//Top 5 Web Server Management And Monitoring Tools In 2021

Top 5 Web Server Management And Monitoring Tools In 2021

It’s 2021 and logging into each server and checking it manually and monitoring it has become tough and so you need to use certain web server management tools available out there which gets your job done as quickly as possible.

In today’s world it’s not a big deal to set up a server task, also keeping track of utilization and performance has become difficult due to which there is a need for web server management tools.

In this article, I am going to convey to you the top 5 best web server management and monitoring tools in 2021 which you can use to get your task done as soon as possible. But before that, you need to know few things mentioned below.

All You Need To Know About Server Monitoring

Server monitoring is the process where all the devices are interconnected with the single server which means an association of system resources. This is done to manage the task and to optimize the server basics which provides a good user experience.

This states that either your server is capable of hosting the other user tasks related to the data and performance of your system. Most of the server monitoring tools are available which used to provide you the real-time notifications if there are any bugs occur.

Also, it provides you the information about the performance of the server which will help you to track whether it is doing well or not.

How Many Types Of Server Are There? 

The server is a term that includes various server entities according to the need. Following are some of the types of servers which are widely used:

  • Web Server
  • Application Server
  • Storage File Server
  • Email Server etc. 

Here we are gonna talk specifically about web servers which plays a vital role in monitoring. The key features of the above service are different.

What Is Server Management? 

Capacity planning is an important term which takes you to the server management Issues. Peshawar customers a better service you will need the best service quality which will save all of your tasks and maintain it properly without causing you unnecessary expenses.

It’s very difficult to identify the server requirement without considering any physical equipment such as virtual network, Power equipment, etc. To make you sure it also includes staff relatability. The thing which makes your business profitable and server friendly is using the best quality server monitoring tools. This complete package makes your business unique.

Hardware requirements and its availability are very important to know more about server management and for having an eye upon it.

How To Choose The Right Server Tools? 

There are various factors on which server Management tool depends upon out of which following are some of the major aspects that you need to know before you choose the server management and monitoring tools:

Multi-Users Interoperability

Most of you might be happy with your current hardware service providers but that is your mistake to tie up on a single manufacturer. So even if you have the equipment for your single brand make it flexible so that in future you can use it for others too. Make sure to give yourself options.

Info Must Match Your Requirements

Make sure that your server management and monitoring tool most fulfills your requirement. For your kind information let me tell you that there are various comprehensive monitoring tools are available in the Marketplace. So make sure to stay away from the providers which services you don’t use. Let’s take if you are an individual business owner and figuring out the service provider which would serve a bulk then it might affect a lot. Make sure to choose according to your need.


Let’s see if you are a small business Managing Director then make sure to search for a cut down system managing packages. It will notify you when to update if you are business goes on increasing. If you buy the services which only serve small businesses then after sometime when your business goes on increasing you will have to switch to another one. And here comes the twist, you’ll have to learn from the beginning of its working.

Process Automation

The tool which specifies you what your server is magnifying is not enough. You will need a tool that automatically signifies about process routine administration tasks carefully. So make sure to choose the tool properly.

5 Best Web Server Management Tools

By putting the above points into the mind We have shortlisted top 5 based server management and monitoring tools which you can use. We have the tools which are essentially best for these small businesses as well as the top corporations out there. These also include cloud solutions which are more important.

1. Bunnyshell


Bunnyshell is one of the topmost cloud infrastructures for your business growth. Most of the non-techies out there look upon such a tool that gets their job done without any hectic. And that’s what Bunnyshell.com does.

It not only helps you to manage the server but also helps you to protect your website, applications from the intruders, small businesses, and a lot more things that are essential to know. There is a requirement of a single thing, dashboard from where you will be able to operate all the operations which are essential to growing your business, which might include application moving and installing, protecting the servers, and scaling.

Key Features

Following are some of the key features of bunny shell which you need to know if you are a business owner:

  • It’s way easier to scale up and down your infrastructure.
  • You get built-in farewell protection and load balancing which is a required thing.
  • The auto-healing process of the bunny shell provides you the restart option to refresh your service.
  • The load balancing feature of the bunny shell helps you to control the traffic even if it’s high volume traffic.
  • It also provides you custom alerts and automation features which is essential for you to monitor the tasks.
  • You get full-service cloning and automation service which is useful for managing the access levels.

