//Organic LinkedIn Marketing: 9 Proven Techniques For Marketers

Organic LinkedIn Marketing: 9 Proven Techniques For Marketers

LinkedIn was launched in May 2003 as a professional networking site. And LinkedIn has attracted over 700 Million users across the globe within just 2 decades.

But today, the platform is not just limited to connecting job seekers with their potential clients. Nowadays, LinkedIn is emerging as a potent marketing tool. It becomes very crucial for businesses to create a solid LinkedIn Marketing Strategy. An effective strategy can help you create brand awareness, generate leads, and build long-term professional relationships. 

Furthermore, LinkedIn offers various Marketing Tools for every business needs. In this guide, I will share some proven techniques for a successful LinkedIn Marketing Campaign so that you can make the most out of your business through LinkedIn.

What is the Importance of a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

The major advantage of using LinkedIn over any other platform is that it is often visited by numerous senior-level influencers, decision-makers, and industry leaders. A solid LinkedIn Marketing Strategy can help you grab the attention of these top-level executives. You can also use various strategy templates available on the web to make your process easier. Additionally, LinkedIn offers plenty of opportunities for B2B marketers.

Hence, we can say that a strong marketing strategy plays a vital role in your business’s overall success on the platform. Moreover, it can be extremely beneficial for you to build brand awareness, generate leads, and increase website traffic. 

9 Effective Organic LinkedIn Marketing Techniques

You need to have a set of clearly defined goals and tactics along with a proper understanding of your target audience to promote your brand on LinkedIn. Here I have provided some effective and proven marketing techniques to help you market your brand on LinkedIn like a pro:

1. Share Posts with Rich Media


Posts with images and videos usually perform better than the others. According to a study, posts with some media content receive 98% more engagement than the others. It also shows that mixed-media posts, including 3-4 images or videos, perform well for pages.

Also, make sure to avoid stock imagery, as custom images usually get more engagement. LinkedIn also enables you to share PDFs or presentations to encourage your posts.

And don’t forget to utilize video content in your posts, as videos receive almost five times more engagement than any other form of content. One of the major advantages of LinkedIn Native Video is that it auto-plays when someone scrolls by it. As a result, it is more effective in catching someone’s attention to the post. Additionally, LinkedIn always prioritizes video posts on the platform.

2. Create a Content Calendar

It would be best if you were consistent with retaining your audience and keeping them engaged. This is one of the most important elements of a successful marketing campaign. 

Posting valuable content regularly on your LinkedIn Company Page enables you to build a sense of excitement among your followers. It’s also a great way to interact with your audience and increase your company’s engagement level. It can also increase the reach of your content. As a result, you can attract more followers and receive higher conversions.

It is highly advisable to post valuable content regularly to maintain your connection with the audience. It would be best to create a content calendar as an essential part of your marketing strategy. Create a timeline for posting the content and decide the types of content you want to create for optimal results.

Also, make sure to find out at what time your audience is most active on the platform. You can easily do this by looking at your Click Through Rates (CTR) under the “Updates” section of Analytics. Try posting at different times of the day and analyze the CTR to find out the right time to post.

3. LinkedIn Live


Live Video is probably the most engaging form of content on the platform. Moreover, Live videos receive almost 24 times the engagement than pre-recorded videos.

Upon approval, you’ll need to use a third-party tool such as Restream, Switcher, or Socialize to Livestream on the platform. Furthermore, LinkedIn Live is proven to be extremely beneficial for many companies.

And, businesses have discovered multiple reasons to go live. From fireside chats to Interviews and Webinars, there are plenty of reasons for going live on LinkedIn. You can even host Virtual Events through LinkedIn Live, which is a great way to keep your audience engaged.

But, it is recommended to promote your brand before hosting a LinkedIn Live properly. 

4. Promote Your Content


Through LinkedIn, you can distribute your content to professionals with Sponsored Content Feature offered by LinkedIn. This feature can help you promote your articles, blog posts, e-books, or any other digital content type directly to the users.

By promoting your content, you will get increased exposure to it. This will help you in establishing your business as a reputed and trusted authority.

If you want to make the most out of your sponsored content, then you need to:

  • Use targeting features such as skills and titles to spotlight your content to the experts you aim to reach.
  • Create valuable content that is appealing to your target group of audience.
  • Use a strong call to action to convince the users to take the next step.
  • Reply to the comments that you receive on the posts boosted for enhancing engagement with potential customers.

5. Make Effective Use of LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn users usually mention information about their skills, interests, and associations to the system. This means that LinkedIn has incredible targeting abilities that you can leverage to make effective strategic decisions. Moreover, LinkedIn offers a variety of advertising solutions. This includes:

6. Sponsored Content

You can boost your content, which allows you to reach a larger group of your target audience that you can do organically.

