//Top VR Apps On IPhone

Top VR Apps On IPhone

The 21st century is the era of technology and digitalization. The digital world is growing at a remarkable rate with larger outputs in the development of technology across the world. Every country is in a horse race with the others to develop technology to its fullest and digitalize almost everything.

The very basic unit of this digitalization is apps. Nowadays we all have smartphones, android or iPhones that are full of apps ready to serve the users with one touch. Every phone has a set of apps ranging from entertainment to work-oriented, and frankly speaking, most of us are dependent on apps. There is a range of VR apps being developed and brought out in the market.

What are VR Apps?

VR AppsVR is a digitalized mirroring of reality. It makes use of technology, to give it’s users a life-size experience on the screens. Imagine you are watching something on your computers, that is reality, but what happens if you get an experience of being immersed into what you’re watching, that is virtual reality.

VR apps help the user to place himself inside an experience and interact with the 3D world instead of just watching a screen kept in front. But what creates a visual reality? Our sense organs are the ones that trigger our experiences and make us sense the feeling something in real.

Virtual Reality implies the stimulation of these senses organs, creating a sense of touch, hearing, vision, and in some cases, even the smell. When all these sense organs are triggered, the user feels immersed in this artificial world. With the help of technology, developers have successfully created many apps to transform reality into visual reality for its users.

Top VR apps for iPhone users



It is one of the most vastly and frequently used apps by both android or iPhone users. It is popular because it’s one of the in-built apps that comes with smartphones and iPhone users do not need any additional downloading.

There is a growing catalogue of 360-degree videos available, ranging from music to wildlife. With the help of VR, you can dive deep into the world of adventures you want to go one, just one click and you can be skydiving or rafting in the rivers. Just plug into your VR headsets and you are good to go.

Google Cardboard


It is a must-have VR app for all iPhone users because of the amazing mobile VR experience that it gives. You can scroll for new VR apps and games easily from its library directly. Google Cardboard provides you with five flavourful VR experiences through- Explorer,  Exhibit, Urban Hike, Kaleidoscope, and Arctic Journey. Go ahead and get immersed in these visual experiences.

Sisters- A VR Ghost Story


Now since VR has given an outstanding performance in giving the users immersive experiences, why not go for a mobile game. If you’re into ghosts and horror genres, this might be the perfect VR game for you. Sisters is a spooky game that makes use of marvellous graphics such as- dark rooms, lightning, flashes, low-frequency sounds of animals, and disembodied voices. Use your VR headsets to get the best of this gaming experience as it is mostly about the audio.

Google Street View 


The perfect VR app for all those who love to travel. You can travel around the world and witness the 360-degree experience of the Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, and many more. You also get to create your own photosphere and save it to your virtual photo gallery.

Google Arts and Culture VR


It is an educational app where you can explore the heritage and culture. It gives you virtual tours in world-class museums,  temples, art masterpieces from the history, and many more things of cultural importance.



It is a store for a variety of VR apps including games, and not only this but you get access to watch live VR events near you. So you can easily reserve your virtual seats for live events.

Virtual Speech


Do you have a stage fright whenever you are called to give speeches? Well, overcome it now by this VR app that gives you a 3D experience of a live audience and live reactions. You can practice your public speaking skills as many times as you want. Not only practice but the app evaluates your speech or presentation and scores you based on your verbal and non-verbal communication.


Virtual Reality apps are picking up their speed with the changing demands of their users and developing to provide them with virtual experiences in almost every field, be it games, sports, news or education. If soo much is available, then why sit back and stare your screens to bore yourself, why not get in touch with modern technology and enjoy your free time. Just buy your VR headsets and immerse yourself into the high-quality experience created by technology.

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