//The Amazon Shopping Hack You Need To Know To Get Huge Discounts

The Amazon Shopping Hack You Need To Know To Get Huge Discounts

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Bargain hunters everywhere know where to find the best deals. Those that scour Amazon know that Warehouse is where its at. You can find almost everything including cameras, phones, computers, books, and furniture, at discounted prices, up to 70% or more — if you’re lucky (via CNET). The catch is they are all pre-owned items that were returned to Amazon by customers during the 30-day refund period. Typically, there is very little wrong with the products, and sometimes they’ll even be brand new with some damaged packaging, Tough Nickel reports.

What’s more, you don’t need special memberships to benefit from these deals. They are available to anyone with an Amazon account. If you’re a Prime member, however, you get to take advantage of two-day shipping on any eligible deal. But there is one downside to note: you can’t get a manufacturer warranty on any item you buy with one of these deals. However, Amazon offers customers free replacements within 30 days for a product that has the same listing condition. If there is none available, customers will get a full refund instead.

Here is everything you need to know to score your next deal.

How do you find it?

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One way to find Amazon Warehouse deals is to enter the term Warehouse Deals in the Amazon search bar and then scroll through the categories that are listed. This can be a bit messy for users to find what they need, so the more practical way to look for deals is to type an item you’re looking for in the search bar — the same way you would in a normal search (via YouTube/Orange Klik).

After the item you selected appears on the screen, you can look for the “Add to Cart” section and see conditions “Used-Like New” or “Used: Very Good.” You will also see that it says it is sold by Amazon Warehouse. Then, you can select and add to your cart to make a purchase.

If Amazon has several offers of the same product, they will each be listed separately and you would be able to select the option that you want to buy.

They have grading levels

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If the word “used” makes you wince a little, there is a way that you can know what a product looks like before you buy. According to Amazon, all of its products have to go through a 20-point quality inspection process where they give different grade levels based on condition (via Amazon). Here’s a list, just in case:

Renewed: These products are refurbished and tested by Amazon to ensure they work perfectly. They should have minimal signs of wear and have all accessories present even if they may be generic brand substitutes.

Used-Like New: Products are in perfect working condition. The initial packaging may have minor damage or be missing entirely. It comes with all accessories. If there is damage, it will be stated.

Used-Very Good: Items are in good, working condition but may have small signs of damage. There may be accessories missing but this information will be disclosed to customers.

Used-Good: Products are in good working condition but may have missing parts or accessories.

Used- Acceptable: Products are well-worn but still work. The package may be damaged and there may be missing accessories or parts.