//The Fun Nothing Phone Easter Egg That Lets You Fiddle With Glyph Lights

The Fun Nothing Phone Easter Egg That Lets You Fiddle With Glyph Lights

By Rob Rich/July 21, 2022 5:06 pm EDT

There’s a fair bit of buzz surrounding the Nothing Phone (1), particularly regarding the interesting collection of lights along its back. This week it’s been revealed that those lights — referred to as The Glyph — have an unexpected function.

While The Glyph’s advertised uses include things like notifications and battery charging indicators, 9To5Google contributor Dylan Roussel discovered another trick it can do. With a little bit of digging and an oddly-specific workaround, The Glyph can also work as a music visualizer.

Once enabled, The Glyph will light up and flash along with whatever music you’re listening to. So long as the music is being played through the Nothing Phone (1)’s speaker, anyway. As mentioned by 9to5Google, there is a chance that the feature may not have been promoted or revealed yet due to epilepsy risks. As such, it might be best to wait for an official reveal of a more refined version of the feature.

How to enable the visualizer

In order to enable the hidden visualizer mode, you’ll first need to import a Nothing Phone (1) since they aren’t being sold in the United States. But beyond that, you just need to do a little bit of prep work. It’s nothing complicated, but it is a little more involved than simply toggling an option on in Settings — though once everything is properly set up it actually is just toggling an option in Settings.

  1. Create a new contact in the phone’s address book and name it “Abra” (possibly after the Pokemon?)
  2. Open Settings and select the Glyph Interface menu
  3. Tap Ringtones and Add a Contact
  4. Choose a ringtone to associate with Abra
  5. Save, then back out of the Ringtones menu

Once finished, just like magic (see: abracadabra), a music visualizer toggle will appear on the Glyph Interface. Just enable it, and your Nothing Phone (1) will start blinking and pulsing along with any of the tunes you play over its speaker.