//Sony Is Developing A Bodycam Harness With A Removable Action Camera

Sony Is Developing A Bodycam Harness With A Removable Action Camera

Sony proved that  it is not focused on developing gaming consoles, even though the PlayStation 5 and it’s upcoming release may be the only thing that pops into our mind when we hear ‘Sony.’

The manufacturer has also been making advances in the camera market, including its most recent bodycam project. Because bodycams are also available in all shapes and sizes, the areas of application are wide and varied.

A good action cam is portable, comfortable and also offers high-image quality with effective image stabilization. We may be looking at new bodycam harness from Sony in the near future; one that ticks all the boxes.

Sony Corporation just filed a patent with the Japan Patent Office (JPO back in December 2019. The design for the ‘vest with a portable camera’ was proved recently.


Based on the sketches which are included in the patent when it was released publically, Let’s Go Digital was also able to create these high-render images to give us an idea of what to expect.

The harness is worn on the chest and stays close to the body and thanks to the rubber-like material, even during fast-paced activities. In addition, the mesh material provides extra breathability.

Sony’s bodycam would be just the ideal exercise accessory, especially if you don’t want your wearable tech to get in the way. It will provide freedom of movement too thus, making it perfect for skydiving, skiing or motocross.

A small, yet high-quality camera is also integrated at the front of the harness. It is an extremely compact device but also easy to remove and change lenses.

Japanese Sony is of course not only concerned with the development of the Sony Corporation. Another important branch for Sony is the camera market, of which the body camera is part. Sony Bodycam chest harness is available in all shapes and sizes. The areas of application are therefore wide, from simple action cameras for recreational use to robust, professional cameras for security, police or military purposes.

Sony Corporation was granted a patent at the end of last year by the JPO (Japan Patent Office) for a ‘Vest with a portable camera’. In addition to a series of patent sketches, Sony has also added two color renders of a prototype bodycam.

The product that Sony is currently developing, however, seems to be intended for (semi) professional sports purposes. For example, it can be an ideal auxiliary attribute for a referee during a football match. Just as the video referee made his appearance in the highest competition, in the form of the VAR (Video Assistant Referee).

Such camera systems do come in handy in sports, such as running or triathlon. A good action cam is very portable, comfortable and offers high image quality with effective image stabilization. We may also expect a new bodycam harness from Sony in the future.

It is an interesting design, the harness is worn on the chest. Thanks to the rubber material, it stays tight on the body, even when you move (quickly). Moreover, the mesh material provides extra breathability and a lightweight. Ideal during exercise, where you do not want to be hindered in your freedom of movement. For example, skydiving, skiing or motocross.

From the patent sketches, the seat belt goes around the chest, and it has a rubber material strap. The camera will not fall easily if the user moves quickly or has a large range of motion. In addition, the mesh material is lightweight and provides good air permeability. On the front side of the “Portable Camera Vest” is a high-quality compact camera. The camera has a detachable design that allows an easy replacement of the lens. This is great for sports like skydiving, skiing or motocross.