//The 2022 Complete Raspberry Pi & Arduino Developer Bundle

The 2022 Complete Raspberry Pi & Arduino Developer Bundle

TLDR: The 2022 Complete Raspberry Pi & Arduino Developer Bundle is currently 97% OFF.

This developer bundle includes:

  • Raspberry Pi & Arduino: The Next Level – Make Your Raspberry Pi Communicate with Arduino & Build More Apps Around This Bridge
  • ROS2 for Beginners – Master the Key ROS Concepts to Create Powerful & Scalable Robot Applications
  • Learn ROS2 as a ROS1 Developer & Migrate Your ROS Projects – Create Complete ROS2 Applications & Migrate a ROS1 CodeBase in ROS2
  • Raspberry Pi for Beginners: Complete Course – Build Amazing Projects with Raspberry Pi 4 Using Python 3, GPIOs, Flask & More
  • Arduino for Beginners: Complete Course – Master Arduino Starting from Zero — Learn with Hands-On Activities & Many Arduino Projects
  • Arduino OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) – Learn How to Use OOP with Arduino Through a Step-by-Step Project
  • Practical Python: Learn Python 3 Basics Step-by-Step – Get Started with Python 3 by Getting On-Hand Lessons & Practices of the Basics
  • Practical C++: Learn C++ Basics Step-by-Step – Get Started Quickly with C++: Only Hands-On Lessons & Practice to Master C++ Basics
  • Practical Linux Command Line: The Basics You Really Need – Get a Strong Linux Command Line Foundation Quickly in Just a Few Hours

9 Lifetime Courses & 61 Hours of Content on Everything Raspberry Pi! Learn the Basics and Dive Into Hands-On Coding and Programming.

Prices are subject to change.

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