//What Is Google Nearby Share And How It Works?

What Is Google Nearby Share And How It Works?

Sharing files to others might be tedious work for non-apple users, but Google’s nearby share is one such blessing to all the Android users for this purpose. There was a time when most of the Android users were envious of Apple users just for a single reason. Apple users whether they use iPhone, iPad, and Mac have the convenient option of AirDrop to share files. Airdrop is a quite easy, safe, and convenient way of sharing files that Android users were lacking somewhere. But with the introduction of Goggle Nearby Share, it has become easy for Android users as well to share files with other android users safely and conveniently.

About Google Nearby Share

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Google Nearby Share is a file-sharing app developed by Google to make it easy for all Android users to share files. It allows the users to share videos, images, files, and links from one device to another wirelessly. The app uses connectivity sources like Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, and WebRTC to set up a connection between two devices. The app has been a second attempt by Google to develop a file-sharing app. Before it, Google came with an App called Android Beam while Nexus phones and tablets were introduced.

Android Beam was quite different from present Google Nearby Share as it uses NFC to create connections and the users had to tap on devices to share the files. It was a convenient feature at that time but with ongoing advancements and passing of time, expectations of users increased. Thus, to introduce more convenient and easy way to share files, Google replaced android Beam with Google Nearby Share. Google Nearby share was launched with the launch of Android 10 and promised to give better services to Android users.

Is it the same as airdrop?

AirDrop is a feature of Apple which is so convenient that it might stop you from turning to Android if your whole circle uses Apple. But with the introduction of Google Nearby Share, most of the Android users asked if it would be providing the features Airdrop provide to Apple users. Though both of the apps are designed to facilitate the process of sharing files between two devices, the two are not exactly same.

Obviously, you can call Google Nearby Share as AirDrop equivalent for Android devices as both provide easy, safe, fast, and convenient wireless transfer of files. Both can be used to transfer images, videos, files and links from one device to another but the difference is in the working of their protocols. AirDrop encrypts files as it transfers them but this is not the Google Nearby Share. It does not encrypt files as they are shared. But there are expected updates for Google Nearby Share which will enhance the security features for the users.

Requirements for using Google Nearby Share

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Google Nearby Share is an app designed for Android devices and there are no such specific requirements to use it but still, a few things should be kept in mind for the easy and convenient transaction of files.

  • Google Nearby share should be downloaded in both the devices between which file transfer will take place.
  • It works on Android 6.0+ devices so make sure both the devices fulfill that requirement.
  • Both of the devices must use the Android interface.

How to use Google Nearby Share?

Google Nearby Share is available on the Google Play Store from where you can download it easily. After downloading and installing it on your devices, it is easy to use. Firstly, you have to turn on the Nearby Share, and secondly, you have to share files using it. To understand both the steps in detail, follow the following steps:

How to Turn on Nearby Share

  • Begin with updating Google Play services. For this, you have to head over to Google Play Store and then update Google Play Services.
  • After updating Google Play services, go to the Settings of your phone and turn ON Bluetooth and Location Services.
  • After that in the Settings only, find Google and select device Connections in it. Choose Nearby Share and select Turn ON option.

Nearby Share will be turned on by following these steps.

How to share files by using Nearby Share

  • Locate the file which you want to share
  • Tap on the share option and select Nearby Share
  • After sending, select the device where you want to share that file. It will be available under Looking for nearby devices section.
  • Click on Send.

Tip: Before sharing, make sure the device is nearby of your device. Also, do not forget to Turn on Nearby Share before sending the file.

How to enable receiving for Nearby Share

  • Go to Settings
  • Select device Connections and choose Nearby share in it. Under it, select Device visibility.

You will get a list of devices, the option lists will include

  • All Contacts: If you select this option, all of your contacts can see your device when your nearby screen is on and unlocked.
  • Some Contacts: If you select this option, only the devices which you have selected can see your device when your screen on and unlocked.
  • Hidden: If you select this option, your device will only be visible once you will turn ON Nearby share.

These are some privacy options which help you choose who can send you files and who can see your device.

Final Words

Google Nearby Share, the Android equivalent for AirDrop is doing its work efficiently. It is one of the safest, most convenient, and easiest ways to share files between two android devices. Google Nearby Share has tried its best to compete with airdrop and soon it will also launch more security-related options. It will be also be launching features like chrome books in the upcoming months. As it is a new app, it will take some time to improve after receiving feedback from the customers. The users are expecting more from the Google Nearby Share in terms of security, efficiency, and convenience.