//Sony Posts An Ad Featuring An Upside-Down PS5 And Deletes It

Sony Posts An Ad Featuring An Upside-Down PS5 And Deletes It

The PS5 is a bizarre-looking control center, and its bent edges can make it hard to know precisely what direction the control center ought to sit when it’s set down a level. In the critical, a more significant part of Sony’s showcasing, the plate drive is on the base when the control center is displayed on its side. Yet rather amusingly, it appears to be that even Sony can get confounded about what direction it should go, as it delivered a video on its principal Twitter account showing the control center resting with the circle drive on top (via Kotaku).

The video has effectively been erased; however, fortunately, a Reddit user shared a screenshot of how the PS5 showed up in the promotion, settled into somebody’s home theater setup.

The humiliating bungle hit quickly before Sony is set to air a State of Play feature about impending PS5 games, which begins at 5 PM ET on Thursday. However, as Kotaku reminded me, this isn’t even the first run through Sony has wrecked the direction of the control center: PlayStation Studios manager Hermen Hulst tweeted a video with a topsy turvy PS5 in December that he then, at that point, erased and re-uploaded but with the PS5 edited out.

By and by, I keep my PS5 set up upward. That way, I stay away from any disarray about how it should or shouldn’t be set up. In any case, I need to say I haven’t gotten over the way it towers over my different control center.

Sony posts an ad featuring an upside-down PS5 and deletes it

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