//Top 10 Video Calling Apps For Android

Top 10 Video Calling Apps For Android

One of the essentials on your phone is a video calling application. It serves a multitude of purposes and has become very handy, especially during quarantine times. A good video calling apps allows you to effectively connect with friends, family, and colleagues with the feature of involving a large number of people in the same call without compromising quality and safety.

Hence, let’s take a look at the 10 best video calling applications you can have on your Android device.

video calling app 1- google duo

One of the best video calling applications on Android has to be Google Duo. With its Knock Knock feature, this application gives you a preview of the caller and a rightful choice, whether you wish to attend to the call or not. It is compatible across both Android and IOS and you can access it on your phone and tablet. It has a capacity of 12 people in the call and even allows you to attend and make calls in poor lighting conditions.

This free of cost application allows you to send personalized video messages, voice notes, photos, emojis, and much more when a person is unable to pick up your call.

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video calling apps 2- skype

This application is one of the veterans in the free video chatting arena and still stands to be extremely efficient and popular. With over one billion downloads it is an easy cross-platform tool with a variety of features. The seating capacity in one video call is great, i.e. it can accommodate up to 25 people under one call.

It also allows Microsoft and Facebook account integration, along with a free text chat platform where you can easily send messages, photos, and emoticons. This application utilizes strong data connections to support a top-class video calling system.

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Facebook Messenger

video calling app 3- facebook messenger

With most of your family and friends being Facebook users, Facebook Messenger is a free multipurpose communication application that also houses video call features. It works across devices, both Android and IOS where you can host high-quality audio and video calls with quirky face filters. With the new feature, you can send in the video call link to anyone irrespective of whether they have the app or not to connect up to 50 people.

It even allows you to send video and audio messages and express yourself with effects, filters, emojis, and stickers. There is no limit on the number of files you share with people.

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video calling app 4- viber

With a user-friendly interface and easy video calling options, this app has developed tremendously into a full-fledged messaging system from a simple voice calling application. It works across several operating systems and software and provides secure communication between people. It automatically encrypts text messages, video and voice calls, photos, and group chats.

With additional interesting features like hidden chats with friends, Viber games, following public accounts, and sharing files, this app is worth a try.

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video calling app 5- IMO

Easy to use with high-quality features, IMO is yet another application that allows unlimited video calling for up to 20 people. With attributes like creating an online conference room and sharing large sized videos, images, and documents, this application will work the best for you. It functions across platforms and you can make calls over 2G, 3G, 4G, or even Wi-Fi connections.

With quick sharing of photos and videos along with fun stickers this application allows you to save a lot of money over SMS or phone calls.

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video calling app 6- WhatsApp

 This application is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging applications and to your convenience supports an efficient video calling system. With a secure network and no disturbances, you can easily turn your chats into a video call, and simultaneously open other messages, or share content with the same chat. It works across platforms with no limit on the number of video calls you make. All you need to do is tap on the call icon in the personal chat and connect with them easily.

It also facilitates group video calls, and with the recent update you can add up to eight people from your contact list.

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video calling app 7- LINE

 With a large user base worldwide, LINE is a famous video and voice calling application with messaging features, all working free of cost. You can add up to 200 of your friends and this app works across platforms where you can make calls using either your computer or mobile phone.

With social media filters, stickers, and effects that application also assists a large sharing of messages that include photos and videos.

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Google Meet

Video calling app 8- Google meet

 This application is highly recommended for hosting high definition video calls especially when it is for official meetings. The members can be instantly invited and added with a click on the link shared to them. With high-end encryption in the transmission of messages, this application is employed with top-class safety and security measures.

You can add up to 250 people whether family or friends and conduct a comfortable casual video call or host an official meeting where you can share your screen to present documents and presentations.

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ZOOM Cloud Meetings

video calling app 9- zoom

 With one of the best video meeting quality and easy to use features, this application has gained extreme popularity for casual video calls and official meetings. It hosts an incredible screen sharing system and allows you to share data from your in-house files, the web, or even Google Drive or Dropbox.

You have the option to switch between an interactive participant or a view-only webinar attendee. It is compatible across all devices and network formats and allows a 100 people in one meeting session.

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video calling app 10- JusTalk

 This application is primarily built to support video chatting of up to 16 people in one session. With trustworthy and secure mechanisms, it has features like face doodling, participatory games, musical ringtones, etc during the call. It is a cross-platform and functions over any network to provide a high-quality audio and video system.

You can record your video calls and save them for future references. It also allows you to share text messages, images, and experiment in the app with a variety of themes. It also supports effective control on video calls where you can add, mute, or control the participant activity.

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In conclusion

In these times, video calling applications are a part and parcel of our daily routine. Whether you want to host a virtual birthday party or conduct a work from the home presentation, the above-mentioned applications will assist you with their compatible and easy-to-use features.

We hope this article was useful enough to help you settle down for one or two applications that work the best for your needs.

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