that marketing automation software can provide their companies and their online marketing goals. 

Wigzo is an eCommerce marketing automation platform that helps eCommerce companies of all sizes to dig deeper into data to find opportunities to increase their sales and revenue. They are also using it to personalize every customer interaction and drive better engagement, retention, loyalty, and lifetime value.

A large percent of Wigzo marketing automation adopters are B2C companies from small ventures to established organizations as it offers them greater control over their existing and potential customers.

Wigzo is so effective for B2C retailers as it combines personalization and automation to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, which generates more revenue for the company.

B2C companies who are using Wigzo have seen conversion rates up to between 20% – 50%.

With Wigzo, B2C companies are building their brand by sending regular, relevant communications to their subscribers. It also provides metrics that inform retailers which tactic is working most effectively for more successful future campaigns.

It makes Wigzo an ideal platform to deliver an exceptional customer experience, improve the user journey, and deliver significant revenue with little manual effort (other than the initial setup).

John Mason, Director of SomethingGreek and user of Wigzo also said: “We were impressed with how quickly it was to launch Wigzo’s marketing suite and the support from Wigzo on-boarding team was great!”

Now let’s talk about what Wigzo has in it that made it popular among eCommerce brands.

How to use Wigzo?

Now I will walk you through the following stages to configure your account with Wigzo:

  • Integrate your store with Wigzo – Before you can start using Wigzo, you need to connect your eCommerce store or a website. The integration process for each of the platforms is different, so I recommend searching for instructions from your store platform.
  • Account set-up – Account settings allow you to modify the settings of your account such as change the User Name, Company Name, Mobile Number, and the password. You can also change the language and time zone, including the sender’s email, adding logo and social links, billing info, working with multiple accounts in Wigzo.
  • To find your settings, just hover over your username towards the top right corner of your screen and select Account Settings.
  • For first time user: If you are a new user, then the first step is to fill in your account details such as your name, Email Id, phone number, and Company Name.
  • For Returning User: If you are a returning user and you wish to correct the details, you can go to the account settings again and select the edit option in any of the fields you wish to edit.
  • API Credentials: It consists of an API token which is an alphanumeric token. A new API token is assigned to every individual user. This API token can be changed, it will remain with the user as long as they have an account with us. You can it, Setting – Billing – API Credentials
  • Language & translations: You can always change the language in the Automation, Campaign, and Sign-up form settings, however, before you proceed, you can also set the default language and translations in your Store Settings. It will automatically apply the translation to all of the assets and save your time in the future.
  • Time zone: By default, they set the time zone based on the address you provide to the registration form. If you choose to schedule your Campaign for later, it will be sent in the time zone specified in your account.
  • Adding billing information and upgrading your account: In the billing, there are 3 sections: Plan, Invoices, and Saved cards. They have a 15 days Free Trial and downgrade your account to the Free plan when the trial expires. Therefore, you don’t need to rush and upgrade your subscription right away. You can take your time to explore the platform and proceed with the upgrade when you’re ready.
  • Password: The password settings are comparatively easy. In case you want to change your password, just tap on the top right button on your name – account setting and then type in your old password, type in the password that you want to change to in the new password field and type that password again in the next field to confirm your changed password, tap on the button update password once you are done with all the fields.

Why you should use Wigzo?

Wigzo is an Omnichannel experience in terms of the sales approach that creates cohesive and integrated customer experience no matter how or where your customer reaches out. It helps brands follow their customers as they switch from device to device and deliver a consistent marketing message.

Today, customers are omnichannel as they bounce between channels when interacting with an eCommerce brand, and Wigzo helps marketers to respond to that behavior.

It seamlessly integrates the different communication channels that brands use to communicate with customers and deliver a more consistent customer experience.

How does it work?

  • With its presence on almost every channel, it helps you to be present when a customer comes to your brand no matter what channel.
  • Each channel the customers uses to interact with your brand regarding the product it automatically responds to the customer’s needs
  • Wigzo provides a deeper level of personalization no matter who the customer is, what channel they’re using, or where they are in their customer journey.
  • Wigzo helps you run comprehensive reports to monitor the effectiveness of your omnichannel marketing campaigns. Get real-time insights to quickly shift tactics as customer tastes change.
  • Wigzo gives you the power to create unified and personalized campaigns for all your users.

