//Time Clock Software: The Only Way To Track Time In The Modern World

Time Clock Software: The Only Way To Track Time In The Modern World

As technology evolves, the way that we do business changes with it. From the telephone and the fax machine to email and social media, the business world is constantly redefining itself with the help of new technology. One of the sectors of business that’s getting a major upgrade is administration—after all, how much paper is actually part of your paperwork nowadays?

Timekeeping is a necessary logistics that you just can’t get around, You need to know how many hours your employees have worked so that you can pay them for their time. Luckily, we’ve come a long way from paper punch cards. Time clock software is quickly becoming the new normal for companies of every size, from massive corporations to small startups. Keep reading to find out more about time clock software and why it’s making such an impact on businesses everywhere.

The Basics of Time Clock Software

Time clock software replaces manual time clocks and punches cards with a virtual system that’s entirely online. And, because the software uses cloud-based technology, employees can punch in and out from any Internet-connected device, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Some of the benefits of time clock software include increased accuracy, greater convenience, maximum accessibility, and easy integration.


The ability to access your time clock software on any device means that you shouldn’t have to buy any new equipment to use it.

Another beneficial aspect of time clock software is that it’s incredibly flexible—meaning that you can customize it to best fit your business and its individual needs. A leading example of this is the availability of multiple login options for employers to choose from. Some of the most common options include username-and-passwords combinations, scannable QR codes, and even facial recognition.

Going Above and Beyond with Additional Features

In addition to being flexible, time clock software is also exceedingly versatile. This means that when you invest in time clock software, you’re getting more than a single tool—take a look at some of the additional features that time clock software has to offer.


Remember how we said that business administration is getting a makeover? Scheduling, another administrative task, usually goes hand-in-hand with timekeeping—which is why most time clock software providers have started offering a scheduling tool that works with their software. Let’s face it: Scheduling can be a real hassle, and it’s often pretty time-consuming. Online scheduling tools streamline the schedule-building process, making it easier (and faster) than ever to create, share, and edit clean, clear schedules.


Drag-and-drop functionality, color-coding, and scheduling templates are all user-friendly features of scheduling software that contribute to its effectiveness.

GPS Tracking

If your business has more than one location or you have employees commuting from job-site to job-site, then GPS tracking through time clock software is the perfect way to ensure that everyone is always where they’re supposed to be. Whether you view your employees’ coordinates on a single dashboard or check in on them individually, you’ll never have to wonder if someone’s not in the right place or at the wrong location.

Automated Reporting

Automated reporting with time clock software means that you can generate detailed, organized reports outlining the data that you need, all without having to do any work. Get the information you want—like hour summaries, in-out activity, and PTO summaries—compiled it an exportable, easy-to-read spreadsheet that you can then download and share.

What to Look For in a Time Clock Software Service Provider

As you can see, time clock software encompasses far more than just digital timekeeping. That being said, not all time clock software providers offer the exact same features, and some providers, of course, offer more than others. These are just a few things to keep an eye out for when you’re researching providers:

  • Mobile Apps. While it’s true that your provider’s time clock software web platform can be accessed from any Internet-connected device, time clock mobile apps make it even easier for employees to clock in and out, view their timesheets, and check their schedule.
  • Integration Capabilities. We already listed integration as a significant benefit of time clock software, but, as we just mentioned, some providers have more extensive features than others, and you definitely want to double-check if the programs that you use for payroll, billing, and other task work are compatible with the software.
  • Customer Service. This one might seem obvious, but you want a time clock software provider that has a well-established record of exceptional customer service. As with any kind of technology, you might have some questions about time clock software, and you’ll want to be able to get the answers directly from the source itself—i.e., your software provider.

All in all, as long as you do your research, time clock software is a smart business investment that’s sure to pay off in no time… Pun intended! See for yourself when you try out time clock software today.