//Share Information More Easily With Markup Hero Screenshot & Annotation App

Share Information More Easily With Markup Hero Screenshot & Annotation App

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Organizational knowledge is vital for any company. For people to do their jobs well, they need to know how the processes work in your company. New employees may be highly qualified, but if they don’t understand how your business organizes leads, closes sales, manages customer service tickets, or how to do any of the processes vital to their jobs, they’re being set up to fail. In most cases, another employee will teach new people how your company works, but that’s time that could be spent elsewhere. Instead, trust Markup Hero Screenshot & Annotation App to do your training and more.

Markup Hero is a screenshot and annotation tool that helps you communicate clearly, educate employees, stay organized, and much, much more. Indeed, the onboarding use is just one of many as Markup Hero lets you capture and share ideas of all kinds quickly through its screenshot app and image/PDF uploader. If you need to convey an idea with some imagery, Markup Hero lets you clearly annotate any image, PDF, or website. You can save markups and annotations and access them with a click so if people frequently need access to a certain slide, you’ll have it on the fly.

Markup Hero makes it easy to stay organized with titles, collections, history, and custom privacy settings for simple dissemination. With Markup Hero, you can add or remove pages on any markup, crop screenshots or any file as you upload a page, copy markups for sharing in Gmail, SMS, Slack, or other apps, and much more. Duplicating markups and adjusting them as required is simple, so if something changes in your organization, adjusting those onboarding documents is a breeze.

Markup Hero has earned rave reviews, with 4.7 stars on Capterra and 4.5 stars on G2. Jeheen Mahmood Z of Capterra writes “This is a must have. I can literally save hours every day by annotating screenshots instead of typing instructions for my team.”

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