//Top 11 Trending Products To Sell Online In 2021

Top 11 Trending Products To Sell Online In 2021

Currently, the e-commerce business is on the boom, and the only reason behind this is that most people out there are switching to purchasing the products online. And that’s why the platforms like Shopify are trending nowadays, helping most people out there build their store without any hassle. 

But one of the significant parts of the e-commerce business is that you will always need hands-on products that have a massive demand in the market. The winner mindset must be there to prepare for success. It’s a bit challenging to find an authentic training product that will bring out as many sales in your way. 

Every year the trending products get disappeared but nothing to worry much about it just because we have compiled a list of top 11 trending products that you can proceed with to make your e-commerce store. The list I will be sharing through this piece is specifically derived from each niche, so even if you are starting from scratch, it would be easier for you to set up. 

Depending upon the market, the need we have compared to the product has huge demand. We had also done some research about the customer market. So make sure to bookmark the ideas to start your self-owned e-commerce store. 

Top 11 trending products to sell online in 2021

NOTE:- the list of top 11 trending products, which I will be sharing through this post, signifies the 2021 trend. As they’re not a part of earlier years. Also, this list is fresh and truly brings out more benefits to the businesses. 

Nail polish 

When it comes to design and growth, how can we forget nail polish, one of the most trending products you can acquire in 2021. as per the research, the nail polish market has been consistently growing, and by the end of 2024, it is about to reach above $15.6 billion, which makes you start it right now. 

Apart from this, we have also analyzed Google Trends, according to which we can do that by Mars 2020, the total number of searches for the nail polish was around 246,000, which is a big thing. 

The current generation is trying out as a measurement of training nail paints due to which they have an eye on the nail products like varnish, enamel, lacquer, etc. The only reason behind training these colors is that they are among the fastest-growing colors in huge demand. They used to serve the textures, so one doesn’t have to spend as much time coloring their nails. 

So if you are the one who is supposed to maximize their nail polish product value in the market, you’re free to market is based upon the trending term using the platforms like Pinterest ad Instagram. Apart from this, you can also reach out to as many micro-influencers to grow your product demand and drive as many sales leads. 

You can also take their post social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to market it. The social media platforms will not only maximize the true potential of your e-commerce store but along with that, you can even generate more leads. And retarget them using the emails. So definitely check this out. 

Peel-off face mask 


Due to the high demand of the beauty industry, most people are heading off the peel-off face mask. We have searched across the group and Google Trends and found that peel-off mask is time to be one of the topmost products widely used globally. Specifically, when it comes to the topmost e-commerce websites like Amazon and Oberlo, there’s a demand for peel-off masks. 

According to the search result, on the search engine, more than 30000 searches are being done on the peel-off mask, and that’s what showcases the demand of it. Specifically, when it comes to the facial mask, more than 81000 searches are winter per month. 

A similar thing works on YouTube because most people like to consume the peel-off mask’s video content. People out there are also used to Look upon creating a peel-off mask at home itself, which usually looks upon the YouTube videos. 

To sell out your own peel-off mask, you can easily collaborate with the micro-influencers on Instagram and Facebook and bring out as many sales for you. 

Following are some of the ways that you can follow to promote your own peel-off mask: 

  • You can take the help of Instagram stories that will help you to highlight the product features.
  • You are free to run a Q&A on Instagram as well as on YouTube
  • You’re free to run a contest as well.
  • Instagram reels are the best source that you can use for the promotion, etc.

Apart from this, you can also create your own Instagram page or Facebook page for serving the best possible peel-off masks. 

Exercise bands 


Since the pandemic has happened, most people are trying to fulfill their exercise need at their home itself. They are trying the best way possible to get rid of the gym equipment and try out the easiest and affordable way to exercise daily. 

Specifically, when it comes to the resistance band, they are pretty good and help you perform some exercise moment at your home itself without any hard-core equipment. And it is one of the topmost searched products in our list that is being widely used all across the globe and has a huge demand in the market. 

