//Top Digital Libraries Of 2021

Top Digital Libraries Of 2021

Digital Libraries are more than just libraries they give you access to unlimited books with unlimited information. Digital Libraries are more successful than traditional libraries these days. The main reason is its easy availability. Imagine sitting on your couch with unlimited access to various books of various categories. During these lockdown days, the concept of digital libraries became more and more popular as they came out as a boon for the students, teachers, and also the book lovers. Let us have a look top 9 digital libraries of 2020 which are making life easy:

Project Gutenberg

top digital Libraries(project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a collection of over 59,000 eBooks. It is a totally free library and all the eBooks present here are present in highly accessible formats. The books are full-text public domain eBooks. And you can use these eBooks on any device which makes them accessible and convenient. The best part about Project Gutenberg is the quality level of eBooks. It one of the largest collections of literature in the world.

Open Library

top digital Libraries(open library

Open Library is one of the best libraries for all the out of print books. Generally, people find it hard to find a few books anywhere. Well, this is the place where you should be at if you are looking for such a book as the main motive of Open Library is to create a web page where all the published work of literature could be found. They also motivate individual readers to join their communication to build a better community where almost every work of literature can become available to everyone.


top digital Libraries(questia

Questia is one of the best academic digital libraries on the web. It is really very helpful for the students who want to write research papers a sit provides scholarly works. The best part about Questia is the reliability of its sources. All the sources are reliable and can be trusted by teachers and students easily. It provides sources related to humanities and social sciences. In the year 2010, it was acquired by Cengage Learning which really helped it to grow.

Read Print

top digital Libraries(read print

Read Print is one of the best online sources for eBooks. It is a library for students, teachers, and also literature lovers. It provides more than 8000 books written by 3500 authors. The digital library allows its users to join communities, arrange books in their own bookshelves and also rate and review books. It really helps individuals to grow together as readers as the readers can connect and join the groups based on their interests.

The Online Books Page

top digital Libraries(the Online Books Page

The Online Books Page provides several books for the promotion of reading and provision of books to the readers free of cost. All of the books available on their website are totally free and you can access them very easily. It includes more than 2 million books that too in various formats so the readers do not find it hard to open a file in any device. Their motive to avail free books for the developer of the reading among people.

Classic Reader

top digital Libraries(classic reader

Classic Reader is really very successfully growing platform for classic enthusiasts. It is a place where you can find classic full books, plays, short stories, and other pieces. From Austen to Dickens, you will be able to find every classic author here. The short stories section of this website is the fastest-growing section of the website. All the books are free.

Classic Bookshelf

top digital Libraries(classic bookshelf

If you want to reach all the timeless books, this is the correct place. Classic Bookshelf is one of the best digital libraries for reading classic but books conveniently. You can read the below books in any format or you can use its own applet which will make e-reading really easy and comfortable. Classic Bookshelf is providing users with several classic books but you can also find books like Harry Potter here.

Internet Archive

top digital Libraries(internet archive

Internet Archive is a non-profit website that provides access to knowledge to everyone for free. Several free books are available here. Not only books, but this website also provides access to movies,  music, software, and many more to the people for free. It serves millions of people every day with its universal distribution of information.

Public Bookshelf

top digital Librariespublic bookshelf

Public Bookshelf is really a very versatile library. It helps you in finding out what you want to read. It allows its readers to connect with its authors to create an informative environment where the exchange of ideas can take place easily. If you are too deeply in love with a particular book, here is the place where you can exchange your opinions with others.

Final Words

These were top digital libraries for users in the year 2020. These libraries are serving millions of people every day. Whether it be a student or a literature reader, digital Libraries have come up as the best alternatives in the days of a global pandemic. All of these sources are free of cost which makes them better. These libraries are the future of reading and their wide accessibility has made them more and more popular among readers.