//Weblium Review: Creating A Website Is Easier Than You Think

Weblium Review: Creating A Website Is Easier Than You Think

Weblium website builder is a tool for small business owners who need to represent their business online. The tool gives an ability to create websites for beginners in a short amount of time without spending thousands of dollars on web designers. And to be fair, it’s actually that easy. Don’t start learning HTML or looking for freelancers that will cost you a lot and won’t guarantee your satisfaction with the working result.

What is Weblium

Weblium website builder is created especially to satisfy small businesses’ needs in terms of online representation, though you still can find it useful for any of your projects, as they have 200+ beautiful templates among 24 categories. The attractive thing about this tool is that you need to upgrade your free plan only after you’ll be fully satisfied with the website you’ve created, almost all features are accessible in a free plan. And if you’re worried about your design skills and sense of style, built AI Design Supervisor will help you to avoid visual mistakes.


Weblium Main Features

  • AI Design Supervisor. The feature that helps you to create an impressive design even if you’re not a professional. AI-driven technology will automatically adjust the design of your website, avoiding any visual mistakes.
  • 500+ pre-made templates and blocks. All Weblium templates and blocks are thoroughly researched by Weblium web designers and based on best niche websites.
  • All sites are responsive by default. Your site will be unified for mobile, desktop, tablets, or any other screens.
  • Top-notch support 24/7. It will take the Weblium support team up to 5 minutes to find the correct answer to your question and assist you with the creation of your website.
  • High website speed. All Weblium websites have more than 90/100 on PageSpeed Insights, which heavily affects ranking on search engines. As well, websites get instantly indexed by Google.
  • Intuitive editor interface.
  • Access to 200k Unsplash free images library.
  • Responsive websites by default.
  • SEO, Marketing instruments and analytics tools. Weblium provides everything you need to set up SEO settings.
  • Ability to include custom code
  • Blog
  • Collaboration tool. Create websites in a team, add contributors to your site.


For whom?

Weblium represents themselves as a website builder for small business owners, and in this case, the tool fully justifies itself. The editor is simple enough to intuitively understand the technology. As were mentioned before, it’s a great solution for those who need to create a website fast and without any coding experience. Of course, if you need a website to sell a big amount of items or to create an extensive blog it’s not the best tool to try.


Weblium has a free plan that has enough features to create a professional website. Once you’ll be ready to connect a custom domain name and get rid of Weblium ads, you can upgrade your website to a Pro which will cost you $15 if you pay monthly and only $8.25 if you pay annually. You will get a free domain name for a year after the subscription.

Website Templates

Weblium has extensive library of stunning and professionally looking ready-to-use website templates. They include various categories for restaurants, traveling or event websites to industrial companies websites, agencies, etc. The access to all of them is open on a free plan as well.


24/7 Support

Even though Weblium’s interface is intuitive and easy to use, you can still need help while creating a website. Online support is the lacking feature of almost all top website builders, while it is required. It will take the Weblium support team up to 5 minutes to find the correct answer to your question and assist you with the creation of your website.

Create a blog on Weblium

Not so long ago Weblium revealed an option to create a fully functional blog on Weblium websites. Before users were able to add a few articles by placing them on new website pages. All SEO settings are provided, so now you can optimize your article, and organically grow the number of website visitors. It’s a great feature to keep communication with clients and attract new ones.

Weblium Studio

If you are really lack of time and need someone to create a website, Weblium has an option for you. Weblium Studio team will take your request for a website and create a site on Weblium platform for your projects strictly following your requirements. They will create a website following your strict requirements. As soon as you’ll be fully satisfied with their job, you’ll be able to make changes on your website by yourself in the convenient Weblium editor.

Weblium compared to Wix

You’ve probably heard of Wix as the most used website builder. But is it good enough to choose their platform for your website? Here are few features why Weblium is a better solution.

  1. Weblium editor is way more user-friendly. They made everything clear and easy to find. That being said, at Weblium you create sites using blocks, and these blocks keep the layout on all devices. That simplifies the creation process and allows you to focus on something else – e.g site content, marketing, services, communications with your clients and so on.
  2. Weblium provides you with unlimited storage in a Pro plan, so you won’t see any limits.
  3. The same with the bandwidth. While users at Wix are provided with limited bandwidth, even in paid plans, Weblium provides unlimited even in a Free plan.
  4. Support. As were mentioned before, Weblium provides 24/7 online live chat, so you can contact them anytime and receive a fast response within a few minutes.


Live chat integration

A live chat for business websites increases conversion by 40%. So basically it’s an essential tool to keep instant and live communications with your clients. You can simply add LiveChat or Tawk.to widgets to your Weblium website in a few clicks.



All you need to discover visitors of your website, launch promo campaigns and grow the conversion rate. All these integrations can be simply added and used for your purposes. For example, if you want to connect Facebook Pixel to your website, you can place the ID code on your website to track and optimize Facebook ads, build lookalike audiences for future ads, and launch remarketing campaigns.


For Agencies

Weblium has an option for marketing agencies who want to wider the number of services they represent. So basically Weblium provides its engine for agencies to create websites under their own brand. All the features provided on the main website builder are available as well for the White label plan.

White Label Agency Program also may be supported by Weblium studio. If the client has lots of sites to create, it can be professionally done by the Weblium team in the shortest time possible.

What’s next?

Weblium continues to deliver heavy product updates each month, providing new partners integrations and development of their own product. Even though it’s already a good solution for online representation of your project or business.

NOTE: With this limited-time deal, the $196 regular price for lifetime Weblium access has been cut to only $49.99.