//Twitter To Roll Out View Count For Individual Tweets Soon: Elon Musk

Twitter To Roll Out View Count For Individual Tweets Soon: Elon Musk

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Social media engagement can be a tricky puzzle to figure out, especially when you don’t have full context about the numbers you’re seeing. Without enough information, it can often feel like you’re shouting into a void, an off-putting gut check for sure. More and more, companies are giving users access more granular engagement metrics, and Twitter may be the next to expand its own.

You can always view the number of likes, shares, and comments any given post has on Facebook. Instagram lets you see how many people have viewed your reels, and even shows an exact headcount of not just how many people have viewed your stories, but whom. These insights help you gauge whether all that wonderful content you’re hard at work making is even worth the effort. You can gather even more information if you have a business presence on these platforms.

It’s only natural for Twitter to follow suit, especially given it’s a veritable “OG” in the world of social media.¬†Elon Musk has confirmed that Twitter will soon start showing total view counts on all tweets in just a few weeks’ time.

Twitter still hasn’t died like everyone predicted

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View count isn’t a totally new addition to Twitter, as they’ve been available on videos for quite some time now. But to have them on each and every tweet is an interesting tweak that should make it even easier to see how your posts are doing. Likes and retweets are a good gauge on their own, but considering a majority of viewers don’t engage, they don’t always give you a full sense of your total reach.

Based on Musk’s tweet, it sounds like a move to combat a growing narrative that Twitter is dying a slow death in the wake of his ownership and all of the controversial moves he’s since made. To the dismay of many, Musk reinstated controversial figures like Donald Trump, Jordan Peterson, and Kanye West, the latter being suspended once again for abusing his newly restored access by tweeting a picture of a culturally offensive symbol.

For what it’s worth, Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey approves of this move. He responded directly to Musk, noting it’s a “much better metric” than anything Twitter currently uses. It makes you wonder why he never made the decision to implement it in all of his years at the helm, but that’s neither here nor there. Musk also confirmed an incoming feature that’ll allow you to see if you’ve been shadowbanned, along with why in the case that you have been. If you’ve ever pondered the reason why no one interacts with your tweets, this should remove all doubt.