There are tons of different resistance bands available in the market; accordingly, one can choose the one. Following are the search results based upon the exercise bands:- 

  • Resistance band – 650,000 per month. 
  • Exercise band- 25000 per month.
  • Exercise resistance band- 5000 per month. 

It’s a niche based product. So if you are supposed to serve the best possible and branded resistance bands, you are free to create your own website to set up an E-Commerce Store. All social media is a great way to enhance the engaging content about resistance bands so that you can form a good amount of user base. 


Among all of the Other products, the demand for blankets is quite high, specifically in the spring and monsoon season. The good thing about blankets is that the profit margin is quite higher than the other products, and that’s why most people used to opt for the process of selling it out online. 

These days, people are heading off to the online purchase of blankets just because most people are stuck at their home itself, so you have a huge room available that you can proceed with to serve the high-quality blankets to the user. The research shows that in 2018 the overall estimated value of blanket we’re around $6.6 billion. Also, by the end of 2027, it’s about to reach over $9.9 billion, which is a good thing. 

We have also researched blankets and found that there are too many different types of blankets available that include decorative, stylish, comfortable, etc. Amongst which you can opt for the one that fits your choices. Additionally, you can also sell out cotton or polyester blankets and team up with some of the custom blankets manufacturers so that they can form high-quality blankets for you. 

According to Google Trends, the total number of searches for fleece blankets or wool blankets is around 40,000, which is a good thing. Due to the high demand for the specific keyword, you can form your own Store on social media or create your own website and serve the best quality blankets to the audience. 

Water bottles 


Globally the water bottles in high demand, and it has already reached up to the value of over $8.1 billion by 2018, and since then is consistently being in the high demand in the market that you can proceed with and serve the top quality and reusable water bottles to your audience so that they can take the use of it. 

We have found some of the data regarding the water bottle depending upon the total number of searches. So here are they:

  • Water bottles- 100,000 per month. 
  • Reusable water bottle- 27,100 per month. 
  • Custom water bottle- 22,200 per month.
  • Sports water bottle; 14,000 per month. 

Google Trends always belong to the latest and trending product, and the water bottle is amongst them that is being widely used all across the globe that you can proceed with to serve it online. You can even create your own e-commerce store for selling out water bottles.

When it comes to the micro-niche, reusable water bottles are considered the latest trend. So if you are bitcoins about health, you can easily proceed with the reusable waters serving facility. 

Passing out the water bottle, you are free to set up your own e-commerce store audio when I was a little too using social media like creating the Facebook page, Instagram page, etc. Due to high demand, people will surely buy your product but provide some the innovative value. 

Pilates and yoga mats 


Due to the consistent popularity of being healthy, most people are heading off to yoga exercises. The biggest reason behind this is that people are aware of health consciousness. There is a need for your commit and the industry for performing and yoga exercises, and the industry is constantly increasing. According to the research, by the end of 2025, the industry will reach over $17.3 billion. 

The audience of yoga is consistently increasing. Yoga goes essential to acquire some accessories like yoga mats that will provide them an organic feel while performing yoga asanas. 

All you need to do is start selling out your yoga mats. For processing with that, you will always need to take a better and minimal picture of a yoga mat and highlight some of the unique features you are provided to the users to be interested in your product and decide to purchase it right there. 

By creating the channels on Instagram and Pinterest, you can team up with the influencers that will help you to promote your product in a defined right manner. You can also create your own YouTube channel to attract as much audience and reach out to the people. 

One of the easiest ways is to approach influencers on social media and provide them a review unit to provide the complete information of your yoga Mats to their subscribers or followers. This will multiply the number of sales drastically. 

Running ads on the platforms like Facebook and Instagram is the best way to boost your business from scratch. Even if you are just a beginner, this product could be the best choice for you that is consistently in a trend in 2021. So definitely check it out once. 


Another great and all-time training product is selling out bicycles because people are frequently using bicycles nowadays and YouTube fitness enthusiasts. Most people are heading off to using bicycles that keeps them healthy by burning out enough calories. 

