//Top Dictionary Apps That You Need To Download To Strengthen Your Vocabulary

Top Dictionary Apps That You Need To Download To Strengthen Your Vocabulary

With everything going digital, dictionaries have also become digital and taken the form of apps. These dictionary apps are similar to normal dictionaries in terms of content but better them in terms of convenience. Dictionaries are always advisable to strengthen your vocabulary but it is not practically possible to carry them every time with you. But you can carry a Dictionary app everywhere which help you find the meaning of every new word you want to know instantly. Whether you are a foreign learner of English or someone who is native, these apps will help you in both cases. Let us have a look at the top dictionary apps that you need to download for strengthening your vocabulary:

Top Dictionary Apps That You Need to Download



Merriam-Webster is the best dictionary for English. It is good for both foreign speakers and native speakers. It was founded in 1828 and it is continuing till the date. Even though it has been founded a long time ago, it has been up-to-date by the team which makes it more popular. This dictionary is best for you if you believe and convenience and comfort. If you do not know the spelling of a word and just know how it sounds, you can search it easily just by saying it. Also, many features like Words of the day and daily quizzes make it more interesting.

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Wordreference Dictionary


Wordreference is the holy grail of learning foreign languages. It is a free app that will help you in learning 18 amazing languages. It is preferred by most of the language students. Instead of just translating, it also makes sure that it will provide you with a definition of the words along with proper usage in the language. It is totally free and multilingual. So, if you are someone who wants a dictionary for languages other than English, you can consider it anytime.

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Urban Dictionary


So, let us be frank about it. How much effort you will put to learn the grammar of a language, you will still find it hard to communicate with natives. Sometimes we are unaware of a few common slangs of language which are not available in any formal dictionary. Most of the dictionaries are updated with new words and formal grammatical rules but none of them updates slangs. Urbandictionary is one of the dictionaries which will help you learn such phrases.

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Nglish is a dictionary app for the two most prominent languages of today. It will help you learn both English and Spanish. If you are someone who wants to learn Spanish as a foreign language, its daily quizzes will really work for you. Such quizzes are also available for English. The other thing which makes it worth using is its advanced tools which will help you build proficiency in the language. It will also help you in preparing for language-oriented exams.

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BBC Learning English


The BBC Learning English started as a popular website but now it is also available in-app form. It provides English learning along with a dictionary for all level of students. It involves a wide variety of programs. If you want to look for a business-based vocabulary or just simple vocabulary, this app is a perfect place for you. Due to its wide programming, the app is gaining popularity worldwide. One more thing is that many latest updates and lessons appear on the app before the website.

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Scrabble Dictionary


Who does not like scrabble? But it is really frustrating when you are not able to figure out the world that will fit in the Scrabble. But now you can really check it with the help of the Scrabble Official Dictionary. If you are a scrabble lover, it will be the best one for you. The app has also been approved by Hasbro and it is endorsed by the North American Scrabble Players Association.

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Kids Picture Dictionary


If the little one in your house, has started speaking, you will be obviously wanting to build a great vocabulary for him from a young age. Kids Picture Dictionary is specially designed by keeping kids in mind. With the help of this app, you can create better opportunities for kids to learn the vocabulary through pictures. Also, it provides opportunities for little siblings to learn together.

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Giant Picture Dictionary


A giant picture dictionary is also for children. It is based on the objective to teach words to the children with the help of giant pictures just like they appear on the tin. It contains more than 1800 words. It is a good app for fun learning. It involves a simple search function for your convenience. But it is not free. If you are using the free app, you will get access to word F only.

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Sat Word Slam


Sat word slam is very beneficial for you if you want to prepare for language-oriented tests. That was a time when you had to keep the whole stack of books in front of you while preparing for tests. But this app is a simple way to brush up your knowledge. It will not completely vanish your anxiety but you will feel confident in your vocabulary. It uses very good examples to make you understand the word. Yes, you can go for it.

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Dictionary Linguee


Linguee is a clutter-free app for those who want to have an organized learning experience in case of vocabulary. It helps you learning translation comprehensively. The team consists of 400 lexicographers and photographers so as to help you with the language. This makes this an app more and more reliable.

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Final Words

Dictionary apps providing you with updated terms while some are providing you with a phrase and then there comes a few which will also offer you learning courses. Dictionary apps are available for each and every age group with specialized apps for kids. So, if you want to brush up your vocabulary but can not carry a dictionary with you all the time, this is time to download a good dictionary app suiting your needs.

Top Dictionary Apps That You Need to Download To Strengthen Your Vocabulary