//Top 10 Apps For Stock Market

Top 10 Apps For Stock Market

Stock Market is a huge platform to explore. It sounds risky to invest in the stock market but if you have proper knowledge regarding the current trends, you find it easy to invest. With the introduction of cryptocurrencies, the stock market is expanding even more than before. If you think, it is time for you to get into the stock market and investments, there are a few apps for stock markets which you can use. These apps will help you out in building a good portfolio and explore the latest trends. Let us have a look at the top 10 apps for the stock market:

Yahoo Finance

top apps for stock market (yahoo finance

Yahoo Finance is a free and fairly powerful app for stock market-related information. It allows you to read news and information regarding stock marketing easily with Yahoo Finance. It also helps its users to view and keep track of stock prices in their portfolio. You can also trade stock in the actual way by logging with your brokerage account with the help of Yahoo Finance. Another important thing is that it allows you to track commodities, currencies and other information easily. All these features make it a simple solution for several problems. Is it free to use, it has a few ads. Also, the size of the app might seem a bit bulky but the usage has no issues.

MSN Money

top apps for stock market (msn money

MSN Money is a free app for the stock market. It does not have any premium subscription that is why you might find it a bit hard to adjust with ads. The app is full of articles from renowned and famous publications like Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes, Reuters, Market Watch, etc. This makes it a huge aggregational platform where you will find information from several sources. It also provides various useful tools like calculators and host tools. It also works well with the cryptocurrency and commodity process. The UI of the app is a bit rough but it works at a good scale. So, if you are looking for a free app, you can try this one.

Stock Twits

top apps for stock market (stock twits

Stock Twits is one of those stock market apps which are comparatively new in the market. Though it a new app but it is providing good services to its users and comes with a good design. It has various features to offer. It includes an earning statement calendar which will help you very much. Also, it has a real-time feed of stock prices in it which will provide the information regarding the process. It has direct integration with Robinhood which makes it more reliable. The app also includes lists of opportunities for potential investment and cryptocurrency-related information. It is free to use. Also, it includes a chat feature which allows you to contact the other investors.

Moneycontrol App

top apps for stock market (moneycontrol

Moneycontrol is one of the most downloaded stock market apps on Google Play Store. It is very useful as it keeps informing the uses of national and global stock markets. It provides best option to track the indices, commodities, options, stocks, mutual funds, currencies and future by providing assets of users on BSE, MCX, NCDEX and NSE. Also, the Text to speech option of the app is very useful and enhance the performance of the app efficiently.


top apps for stock market (cnbc app

CNBC TV app is one of the most reliable apps for providing quick and authentic information about the stock market. It has several features which differentiate it from other apps such as a direct live streaming option. This option allows for practising direct access and constant monitoring options. It also has the feature of trading data pre-market and after-market. You can constantly monitor the stocks from any part of the world. The app is not just limited to business news but it also provides you with news related to politics, technology and many more for entertainment purpose.

IIFL app

top apps for stock market (iifl

IIFL app provides its users with the option to receive expert opinion regarding any financial matter. This is what makes the app different that they provide users with special experts. It also provides details and information regarding indices, equity and currency. It also provides Price alert system for commodity, equity and currency. The customers can also create a watch list for themselves based on their requirements and choices.

NDTV Profit App

top apps for stock market (ndtv

NDTV Profit app provides several features to its customers. It provides them with several videos of interviews regarding the analysis of the market. It also gives them access to Live stream from NDTV profit studios and their programs. The users can also watch their previous episodes easily. It also shows live stocks and quotes chats to its customers. It provides news about the stock market, commodities, currencies, equity and everything related to the stock market. It provides the latest news, expert opinions and budget news to its users, All the top stories for investors and traders are covered.

BSE India app

top apps for stock market (bse

BSE India app is specifically designed by keeping Bombay stock Exchange in mind. It is very useful for those who invest in BSE as it provides clear access to all the information along with some effective features. To make it more user-friendly, it has Google Voice-based search options. Also, it provides its customers to create a watchlist of themselves based on their requirement. They can also create their portfolios and finally, track their investments. The corporate actions, corporate announcements, board meeting and results are exclusively presented to the customers in a live format.

Economic Times app

top apps for stock market (economic times

Economic Times app is very successful in providing information and news related to its users from all the possible sources. It also gives them an option to share particular news with a friend or several friends through social media platforms. It also allows users to constantly monitor their stocks. It provides presentations and slideshows related to events. Advertising, corporate and industry, corporate and legal, marketing and many more.

Investing.com App

top apps for stock market (investingcom

Investing.com app is very useful for those who are looking for accuracy and better performance. The app just like apps allows the users to track the global indices, bonds, stocks, currencies, commodities and interest rates. It also has a special alert feature which notifies the user about any latest news report analysis, business deal, event or anything special and important. It also has a feature of financial calendar and real-time data which allows the user to track their performance throughout the year.

Final words

The stock market is expanding with time. Due to increased globalization and the use of cryptocurrencies, better opportunities have been created in the stock market. But it is always required to be cautious, informative and aware of the stock market if you are investing in it. For this, the above-mentioned apps are very useful.

top apps for stock market