Apart from this, by using the bicycle, you can also control your environment never to get harmed at any instance. Till the end of 2019, it was not in huge demand, but it’s about to start the error of the new decade, and most people are supposed to stay healthy without investing much amount by going out to the gym. Riding a bicycle could be the best choice for them that will not only keep them healthy, but they can avoid burning out more fuel on their regular vehicles. 

You can even set up the in the campaign, due to which more leads can be generated throughout. So if you are a bit conscious about the term, check out this business pattern that will bring out as many sales in your way.  

Initially, you can use social media to promote your bicycle pattern, and once you get maximum sales, you’re free to stop the ad facilities. 

The dining room and kitchen furniture


New latest trend people don’t want to waste their time by heading off to the offline market and purchasing in the dining set in the kitchen furniture for their better commencement, so they are heading off the online purchase even if you are not about to say in the online productive and take advantage of this latest trending product widely used all across the globe. 

Using Google trend, you can find the best possible keywords for the dining room and kitchen furniture to serve your audience the best possible products. The researchers found that the total number of searches on kitchen furniture generates over 49,000 per month, which is good. When it comes to the keyword like ‘table sets’ the total number of searches reach over 110,000 per month. 

Depending upon the total number of searches on search engine per month, We have shortlisted some of the data that are mentioned below:- 

  • Dining room chair – 130,000 per month. 
  • Dining room set – 200,000 per month. 
  • Dining room tables – 100,000 per month. 
  • Small dining room set – 8,100 per month. 

You can use social media just like the other products to approach as many influencers to promote your product, bringing out as many sales in your way. 

Jigsaw puzzle


Since 1760 the trend of Jigsaw puzzles is constantly increasing day by day. The total number of searches for consistently increasing, so if you are supposed to grab the opportunity, you are free to serve the good quality of the Jigsaw puzzle in 2021.

To research Jigsaw puzzles, you are free to check out the search engine where you will get to know more about it also; according to research, the total number of average searches on jigsaw reaches over 800,000, which is a good thing. 

Due to the coronavirus covid-19 situation, people are searching for the opportunity to entertain themselves by sitting at their home itself. Due to this, the demand for jigsaw puzzles is quite high. This is the innovation that is happening to proceed with it and sell out as much good quality of Jigsaw puzzles. 

Laptop skins 


Well, the laptop is one of the best products widely used all across the globe, and to make it look new, you will always need to use the laptop skins that will get your job done just within a while. In the present scenario of 2021, laptop skins are consistently increasing, just like the mobile skins, so you have a huge opportunity to sell out the best possible laptop skins. 

We have continued our search with Google Trend’s help, and you are free to use the laptop skin selling technique to create your own E-Commerce Store. Apart from this, you can also use social media to bring out as much amount of an audience in your way. 

According to research, the total number of searches each month on laptop skins goes over 300,000. So the opportunity is higher due to which demand goes on hire as well. 

The custom skins have a huge demand in the market that can be manufactured with a small investment of money, and the output you will get is way more. By getting in touch with some influences, you can also maximize the number of sales. 


Out of 10 people, 9 used to consume coffee or tea after waking up in the early morning, and the biggest reason behind this is it tastes a lot better full stop when it comes to the accessibility you have a huge scope if you serve them to the users. Some too many people are looking for fresh and legitimate coffee to consume it without any harm.

All you need to do is name your own beverages brand and set up the store to serve the users a great amount of coffee that will bring out as much amount sales because it is an evergreen niche having a huge demand in the market. 

Final Verdict 

At the beginning of 2021 and with a huge amount of business opportunities after doing anyway, you can start right there without much investment. There might be tons of different business models available, but setting out the product online will always be trending. 

Through this detailed post, I have compiled and shared the top 11 trending products that you can proceed with to make money off it. Even if you are a beginner, you can start it from scratch as there is no requirement of skills for an existing experience. 

Top 11 Trending Products to Sell Online in 2021