//Top 10 Photo Editing Apps For Your Phone

Top 10 Photo Editing Apps For Your Phone

Photographs are an indispensable part of our lives. It surrounds us everywhere, both in our personal or professional lives. In today’s time to achieve the top quality of photographs apart from skills and equipment, photo editing apps help you achieve your purpose. The photo editing apps immensely improve your photos and hide all minute errors. It helps you maintain your social media aesthetic and highlights all the features of the picture with perfection.

Hence, we bring to you the top 10 photo editing applications that you can try out for achieving beautifully edited pictures.

Let’s take a look.

Photo Editing Apps for your Phone

Adobe Photoshop Express


With the Adobe franchise dominating the photo editing field, this application is your perfect destination for creating a professional studio looking image. It comes with a plethora of tools that let you fix and straighten and crop distorted images, experiment around with color noise, graininess and blur out certain aspects of the picture to enhance it.

It is equipped with attributes that allow you to play around with the colors in the pictures along with a facility to do away with blemishes and spots on selfies and portraits. With compatibility across various sources and formats, your edited products can be easily shared across all the social media platforms and email

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Adobe Lightroom


This application has massive abilities to retouch raw photos into polished professional images with the help of several presets, filters, and tools. With a detailed editing approach and the feature of the Healing Brush, you can make any minute adjustments.

The Lightroom Presets give you multiple customization options with filters and effects to help you creatively edit pictures. You can work around with the perspectives and ratios of the image with efficient crop and rotate tools.

The photo organization is also systematic where you can easily mark and group the photos that you like the best. You can also initiate a Group Album where you can invite your friends and family to share their collection and save it under one roof.

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Designed by Google, this is a top-class photo editing app that brings out the life in almost boring and monotonous photos. It has a set of options that can adjust a photo’s blur, temperature, vignette, and other aspects. With around 29 tools like Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective, and effects like grain, the 1960s-style film looks, or the Retrolux filter, this application provides you with all the features under one roof.

It is an extremely compatible app and even opens files in JPG and RAW formats. You can save your previously created edits and utilize them on new projects again.

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This application is known for its aesthetic sense and is designed to make your normal photos gain the cinematic effect. With the 10 free presets, you can easily edit photos and experiment around with tools like Contrast and Saturation and utilize Grain and Fade to mix texture and get a similar analog film effect.

With the membership, you can be equipped with over 200+ presets that help you recreate the looks of Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, and others. It has well-developed editing features of HSL and Split Tone.

It offers an in-built community of upcoming and professional artists who use this app as a platform to share their work. It has advanced camera controls to revolutionize your editing experience.

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Picsart is one of the oldest applications in the editing arena and has constantly been updated to stay modern. It has over 100 editing tools as well as filters, text, stickers, ways to generate animated GIFs, and perform drawing on your photos.

It is a valuable mix of a few apps like Photoshop and Paint and you can blend photos with sparkle, decorations, color adjustments to create a new style.

The app has all the essential editing tools and also comes with a community to share your results with. With the Replay option, you can view your editing steps and apply them in new pieces with just one tap. It also allows image re-mixing on your mobile device.

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With all the desirable features that make an efficient editing application, Afterlight is worth a try. It consists of close to 59 filters with the ability to mix them and create a differentiated look. It comes with 15 local adjustment tools along with RAW support on both Android and IOS.

One of the unique aspects of this application is that it is equipped with options of double exposures, film leaks, color shift, selective color, and close to 66 textures.

To match your Instagram aesthetic, the application also has a set of 77 different frames that can be tweaked around to pair a powerfully edited image.

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Lens Distortion


Based on unique visual techniques used in the advertising and film industries, this application promises to meet those standards on a mobile device. It mainly focuses on the effects and tools to fine-tune raw images into professionally edited ones.

It has a blend of realistic light hits or flares along with effects based on natural elements like organic rain, fog, and snow. It is also employed with signature overlays that comprise iconic glass textures and foreground elements that add an elegant touch to your image.

Available on both Android and IOS, the free version will give you five free filters in each section. With a minimal subscription, you can access more than 375 photo effects.

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InShot Photo Editor Pro


This application is equipped with sharp and easy photo editing implements that include hundreds of filters and photo effects for pictures and effective tools of cropping and rotation. It has a body editor along with glitch and light leaks effects.

To spice up your creative side, this app can be used to draw and add text with a variety of playful fonts and stickers. You can easily adjust brightness, contrast, warmth, and saturation, and experiment with highlights and shadows.

With a collage maker with over a hundred layouts, this application can be used to share your pictures on all of your social media accounts along with the perfect 1:1 square sizing for Instagram.

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Enlight Pixaloop


If you are a fan of intricate animation editing this application must be on your list. With the help of artificial intelligence, this app redefines creative editing. It brings life to images by allowing you to add animation within a few easy steps.

You can animate your photos with colorful skies and sunsets or add the unique photo filters and overlays to bring out the movement of pictures. The animated photo editing tools help you adjust all perspectives and styles along with the speed and direction.

This app will work in your favor and help you achieve the desired masterpiece for any kind of social media presence or branding. It can be downloaded for free but you have to engage with in-app purchases to unlock all the amazing effects.

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This application is employed with advanced features like Colour mixing, Curves, Levels, and Vignette effects. You can utilize a variety of filters like Vintage, Retro, Drama, Glow, B&W, grunge, and many more along with easy adjustments in Contrast, Exposure, Hue, Saturation, Shadows & Highlights of images.

To brighten up your creative side, you can play around with photo frames, stickers, create cartoons and caricatures. You can also change hair color, add text and color splashes, and merge photos to achieve double and multiple exposure results in this app.

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It is true when people say editing can change the way your picture is perceived. Hence, apart from neat photography skills, you need to have the correct software and editing techniques to achieve the final masterpiece.

We hope this article has ended your search for finding an accurate mobile photo editing app, and you are on your way to experimenting with all the wonderful features.

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