Channels of Wigzo 

1. Push/Browser Notifications


Wigzo has Push Notifications that help eCommerce brands improve customer engagement and retention ratio. You can skyrocket your engagement with personalized push notifications and increase 25% revenue.

You can easily create push notifications that engage your customers in real-time.

It also boosts the conversion by more than 4X with personalized web notifications. With a 1-click subscription and no forms to fill, easily convert your visitors into subscribers.

When to use Wigzo Push Notifications?

  • Abandonment Cart Notifications
  • FYI Notifications
  • Reminder Notifications
  • Geolocation Notification
  • Time-Bound Notifications
  • Rich Push Notifications

It also gets 10X higher opt-in rates than emails as it works on one-click opt-ins that don’t require a visitor to share their email address, and yet subscribe to get notifications from your business.

The customer experience of Wigzo Push Notifications

  • 33% Increase in engagement by smart personalized Push Notifications.
  • 26% Increase in click-through rate from Push Notifications.
  • 33% Increase in the conversion of cart abandoning customers.

With Wigzo Opt-in notifications, Something Greek was able to convert the online visitors into subscribers to send updates and notifications without sharing any contact information. This increased their opt-ins by a whopping 20X.(Case study)

How to check the performance?

After login to Wigzo account, click on Channels (left side of the page) > Browser Notifications> Overview


  • You can check active subscribers, Opt-in Rate, Churn Rate.
  • You can also track the overall campaign’s review on the same page. Each campaign has a name and you click and check the source, received, clicked, CTR, the start date of the campaign.
  • Next, it has broadcast which has 3 sections – Sent (Campaigns shared with customers), In Draft (campaigns ready but not shared), and Scheduled(Campaigns have been scheduled for a particular date and time to be shared).
  • Next, it has the Automation templates section – here you can check the various templated that have been shared with the customers regarding cart abandonment, browser abandonment, or others. You can check when it was creating and the action triggered to it.
  • Last, it has an Opt-in setting where you can observe the Opt-in type, opt-in interval, Title, subtitle, dialogue visual setting, dialogue background, allow button text, later button text., app icon.

2. In-App Messages


Wigzo In-app messaging is a type of mobile messaging where the notifications are displayed within the app. For instance, popups, yes/no prompts, and many more. It boosts your customer retention and can turn dullest actions into surprising moments.

Why is it important?

  • Wigzo In-App Messaging enables brands to engage customers who are actively using their app by sending them targeted messages that nudge them to complete in-app actions such as buying an item or subscribing to brand news alerts, sales alerts.
  • It integrates with Analytics and Predictions to give brands advanced targeting capabilities. They have the authority to delivers direct targeted messages to users based on their every action and interests.
  • You can customize the Wigzo in-app messaging design to match your brand so they feel like a native part of your app experience.
  • Wigzo In-App Messaging works with Analytics and enables you to see how each messaging campaign is performing and tracks impressions, clicks, and conversions by date to give you an insight on the success of campaigns and make informed decisions on re-running them or altering them based on the results.
  • It also helps you in avoiding flood users with a dozen messages at one time, you can directly specify an upper limit for a session or time, and it will queue additional messages accordingly.
  • You can also simply set-up the DND hours to avoid disturbing users no matter which time zone they’re located in, and it delivers messages when the time is right.
  • You can also engage active app users with one-time in-app updates, automated triggered campaigns, and targeted scheduled campaigns for higher conversions.

It offers a myriad of templates to brands they can choose from:

  • Simple Header – Best for promotional offers. Launch your campaign instantly.
  • Simple Footer – For reminders or updates you can launch a skimmable footer template.
  • Classic Template – For a new feature launch that’s bound to transform your app.
  • Full-Screen Template – To describe the feature with both text and visuals.

Wigzo In-app messages to complement other channels as Push notifications and Email bring users back to the app and in-app messages engage users within the app, offering unique value.

3. Email Personalization


We as customers like to receive messages that are relevant to our interest and lose interest if brands share messages that are not related to our preference.

Wigzo Email personalization is an email marketing strategy that uses personal data of consumers to create more targeted emails. It examines each subscriber’s behavior and responds according to their tastes and needs or share relevant offers and enhances email marketing metrics massively.

It delivers personalized emails, triggered at the right moment with the right content, and improves open and click-through rates.

