//This Bot Is Tweeting Pay Disparity Data At Companies Posting About International Women’s Day

This Bot Is Tweeting Pay Disparity Data At Companies Posting About International Women’s Day

As pretty much every large organization goes to Twitter to yell out its female specialists during International Women’s Day (IWD), the clever Gender Pay Gap Bot is cited tweeting their posts with information about the compensation uniqueness among people at every association.

The bot’s information is restricted uniquely to associations in the UK, as organizations that utilize at least 250 individuals are required to report information about their orientation pay hole by law -any organizations that neglect to distribute this information could face court requests and fines. All that information gets posted on the UK government’s orientation pay hole data set, where you’re allowed to look for organizations and figure out how much lower ladies get compensated when contrasted with men (or the other way around).

In this organisation, women’s median hourly pay is 32.8% lower than men’s. https://t.co/MA2R4Qs5iI

— Gender Pay Gap Bot (@PayGapApp) March 8, 2022

The Gender Pay Gap Bot is uncovering precisely how wide compensation holes are (if any whatsoever). Also indeed, the bot’s information is exact. (I twofold actually look at a few of its tweets, and everything coordinates with the data on the UK’s site.) It seems as though a few organizations aren’t excessively enthused about confronting the truth of things, in any case, as the bot previously drove various associations to delete their unique tweets.

Assuming you have some excess energy – and regardless of whether you’re not situated in the UK – take a look through the Gender Pay Gap Bot’s timeline today. It’s posting another dish every two or three minutes.

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