Pricing: in most cases, bunny shell costs you $15 to $25 per month for managing the servers, whereas for managing 5 servers, it’ll cost you around $100. In most of the cases, it’s been noticed that price gets drop and comes up to $79 for a lifetime which is a deal-breaking for most of the business owners out there.

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2. ServerAvatar


ServerAvatar is a kind of most powerful tool out there for managing your web service. It magnifies all your requirements deeply which are essential for any business out there. Its minimalistic and aesthetic interface is kind of impressive which makes it special and unique.

In a single word ServerAvatar allows you to set up WordPress or any custom website. Also, you are allowed to host multiple websites at a single server which is a good thing. Any small business owner can start from scratch with ServerAvatar which allows you to manage your cloud storage. Along with that, it comes with the new technology and aesthetic improvements that are essential for businesses.

Key Features

I’ve shortlisted some of the major key features which one needs to know about ServerAvatar:

  • It makes cloud management easier for you, it’s because of the improved technologies.
  • The staff made by server Avtar is perfect so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • It’s simplicity is the key, which won’t make you suffer through non-connection, it’s always up to date.
  • It’s too sophisticated which means it accesses the task remotely.

Pricing: You can host multiple servers with different plans just by using a single account. The plan gets begin from just $2.36/ month and goes up to $4.72 which is a premium plan.

But if you want to hand on to the server after you can get started with it for free, but for making you sure let me tell you very limited features are available in the free plan.

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3. Ploi.io


Ploi.io is one of the most essential featured tools out there, which makes your task easier. Within just 12 minutes your server gets ready to use, you can host as many tasks to it. You’ll never feel annoying while Installing it as it’s a kind of efficient tool out there.

Security updates and patches are one of the essential things which Ploi.io does it efficiently and that’s why it leads the marketplace as it handles every by itself. Once you set up a schedule it will be easier for you to magnify it.

Key Features

Its features are seamless as mentioned below:

  • It takes only 12 minutes to set up your whole server profile.
  • You can manage the site too, which I think is an essential feature.
  • The generic web server comes with approximately all the databases.

Pricing: Plio.io won’t charge you a single penny to get started which is quite surprising.

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4. LogicMonitor


Your total monitoring task can be sorted just by using a logic monitor which is one of the best and latest web server management and monitoring tools. It’s 2020 and technology is increasing day by day which means you need to have a tool that magnifies your server automatically.

LoginMonitor is one of the best-in-class monitoring platforms which are based upon cloud storage. The cloud is integrated with various different platforms out there. Also, it tracks the data and net flow, along with that you get notification alerts which is a good thing which makes it more reliable. It’s an AI-based programmed tool which makes it unique and identical amongst all tool out there.

Key Features

The pictures are seamless but we are going to talk about some of its key benefits:

  • LogicMonitor is a complete AI-based tool, which makes it automated.
  • Its custom dashboard is very useful where you can organize all your tasks.
  • Customer support is available 24/7 which makes it reliable.

Pricing: The logic monitor provides you a free service unless and until you start growing your business. After that, you will select the plan accordingly as custom plans are available out there.

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5. Atlassian


Atlassian is one of my favorite tools because the features are seamless as it’s minimalistic dashboard provides you a good feel while logging in. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business owner, enterprises, an organization the Atlassian helps you on the around to manage your tasks subsequently.

There are various different options available in the dashboard from where you can see it as per the choice. They have divided the services for startups, small businesses, enterprises from where we can select as per the choice. Also for kitchen services they have different departments along with which they used to manage their tasks. The developers are aesthetic of the Atlassian.com, which makes it expensive in terms of service providing.

Key Features

Although it’s the minimal dashboard is the main highlight but here are some of the features which you need to know if you’re planning host with Atlassian:

  • For every task department is different and whole services are managed accordingly.
  • You get a fully customized dashboard which makes it unique.
  • You are allowed to track the details. 
  • You can organize your ideas using Atlassian.

Pricing: If you are just beginner then you can try the Atlassian for free, but if you want more featured cloud and server you can buy any of the customized plans available out there according to the need.

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Conclusion: Best Server Management Software

There are various web server management and monitoring tools available out there which does the pretty well job. But choosing the right one is a very important task coma the above-mentioned who are the best in class and most reliable for small businesses as well as enterprises. More so the above-mentioned tools provide their free service, later on as per the need you can get it’s pay subscription accordingly.