Wigzo automates your email marketing processes by auto-populating the emails that each subscriber receives based on what he has previously shown interest in. This doesn’t just boost the open rates of emails, but also the conversions from the channel.

With the advanced tactics for customer retention via email marketing, you can build segmented data of email subscribers dividing them on the basis of how often they indulge, the kind of products they buy, and much more.

Wigzo uses pre-built integrations available with several ESPs and set up your preferred email service provider within a fraction of seconds.

Results of Wigzo Email personalization for eCommerce brands?

Average of 14% click-through rate improved and 10% conversation rate.

How to check the performance of Email campaigns?

After login to Wigzo account, click on Channels (left side of the page) > Email > Overview


  • In the overview section, you can check total emails sent, total email opened, Total clicks, Bounced emails, Unsubscribed emails for each campaign.
  • Next, it has templates which can be directly shared to the customers- it has various categories
  • In the next section, you can also create a template (click on the right blue box) and save them for the next scheduled campaigns.

4. Exit Intent


Wigzo Exit Intent triggers a popup such as signup forms or offer to a website visitor who is about to leave your site by using a visitor’s actions ( tracking mouse movements) to predict when they are leaving.

It captures leads and converts abandoning visitors into subscribers.

Wigzo Exit Intent is a great feature to show a special offer of your service or product to your visitors on the right targeted pages.

How does Exit Intent work?

  • When a visitor browses your site but after a time decides to leave the website it captures their attention and entices them with an irresistible offer along with a CTA.
  • It shows visitors a popup in the middle of the screen and nudges them to make a choice. At this moment visitors will have no distractions either they engage with the popup and leave their information, or close the popup.

Why use Exit Intent?

  • Boosting email subscription rates
  • Reducing bounce rates
  • Recovering abandonment carts
  • Increase revenue generated on-site

Many of the eCommerce brands are using the Exit Intent channel of Wigzo to capture the attention of the visitor and convert it into a subscriber.

Let us see how it has helped Ethos(Case study)

Ethos is a popular and one-of-a-kind watch Boutique in India. It was facing the challenge of converting their website visitors into subscribers & customers. Ethos implemented Wigzo Exit Intent campaigns on their web pages to overpower this situation.

Wigzo tracks a website visitor’s movements right from the time they land on the store. It then predicts the exit intent of this visitor and enables Ethos to retarget them on-site with a personalized campaign, before they leave and got 7% increased conversions on their exit intent campaign, growing their email list faster and also boosting their sales.

How to check the campaign overview?

After login to Wigzo account, click on Channels(left side of the page) > Exit Intent > Overview


  • On the overview page, you can check the impressions, conversions, conversion rate, phone numbers, and emails of each campaign.
  • You can create a new campaign by clicking on the right top blue box.
  • You can also check the list of all campaigns which will show when it was created, the last update, and the action nudged to it.

5. Onsite behavioral Messaging 


Wigzo Onsite behavioral Messaging helps in enhancing long-term relationships and drive sustainable growth.

It encourages your users to act by delivering personalized on-site notifications and make meaningful connections with them

Instead of providing a single, broad experience, Wigzo Onsite behavioral messaging allows eCommerce brands to present visitors with unique experiences customized according to their needs and desires.

Why use Onsite behavioral Messaging?

  • It broadcast your fastest selling items online and get your visitors to view or buy them.
  • Notify your visitors about soon-to-end offers and bank on the sense of urgency to bag more sales.
  • Nudge returning visitors to view the items they left behind and complete their pending purchases.
  • Encourage users to add more items to their cart to avail of free shipping. Increase the average order value of your store instantly.
  • Increase time spent on-site with personalized recommendations.
  • It has innovative templates to ease Your Personalization efforts

How does it work?

  • Choose Template – You can choose from the various smart template options based on your onsite conversion goals.
  • Edit Design – Then you can pick between visual settings and HTML/CSS code to make changes to your template design and customize all elements such as title, subtitle, background, descriptions, buttons, coupons, and more.
  • Device Targeting – You can enable or disable your onsite notifications for desktop, mobile, or tablet users depending on your target users.
  • URL Targeting – Select the pages you want to show your notifications on and enable your campaign for all pages or target specific pages.
  • Final Touch – Lastly, give your campaign a name and description and then preview to see how your live notification will look. You can also save the template to edit and use later or simply send your notification out.


