//Prepostseo Review: Is It An Asset For Content Writers?

Prepostseo Review: Is It An Asset For Content Writers?

When writing a topic and browsing the Internet, have you noticed that nothing is the same when searching for something? Whether you are shopping online or looking for recipes, the content displayed on the screen is not similar to other content.

Although the meaning may be the same, the words are always different. This is because original content is significant in the marketing of a brand. When buying something, you are always looking for authentic and new things that anyone cannot use or own.

The situation in the digital world is similar, where original and unique content only appears in the search engines, and all the copied versions are ranked lower. It’s not just about uniqueness and originality; imitated content is called plagiarism which is strictly not allowed by Google.

Content creators are often struggling with producing an original piece of content. That is why many content writers cannot make a living because they cannot create fresh content every day.

It can be challenging for writers and students to submit unique and completely free from plagiarism. Of course, a human mind is not like a computer that encompasses all types of knowledge that you have to type a word and your brain drains out information about it.

Humans are different, and they cannot generate unique information all the time. This is when tools like paraphrasers and article rewriters help people modify their content and make it unique and original.

There are millions of web pages available on the internet which comprise different types of information. But none of them would have a similar kind of content because if that is so, either the website will be sued or the Google SERPs will affect its ranking.

Writing unique and fresh content can use a paraphraser that rewrites sentences and phrases without changing the meaning of the sentences. A paraphraser gives instant results, and it offers writers a chance to enhance the quality of their write-ups.

Other than this, if you are confused with the originality of your article, then a plagiarism checker is the best way to find duplication in your content.

A plagiarism checker detects duplication from millions of web pages available on the internet. It gives instant results and saves time in comparing content from each website.

Now you’d be wondering where you could find such tools that would give you the best results. In this article, we will be talking about one of the most used tools that are best for plagiarism detection and paraphrasing articles.


Prepostseo is one of the widely used websites that students and freelance writers use while writing content. It offers multiple things, which include the following:

Prepostseo Tools:

  1. Paraphrasing tool
  2. Plagiarism Checker
  3. DA/PA Checker
  4. Grammar checker and word counter
  5. Guest Posting websites
  6. Google Indexer
  7. Backlink Maker
  8. Credit card generator

1. Paraphrasing tool

The paraphrasing tool by Prepostseo rewrites articles and writeups and gives instant results. It scans each word and rewrites each sentence to rephrase the content and makes it original.

This version provides the most advanced interpretation tools. It does not only change the words, but it also rewrites sentences to break up complex sentences. It fixes grammatical errors and makes the text easy to be interpreted by people.


The paraphrasing tool is also available on Android. People who want to use a paraphraser from their smartphones can download the Paraphraser app and avail themselves of its features for free.

However, people who want to enjoy some extra features can go for the immediate or premium plan that provides additional features such as exceeded word limit to paraphrase, 24/7 support, and suggestion provided with results.

2. Plagiarism Checker

For those who need fast and appropriate results, prepostseo provides the best tool to check plagiarism in the content. It is one of the most commonly used tools that detect plagiarism in the range and instantly results in a percentage.

Its easy-to-use interface with multiple features allows all types of people to use the tool anytime, anywhere. The device is entirely safe to use, and it does not store any information in its database, and people can freely use it to check any content.


In addition, students and freelancers who want to detect plagiarism in their content when they are away from their laptops can download the Android or iOS application available for free. The application is very safe and easy to use, allowing people to check plagiarism in their content.


The free version of this tool provides a lot of features. Still, those who want to enjoy some additional features can choose the basic or premium plans that offer additional features, such as the word limit will be increased; checking will be thorough, and more. You can always go for a paid version that helps freelancers check their content accurately.

3. DA/PA Checker

DA PA verification tool helps users analyze the website’s DA score, spam score, backlinks profile, and website authorization. It also provides an idea of where the website stands on the search engines.


Prepostseo provides a DA/PA checker developed on the Moz logarithmic scale and provides the DA score immediately.

4. Grammar checker and word counter

Almost every writer needs to check grammar in their content after they have finished writing. So, no need to search for another website when you can find all your grammatical errors and count your words online on Prepostseo.


5. Guest Posting websites

To submit your content on different platforms, you need to find a range of websites to submit your content easily. Your search for a range of websites is over, as here, you will find many authentic websites that provide guest post services.


6. Google Indexer

Prepostseo ping website tool is widely used by webmasters to submit websites to search engines. It is completely free and has all the advanced features.


The ping url tool allows you to submit unlimited web pages. Pinging websites in bulk means that you can add up to 10 URLs at a time to add these pages to the search engine. This tool can send 650 ping URL requests (10×65) at a time, which saves a lot of your time.

7. Backlink Maker

Prepostseo’s organic backlink generator tool is developed for newly designed websites that index these sites on different platforms to attract search engine bots to your web pages.


8. Credit card generator

The credit card generator by prepostseo generates fake credit card numbers for various purposes in the commercial industry. This tool allows you to create up to 20 cards in one second. It allows you to set an expiration date according to your preferences.


This tool creates credit cards that can be verified using online credit card verification tools. You can freely use them to play games and register to watch movies. Developers can verify the check-out process using fake credit card numbers and complete the process without making any transactions.


By looking at everything mentioned above, it is concluded that Prepostseo is the best asset for content writers. It is all in one platform where writers can get everything that fulfills their writing needs.

If you want to detect plagiarism the website, has it, if you need to paraphrase any content, you can do it there, and if you need to check grammatical mistakes in your write-ups, the website offers that too. Prepostseo provides everything that a writer needs when he is writing any content.

Other than this, it also fulfills your need to equip your website with SEO optimization. If you are not yet familiar with this website, you just need to click on the link, and all your tasks will be completed without any hassle.

So make your life easy and add prepostseo on your daily task sheet. The tools offered by it will not only save your time, but they will give you instant results that all your work will be completed in a fraction of seconds.