//Sony Levelling Up Its Game With The Launch Of Next Generation Console, PS5

Sony Levelling Up Its Game With The Launch Of Next Generation Console, PS5

Enjoy playing games on PS4? Well, Sony is up with its new launch of PS5, a next-generation console. The launch took place online on 17th, September 2020 and revealed more cool and new features. Sony has announced the release date of PS5 to be 12th November 2020. The release date and prices of PS5 for India are not yet confirmed. Since PS4 was widely grabbed by its customers, PS5 is all set to reignite the frenzy among the gamers with a better gaming interface and performance as compared to PS4. The launch event streamed live on the PlayStation YouTube channel.

Key Features of PS5 in comparison with PS4


Sony has bounced back with its next-generation console, PS5, and they are set to amaze their customers with a more developed interface and an exponential performance.

  • CPU: PS5 is developed with 3.5GHz(with variable frequency) – 8× Zen 2 Cores, while PS4 versions had 2.1/1.6 GHz 8-Core AMD Jaguar respectively.
  • GPU: PS5 has 36 CUs at 2.23GHz, 10.28 TFLOPs while PS4 versions had 36/18 CUs at 911MHz, 4.2/1.84 TFLOPs respectively.
  • Memory: PS5 gives you 16GB GDDR6/256-bit while PS4 gave 8GB GDDR5 plus 1GB DDR3.
  • Internal Storage: PS5 offers you a custom 825GB SSD of internal capacity, while PS4 versions had 1TB HDD and 500GB HDD respectively.
  • External Storage: Both PS5 and PS4 offer USB HDD Support as a means of external storage.
  • Expandable Storage: PS5 has NVMe SSD Slot apart from the internal and external storage, while PS4 has an Internal HDD Slot for extra space.
  • Optical Drive: PS5 makes use of an advanced 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive for its Standard Edition, while PS4 uses Blu-ray Drive.

PS5: Standard Edition and Digital Edition

Just like PS4 came in two versions- PS4 and PS4 Pro, PS5 will also have two versions of the console- a Digital Edition and the Standard Edition. All the other specifications for both the Standard and the Digital Version are the same – fast SSD, quality graphics, etc. but the differences between the two consoles are

1) Usage of Disc Drives:  The slightest difference between the two versions is the use of a disc drive. The Standard Edition will require disc drives to play games while the Digital Edition will only allow digital downloads for playing games, you cannot use disc drives. Since the Digital Edition is purely digital, you need to download games online and store it on your console, and then you’re all set to play.

2) Design: As we know that the Standard Edition comes with a disc drive, hence, the design of the two consoles varies. The disc drive makes the look of the PS5 Standard Edition slightly bulged at the bottom where the disc drive sits.  Whereas, the Digital Edition of PS5 has a slimmer symmetry because it lacks the disc drive.

3) Cost: The additional disc drive to the PS5 Standard Edition costs $100 more than the Digital Edition. Although the specifications are the same, the hardware puts an additional price on the Standard Edition.

Accessories for PS5

Equip yourself with the right accessories for the new generation console, PS5 for a seamless and dynamic gaming experience. Sony has started taking bookings from many countries for the new PS5 and has officially announced these accessories to spice up your gaming experience.

1) PS5 DualSense Controller: The controller is one of the accessories included with the console. Sony has tried its hand at making the games more immersive for the players by using technology to build haptic feedback and adaptive triggers for the gamers. The haptic feedback helps you experience the sense of 3D touch will you’re playing the games. So sit back and enjoy a live experience of being in the game.

2) DualSense Charging Station: Enables its users to charge two PS5 controllers all at once without connecting it to hardware. It has a sleek design and is user-friendly, so no more bothering yourself searching for micro USB cable wires.

3) Pulse 3D Wireless Headset: Now, if the DualSense Controller is offering in a 3D effect of touch, why not team it up with 3D sound effects. It is built with dual noise cancellation microphones, hence facilitating easy multiplayer communication and immersive sound quality.

4) HD Camera: Streaming while gaming is getting soo common these days. With this new HD camera, you can effortlessly add yourself to live streaming and gameplay with its outside angel lenses.

Games that you must try on PS5

1) Final Fantasy XVI- A PS5 console exclusive, the game was newly announced at the launch event. The trailer of the game is seen to have an essence of Final Fantasy XIV but with more medieval overtones. The combat seems to be a combination of Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy 7 remake.

2) Hogwarts Legacy- A new game was launched at the event, set around Harry Potter’s world. The game develops a set of custom made characters and revolves around the time before the death of Lily James Potter and the rise of Lord Voldemort. The game takes you through the adventures at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and is set to be released in 2021.

3) God of War: Ragnarok- It was the last game to be featured at the event, which might be released in 2021. It will carry forward the events of the 2018 God of War Reboot. The trailer didn’t give up much but showed the path that Kratos has ignited for himself up in the frozen north.

4) Assasin’s Creed Valhalla- Taking forward the series of Assasin’s Creed, Ubisoft has confirmed its next phase. The game sets up the journey of Viking raider Elvor from Norway to England allowing players to raid towns, build alliances, manage settlements, and many more. Gamers with PS4 can upgrade this game to their PS5 for free.

5) Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War- The Call of Duty will be back with its new franchise in November 2020. The games single-player story is confirmed but the multiplayer story is still in dark. Build around a tense political atmosphere from the ’80s, players are expected to come across familiar faces from history and Original Black Ops title in their journey of fetching and hunting down a mysterious Soviet agent, Perseus.


Sony is leveling up its game with PS5, ready to give a more enhanced and immersive experience to its gamers. Its release date has been announced to be 12th November in many countries but remains unknown for its release in India. It will be out soon in India and the gamers can level up their gaming experiences with the new PS5 and team it up with the newly launched accessories. Book yours as soon as it comes, then just sit back and enjoy.

Sony Levelling Up Its Game With The Launch Of Next Generation Console, PS5