  • 4.5% Average conversion on cart recovery
  • 17-18% CTR on cart recovery
  • 9-10% Average Increase in Conversions

6. Facebook Messenger


Wigzo Facebook Messenger helps brands to simplify customer acquisition by providing a direct, conversational way for the audience to take action where they already spend their time.

With Wigzo Messenger, the audience can browse your products and services, and purchase them directly in the conversation.

It enables customers to communicate with brands on their terms as they don’t have to wait or keep the website window open. You can easily re-engage them at the messenger and the conversation stays in there always.

It offers personalized messenger marketing service and you can also immediately respond to your customer’s query on messenger.

It seamlessly sends out Cart Recovery, browser Abandonment, sale Announcement messages right in the primary inbox of your subscribers.

Why use Facebook Messenger?

  • It builds your own messenger bot
  • Convert your FB page fans into subscribers
  • Broadcast your messages in your customer’s messenger box
  • Send out a triggered campaign based on user behavior on your website
  • Automate default replies and welcome message sequences for your subscribers
  • Schedule notifications according to time zones and other custom segments


  • 80% open rates
  • 55% CTR rate
  • 38% higher opt-in rates
  • 15x Average ROI

7. Whatsapp 


Whatsapp marketing is a new-fashioned way of marketing to reach, engage, and convert potential prospects using the Whatsapp platform.

If you are planning to launch a new product or you want to inform your customers about your new service, WhatsApp marketing is an easy way to make it possible.

Wigzo Whatsapp channel takes away the complexity of running network integration with a simple, reliable, and scalable REST API. It also complies with GDPR.

It creates a certified Business Profile with your company details and when once customers have opted in to receive your messages, you can easily start chatting.

You can leverage it by sharing geolocations, images, and audio recordings and receive videos to gain context and provide support to customers.

Why use WhatsApp?

  • Reach your customers where they already are with urgent updates such as travel itinerary changes, system outages, location-targeted alerts, and more.
  • Share information regarding orders, deliveries, appointment reminders, payment processing, and more on a platform your customers check multiple times per day.
  • Allow customers to initiate in-depth conversations with rich media capacity so your support agents can improve troubleshooting and shorten ticket lifespans.

It allows eCommerce brands to seamlessly interact with customers by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages such as you can save and reuse messages you frequently send and use these “quick replies” to answer common questions more effectively.

8. SMS Automation


Wigzo SMS channel is an easy-to-use mass text messaging software to reach your customers through an integrated personalization & automation.

With a whopping 98% of open rate and a 35% CTR rate, SMS marketing is one of the most effective channels for eCommerce brands to interact with their customers.

Why use SMS?

  • It automates the SMS marketing and allows the brand to save time by pre-scheduling text messages using action-based drip messages that are triggered by specific criteria. (You can also download their SMS marketing for eCommerce guide).
  • It can design well-planned and targeted text campaigns that offer a great way for brands to save a lot of money on marketing campaigns while generating a higher ROI than other marketing channels.
  • Scheduling SMS campaigns lets you display time-specific offers and deals without having to be there to make sure they happen at the right time.
  • Get detailed insights, data, and reports about each user based targeted SMS campaigns and track the success of every text message you send with Messaging Analytics.
  • It also offers a seamless SMS list building tool that can capture the phone numbers of your visitors by using SMS list building tools. With pop-ups like exit intent, sign up boxes and other lead magnets and opt-in forms it allows you to build your SMS list.

Latest exclusive SMS building features:

Double Tap opt-in


It is completely out of the box method and converts visitors into loyal and active customers

It has a guaranteed +40% opt-in rate and seamless 15-second autofill and redirection.

How it is an effective technique let me walk you through one of the use cases of this feature.

SniperGang, Apparel Shopify Store associated with Kodak Black, and Sells Official Licensed Merchandise.

Due to the COVID crisis, and fall in traffic by 36% in the month of March, and revenues dropping by 16% and new customer sign-ups were less than 1%. Snipergang wanted something unique to uplift its conversion rate.  A new channel that can get more sales, with the least amount of effort.

At the time in March, Wigzo implemented its Patent Pending Double Tap SMS technology to interact with customers and increase new SMS subscribers. Snipergang integrated it and run a discount coupon offer for all the customers who subscribed.

