//Steve Jobs’ Daughter Eve Is Unimpressed By IPhone 14

Steve Jobs’ Daughter Eve Is Unimpressed By IPhone 14

Eve Jobs at LV event

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Apple went big with its iPhone 14 reveal, but it looks like founder Steve Jobs’ own daughter Eve doesn’t seem to buy all the hype. The latest iPhone 14 certainly placed a lot of emphasis on going big, leaving out its smaller mini variant in the process. Size isn’t the only thing that mattered in Apple’s iPhone 14 showcase though, as it also highlighted various noteworthy upgrades as well. This includes better camera hardware and software, satellite network access to call help from anywhere during emergencies, a G-sensor to detect car crashes, and an improved A15 system-on-chip that’s said to give the best ever battery life/performance ratio yet.

Apple even turned the iPhone 13’s arguably unsightly notch into a new feature it calls “Dynamic Island” — an animated notifications system that seamlessly changes and blends with the background. Given its various new features, some might think Apple had done enough to differentiate its latest flagship from its predecessor. Well, not necessarily, since the iPhone 14’s announcement led to comments that are quite as polarizing as Steve Jobs himself. 

They say imitation is flattery, but that’s not exactly a good thing when it comes to Apple’s flagship smartphones — especially when they’re carrying an almost $1,000 price tag. Below you’ll see photos of the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14 — can you guess which is which?

Apple’s new iPhone 14 looks familiar

iPhone 13 and iPhone 14

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In an Instagram story post, Eve Jobs (daughter of Steve Jobs) posted a meme picture with a caption that says “Me upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple’s announcement today.” The picture in question is that of an elderly man receiving and even flaunting a gifted collared shirt that looks exactly like what he’s already wearing. While Jobs’ Instagram post has since disappeared, screenshots are still circulating (as shown below). So, how accurate was the post? It seems Jobs might not be too far off the mark on this one, at least in regards to physical appearance.

Screenshot of Eve Jobs Instagram story post of iPhone 14 debutSlashGear/Dave McQuilling

When comparing the iPhone 14 with the iPhone 13 side-by-side, the two do have nearly identical dimensions, with the exception of the latest iPhone weighing slightly lighter than its predecessor. Of course, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering Apple rarely deviates when it comes to the iPhone’s design. Looking at a 15-year evolution of the iPhone shows just how similar each succeeding model is to its predecessor in the short term, with the biggest notable physical differences being decades apart. This just goes to show the old saying: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and it seems like the iPhone’s current design “ain’t broke” yet, right?