//Subaru Reveals Its First Electric Vehicle, The Solterra SUV

Subaru Reveals Its First Electric Vehicle, The Solterra SUV

Here’s our first great gander at the 2022 Subaru Solterra, the Japanese automaker’s first electric vehicle. Going to the US, Canada, and Europe in 2022, the Solterra SUV will be controlled by an electric vehicle stage that Subaru has been co-creating with Toyota.

The Solterra will come in both front-haggle wheel drive variations, with either a 150kW (201 strength) AC simultaneous engine driving simply the front wheels or a couple of 80kW (107 hp) engines, one controlling every pivot, for a complete yield of 160kW (214hp).

The two models sport a 71.4kWh battery underneath the floor of the vehicle, which Subaru assessments will supply roughly 530km (329 miles) of reach dependent on the WLTC standard in Japan. (The EPA rating in the US is probably going to be less.) And the all-wheel-drive form will get 460km (286 miles) of reach.

At the point when the battery is coming up short, the Solterra can uphold DC quick energizing to 150kW even though Subaru didn’t give evaluations to what amount of time it would require. By examination, Toyota has said that its BZ4X, which is based on a similar EV stage, will require 30 minutes to charge to 80 percent limit. The BZ4X is likewise due out in 2022 and will be based on this common stage, which Toyota calls thee-TNGA and Subaru calls e-Subaru.

In contrast to the BZ4X, however, the Solterra seems to have a typical inside and guiding wheel. (Toyota is including an optional steering yoke in its electric SUV.) Subaru says that like its different gas-controlled SUVs, the Solterra will highlight the company’s X-Mode AWD control framework that improves the feeling of safety on harsh streets.

It additionally added another Grip Control work, which empowers the vehicle to run at a consistent speed while settling the vehicle even on harsh streets, the ability is additionally improved.

At the point when it comes out the following year, Subaru will presumably be contending with Rivian for its client base of outdoorsy experience types. The organization hasn’t uncovered the Solterras beginning cost, however,, it’s prone to be more affordable than the Rivian R1S SUV.

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