Unlike filling a standard form that takes 45 seconds, it is an easy registration process “3-second” autofill and redirection.

Results for SniperGang? (Case study)

  • Over 3000 new SMS subscribers
  • 232 new sales order worth $12000
  • SMS Opt-in rate 6%
  • Code Attachment Rate- 19.2
  • 121% rise in revenue for the month of April in 20 days alone.
  • 30% CTR on the Bulk campaign done on the 3000 Subscribers collected.

Insta story opt-in (Magic Link)

It is another new two-step seamless opt-in to grow your SMS subscribers.

It converts your organic Instagram story viewer into SMS subscribers that can be reached out frequently for promotional messages and offers by incentivizing them.

How does it work?

It is easy to integrate Magic Link in your Instagram story.


Instagram already has a valuable feature to include a link in Instagram stories that brings users directly to the intended page after the swipe up. This web link is similar to our Magic Link.

Now after this, It is a two-step Seamless Opt-in method for a higher customer conversion rate.

  1. Instagram story viewers are nudged to click the Magic Link that automatically redirects them to their mobile messaging app (SMS).
  2. After this, they can simply press the “send” option and the pre-populated text opt-in will be received by the marketer.

Once the users will opt-in for an SMS subscription, then you can easily share all your sale alerts, notifications, discounts, and offers.

Recently Wigzo team launched a webinar as well related to these two new features and how it is useful for eCommerce brands. Click here to see the recordings.

How to check MagicLink performance?

After login to Wigzo account, click on Channels(left side of the page) > MagicLink

To create a MagicLink, click on the right blue box.

You can check the overview of each link on the page, how many have received it, and how many have clicked on the same.

When to use?

  • Abandoned Cart – Recover missed sales with automated text messages sent to anyone on your SMS list who didn’t complete checkout.
  • Win back Customers – Re-engage old customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while. Engage & tempt them back to your online store.
  • Promotional Offers – Inform your subscribers about special offers, flash sales or other promotions, or devise different message of your own.
  • Welcome Messages – Send a welcome message to new subscribers. Increase your chances of sales by offering a discount code on their first purchase.

Sara Meng, CEO of Neesee’s Dresses, who is using Wigzo’s SMS marketing said ” After implementing Wigzo’s SMS marketing, it quickly became our number one marketing channel. I was impressed to see how fast our customers adapted to this new form of marketing”​

How to check SMS campaign performance?

After login to Wigzo account, click on Channels(left side of the page) > SMS > Overview


  • You can check the data of total sent campaigns, totally clicked SMS, and total delivered of each campaign to the customers and also when the campaign was created.
  • Next, it has a broadcast section where you can click on SMS and it will direct you to Campaign message you need to share with your customers. It has blocks for Campaign name, select gateway, message (to be shared to the customer), also has the option for add image or shorten URL. Before sharing it with the customer you can share a test SMS.
  • Lastly, It has an automation templates option – where you can create a campaign and trigger it with an action.

9. Marketing Automation

marketing automation

Wigzo is an omnichannel eCommerce marketing automation platform built for growing eCommerce brands. It excludes the hassle from your marketing strategy and allows you to streamline, automate, and evaluate tasks and workflows.

With the Marketing Automation platform of Wigzo, brands scale efforts and improve how you target customers.

It allows you to make your campaign more accurate, generate better leads, nurture them, and help your team to offload a ton of work from their daily tasks.

It builds a 360-degree view of your customer and personalizes their customer journey.

Why use it?

  • It builds a Consistent Message Across Channels
  • Push Notifications – It sends personalized and media-rich push notifications to encourage app users to interact with your brand.
  • Email Personalization– It transmits targeted email marketing campaigns to engage users outside your app.
  • SMS – It delivers relevant and timely SMS notifications based on user identity and real-time behavior.
  • It offers pre-built marketing automation workflows
  • Wigzo allows you to identify your customer’s intent and preferences in real-time and amplify opportunities for conversion uplift and engagement.
  • It creates audience segments based on digital interaction, context, phase in the customer’s journey, third party data, and more.
  • It also has the option to build rule-based triggers for engagement
  • It offers Robust analytics & reports and measures the true impact of personalization, Quantify revenue, Average Order Value, and other key metrics to understand performance per audience, channel, or device.
  • It sends timely, relevant notifications based on a user’s behavior & activity and target customers with reminders, content, or product recommendations, tailored offers, and more to drive users back into your mobile app.

