//Top Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tools To Boost Your Business 

Top Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tools To Boost Your Business 

Social Media, either used for personal use or professional use has become an important part of our life. However, if you are operating a business profile, social media marketing tools become very crucial. For better marketing, you must know good social media marketing tools available. These tools are a good way to reach out to a larger audience and expand your business. Communication with your customers also becomes easy with such tools. If you choose the right SMM Tools, your business expands at a very high rate. Let us have a look at some of the best SMM Tools available which will help you expand your business easily.

Must-have Social Media Marketing Tools



Buffer began as a scheduling tool for Twitter but today it is one of the top platforms of its kind. It not only lets you introduce relevant posts in your social media feed but also helps you to understand the metrics of each platform by making you spend your good time over there. It helps you to improve your social media management in a very effective manner. Its main features include: –

  • It automatically shortens the links that you share. You can also connect your Bitly account with it for better results.
  • It uses content from the articles and posts that you have shared
  • It uploads custom-made photos and videos
  • It utilizes complex analytics to track the performance and working of your account.
  • It also shares content by its chrome extension. It is possible by its buffer queue in which it adds the content from the web pages that you have visited.
  • It replies to the post from within the platform

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Biteable as a tool is very popular due to its method of operating. It helps the user to create informative, engaging, and entertaining short videos easily. It also helps in sharing those videos with social media in an easy manner. It has become very popular because most of the businessmen like to capitalize on a visual tool. Because visuals have better engaging power than other ways.

It is very inexpensive as compared to the other expensive tools of its kind. It simply makes free animations, video templates, footage, and music available to the user without spending a large amount of money on it. Due to these reasons, this tool has become very popular.

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Buzzsumo is very famous for its better researching skills. It makes the user check what his or her competitors are doing over their social media accounts. This keeps the user aware of the latest trends and competition in the market. This tool is very effective in providing certain important services to its users such as: –

  • It helps the user to find influencers related to the relevant topic
  • It helps the user to find content that is shared by most of the people on social media platforms.
  • It also helps in checking what others are sharing
  • It helps in tracking the competitors
  • Ait performs analyses based on the content of competitors
  • It sends alerts related to certain keywords, links, author names, brand names, etc.
  • It also helps in finding new content to share

And the list is very long. It has a lot of features and if you are going for this tool, it will help you in many ways in expanding your business to a larger market.

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Mention is a specially designed tool for social listening. It is designed to see what others are saying about you and your brand. You can check other’s views over your brand which is very helpful in improving your products. This tool also lets you know what is being mentioned about your competitor as well if you want. You can not only listen or see what others are saying about you but you can also participate in the conversation if it is required. The tool is specifically designed to monitor any mention of you and your brand.

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Missinglettr helps you in automatically creating content for your social media. This is the most unique feature, as it not only automatically publishes the content but it creates it for you. You just have to review the content created and introduce the required edits. The rest is on Missingletter. It relieves users from spending their lot of time in creating content for every social media platform. It creates content for like a whole year and then posts it accordingly. With Misinglettr in use, you need not worry about posts and you can focus on another thing like your long blogs.

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Zapier makes you automate some of the tasks by adding some guidelines and tips. This tool is specifically designed for those tasks which you might be making you tired by doing them again and again. To escape from such repetitive tasks, you can automate them by using Zapier. Zapier is a high-level tool for next-level automation which means it is not confined to light and day-to-day based automation tasks. It is compatible with a lot of apps, services, and tools available. It supports a huge list of automation.

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IFTTT – If This, Then That


IFTTT is somewhat like Zapier. It also helps in automating some repetitive tasks which you might not be wanting to do again and again. You can set a set of rules or guidelines for the automation of such tasks. The IFTTT tool is very easy to learn as compared to Zapier. The only difference between IFTTT and Zapier is that IFTTT is for the users who want to conduct light automation tasks while Zapier is compatible with next level highly advanced automation tasks. So, if you want to operate automation for just simple tasks then go for IFTTT.

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Hootsuite is designed to help you handle all your social media platforms at a single place. Yes, it is possible. It is very hectic to check all the social media platforms that you use and then making updates, checking mentions, and posts and scheduling tasks. But with the help of Hootsuite, it is very easy for you to manage it all at just one place and that too very easily. It also provides some courses on SMM so that you can learn something new and use it in your business strategy.

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Bitly is designed to shorten the lengthy links as the social media posts have a limit of characters to put in. Long links can give rise to the problem where you would not be able to adjust your link in your post and even if you did, you would have to go short of content. This is the most common cause for Twitter where the number of characters per tweet is specified.  Bit.ly also gives proper information about the links you have created. It tells you who, when, and where clicked your link. This tool is even used by Google to shorten its links as it very simple and equally effective.

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AdEspresso enables you to keep track of your ads. It does so by letting you create ads for Google, Instagram, and Facebook, all three platforms in a single customizable dashboard. This is very easy and does not take much effort. AdEspresso also helps you in optimizing your ads easily. You can also perform A/B split tests for your ads. It also tells you how your ads are resonating with your audience so that you can have a look at the performance of your ads. Another important feature is enabling the user to look for the most important metrics.

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Importance of Social Media Marketing tools

It is not possible for anyone to manage all of their social media profiles, that too, on different platforms manually. You always need someone to rely upon who can provide you information about the latest trends, the performance of your competitors, or what others think of you. Even if these things are assigned to different humans, it will take a very long time and even after that, the information might not be current. Here comes the role of SMM tools which are designed for these purposes only. These tools lessen the time and make you create quality content on your social media. And you can easily invest your remaining time on the other important tasks.