It also works on multiple eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Zapier, Magento, and many more.

They also have a guide on the Marketing Automation eCommerce checklist to give you an enlightening on what to enhance your online presence and improve revenue.

How does automation work in Wigzo?

After login to Wigzo account, click on Automation (left side of the page) – It has two sections flows and automation.


  1. Click on automation, you will see an overview of existing automation where the trigger name, timer, when created, and action option will be there.
  2. They have also launched new automation flow, click on create automation right top blue box. You will find more specific automation details where start, condition, delay, and other channels option will be displayed such as SMS, Email, Onsite, Browser Push.

10. Segmentation

Wigzo offers Data-Driven Consumer Segmentation for Hyper-Personal Connection.

We know every individual has its own preference and they don’t fit in the same size and ideas. Wigzo has a predictive customer segmentation solution, it categorizes different users based on their behavioral pattern, and then caters to each segment with exclusive marketing strategies.

Why use it?

  • It builds complex segmentation and targeting rules. You can easily identify and target high-value customers based on digital interaction, context, third party data, and many more.
  • Wigzo allows you to understand and identify customer intent and preferences in real-time.
  • It shares different audience segments between multiple properties and targets these people with consistent messages throughout their journey, regardless of the platform.
  • You can export a list of users who belong to a given audience segment to a CSV file.

One of the clients that use the segmentation feature of Wigzo is Bajaj Electricals.(Read the full case study here )

Bajaj Electricals, a globally renowned and trusted company, has business spread across – Consumer Products (Appliances, Fans, Lighting), Exports, Luminaires, and EPC.

With Wigzo Predefined Segments, Bajaj Electricals could segment their customer base into more than 50 Micro segments and make it easier for their marketing team to deep dive into which products were being bought over by each segment.


  • 101% uplift in revenues
  • 2X conversion rates
  • 15% increase in ARPU

How does Segmentation work in Wigzo?

After login to Wigzo account, click on Audience(left side of the page) > Segmentation


  • You can check that it has multiple predefined segments based on which you can determine your store performance.
  • The predefined segments it has are:- Three months since last purchase, twelve months since last purchase, Recent purchase, repeat purchase in last 12 months, paying customer, most active customer, first purchase, never purchased, lost, at risk, active, full-price customers, value shopper, high HOV, low HOV, Big spenders, VIP customers, Big-ticket spenders, Small-ticket spenders.
  • You can also create a new segment by click on the bottom right purple box.

11. Personalization


The value of personalization is easy to understand when you think of your own experience as a consumer. Won’t you appreciate receiving personalized recommendations and offers?

Wigzo Omnichannel Personalization uses audience and data analytics to meet the individual needs of a consumer.

Take into account how different channels are using it?

  • Personalize SMS Notification – Helps to stand out from the crowd and share relevant offers and discounts at the most preferred channel. It increases customer interest.in turn higher conversion rates.
  • Personalize Push Notification – Demographics, geolocation, preferences, historic and current app activity use these to add personal warmth to your notifications.
  • Personalize In-App Notification – Have real-time engagements and thus conversions with in-app notifications that are simply hard to resist.
  • Personalize Email Campaign Double the engagement on emails with personalized and targeted lifecycle email campaigns.

Why use it?

  • Change any static content elements such as hero banners, call-to-action-buttons, promotional areas, and more, and tailor it to each user or segment, optimized for maximum performance.
  • Automatically trigger personalized emails and push notifications to reach customers when they most expect it through rule-based triggers.
  • Target based on everything from custom events to geolocation, local weather forecast, device, business rules, and the context, characteristics, behavior, and interactions of customers.
  • Wigzo’s powerful APIs and SDKs deliver the entire breadth of personalization at every single digital channel and customer touchpoint.
  • It has ready to use personalization playbooks for out-of-the-box experience templates for recommendation widgets, personalized banners, subscription offers, notifications, and more.

foreman, the only brand in the Indian retail space which offers ‘Indian contemporary’ wear and stays a step ahead of the fashion curve. It is using Wigzo for Personalization.

What Wigzo did for WforWoman?(Read the case study)

  • Served personalized add-to-cart recommendations to increase order value
  • Optimized Personalised Recommendation strategies
  • Deployed urgency messaging across cart pages


  • 15% ARU increased from personalized add to cart recommendations.
  • 14% ARPU boost due to optimizing recommendation strategies on thank you page.

12. Live Activities

You can even overview your performance in real-time. From delivery rates to opens, click-throughs, and more, it shares an in-depth analysis of your campaign performance.

If you want to check the live activities – After log-in on the Wigzo account > Click on the Audience(left side of the page) > Live activities


You can track how many users are live and their activities on your store and in campaigns.

How Wigzo is different from its competitors

Wigzo Vs Klaviyo 

  • Wigzo is an Omnichannel platform that has SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Web push, Google/Facebook audience, whereas Klaviyo only has Email, SMS, and Google/Facebook audience.
  • Wigzo has an option for Customizable CTAs and Sales intelligence but Klaviyo has no similar features.
  • Klaviyo pricing plans start from $20 per month and increase 25% more whenever 500 new subscribers are added and Wigzo has the option of customizable pricing plans.
  • Wigzo offers more email captures than Klaviyo.
  • With Wigzo, you can create automated workflows that are just as powerful, and you can add in other channels to the same automated workflow. In contrast, Klaviyo has a great visual workflow that is quite powerful and you can use conditional splits and trigger splits to create very complex workflows that are highly targeted to your subscribers.

Wigzo Vs Clevertap

  • Wigzo allows marketers to customize the pricing plan, whereas the pricing of CleverTap starts from $ 999 per month
  • Wigzo integrates with Shopify, Magento, Zapier, Woocommerce, Hubspot, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and many others and on another side, CleverTap integrates with Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Cordova, Parse and many others.
  • Wigzo has Instastory opt-in, double-tap opt-in whereas CleverTap even at such high pricing has no similar feature.
  • Wigzo also has a revenue analytics option where CleverTap lacks this as well.
  • Wigzo lets you drill down to see which orders, ad campaigns, and products are making the most profit and understand performance changes in poorly performing campaigns.

Wigzo Vs Omnisend

  • Omnisend pricing starts at $16.00 per month whereas Wigzo has the option to pay as you go.
  • Omnisend helps marketers in gaining subscribers from the variety of signup forms. On the other hand, Wigzo has a new feature MagicLink that can convert your Instagram followers into SMS subscribers with a two-step opt-in and drive sales.
  • Wigzo has third-party integrations such as Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Gorgias whereas Omnisend 3rd party apps integrations are Recharge, CartHook, Optimonk, and many others.
  • Wigzo also has a double-tap opt-in feature but Omnisend only follows a traditional approach to gain new subscribers.

Wigzo Vs MoEngage

  • Wigzo has a double-tap opt-in and Insta story opt-in feature to gainSMSs subscribers but Moenage only has a basic sign up forms.
  • The user satisfaction rating ofMoEngagee is 96% whereas Wigzo is 100%.
  • UnlikeMoEngagee, Wigzo also offers Product KPIs for better understanding.MoEngage offers hyper-personalization at scale across multiple channels like mobile push, email, in-app, web push, On-site messages, ad retargeting, and SMS and in contras,t Wigzo also has access to WhatsApp and exit intent.
  • UnlikeMoEngagee, Wigzo has third-party integrations such as Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Gorgias.

Wigzo Vs WebEngage 

  • WebEngage is a cloud-based marketing automation platform that enables cross channel marketing and segmentation, on the other hand,d Wigzo Omnichannel marketing automation.
  • WebEngage has no free trial option whereas Wigzo has a 15 days free trial plan.
  • WebEngage integrates with Hubspot CRM, WordPress and in contras,t Wigzo integrates with Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Gorgias.
  • Unlike Webengage, Wigzo also has advanced features to build the SMS subscriber list such as Insta story opt-in and double-tap opt-in.


Consider the other key points

Customer Support – It has an excellent team that provides 24/7 support.

Installation – Ease to use as it only takes 15 minutes to set up.

Ratings – 4.5 / 5

Lastly, in my opinion, I think this new age OmniChannel platform that offers automation, personalization, analytics, and advertising is best for all the eCommerce brands who want to excel in the online market. For more understanding about the product, you can also try their 15 days of free trial plan or can also book a free demo with the team.