  • Text Ads: Text Ads are the Pay Per Click Ads that appear on the profile pages, group pages, and the homepage.
  • Sponsored InMail: Sponsored InMail is quite similar to Email Marketing, but it is a much-refined feature offered by LinkedIn. It enables you to send customized ads to the inbox of LinkedIn users. And, these ads are delivered to the users only when they are online. This increases the chances of noticing your ads.
  • Re-buffer your Top Content: If you ever feel like you are running out of ideas, then you can re-share your best performing posts from the past. This is one of the best LinkedIn Marketing Techniques to keep your audience engaged. This technique is proven to be effective because of some complicated algorithms. In all probability, only a small percentage of your followers would have seen your previous post. Hence, you can consider re-sharing the top content as a part of your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.

You can easily find out your best performing posts by heading into the analytics section. Select the report and then click on Most Popular to find out your best posts. Now, you can re-share those posts with your followers.

7. LinkedIn Groups


LinkedIn Groups are often considered as one of the most effective marketing tools. These groups provide your community with a digital forum. As a Business, you can be an essential part of these forums. And, this can help you make good connections with the clients.

Moreover, various LinkedIn Groups can be helpful for Page Admins and Business Owners as well. Here are a few groups:

  • Entrepreneur and Small Business Forum
  • LinkedIn Small Business Innovators
  • Small Business and Independent Consultant Network

Make sure to join groups similar to the niche of your business. This will help you stay ahead of the competition, find out the latest trends, spot influencers, and connect with community members. And maybe discover a few LinkedIn Marketing Ideas.

8. Use Automation Tools

LinkedIn groups can be extremely beneficial for you in diversifying your network. But it would be best if you also were consistent in sharing your posts with the followers. So, LinkedIn allows you to automate the whole process instead of manually wasting your time and efforts.

You can choose from a variety of automation tools available to share your content with the target audience. And you don’t need to do much. Choose certain options and provide basic details to the tool to get the desired results.

9. Get your Employees Involved

Your overall success on LinkedIn is defined by the connections that you make. And, your employees are the most reliable supporters of your brand. Hence, they play a vital role in expanding the reach and diversifying your network on LinkedIn. Therefore, a successful LinkedIn Marketing Campaign requires active participation from your employees.

You should motivate your employees to add your company pages to their profiles. This will turn them into your followers and help your company get noticed on the platform. Furthermore, this will provide your employees with easy access to your company updates and share these updates with their connections. They can share your brand’s articles, round-up posts, or news.

3 LinkedIn Marketing Tools

Till now, we have discussed some techniques for running a successful LinkedIn marketing campaign. But, it would be best if you also had some tools for creating valuable content. So, here are the three LinkedIn Marketing Tools that you should be used to create valuable content.

1. Canva


Canva is a popular tool through which you can create custom images for free, along with some in-app purchases.

And, we know that LinkedIn Posts are more engaging with rich media. Canva features an impressive stock photo library that allows branding and customizations. But, Canva can also be used for creating graphic pull quotes along with data visualizations. 

You can even create GIFs and Videos through Canva with your recordings, graphics, or stock footage. It also features a free-to-use music library. Hence, you don’t even need to worry about licensing the tunes. Canva does everything for you to create engaging and valuable content for your brand.

Hence, this is a must-have tool for a successful LinkedIn Marketing Campaign.

2. SlideShare


SlideShare is LinkedIn’s built-in tool that enables you to share professional content. You can consider using SlideShare when you have an event presentation or whitepaper to share on LinkedIn. You can upload PDF, PPT, or a Word File to share with your followers through this tool.

These presentations can also add value to your posts, as the audience on LinkedIn appreciates such content. And of course, almost 90% of professionals prefer LinkedIn as the best platform for professional content.

This also makes your work easier, as these professional posts can automatically reach up to 70,000 monthly visitors. And SlideShare even offers analytics for the posts. You can get an idea about what pages are clicked by the people and then share popular slides into different posts.

3. Open for Business


LinkedIn’s Open for Business is an amazing feature for solo entrepreneurs and small business owners. This feature is available only for personal profiles and not for the company pages. 

You need to click on “Show Services You Offer” on your profile to sign up for this feature. And, then you will have to fill in the detailed information about your services. However, if you don’t see this feature on your profile, you don’t need to worry, as LinkedIn is gradually uprising this feature. All you can do is asking to join the waitlist.

After that, users will be able to find your profile through the “Service provider” search filter. And, this way you can grow your business on LinkedIn.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is a perpetual platform for growing the business that enables you to connect with useful resources, potential clients, and professional personalities. With the correct strategy and perfect execution, it can also be a solid engagement hub for companies and entrepreneurs.

And, if you utilize all these techniques correctly, you can easily expand your network globally. In the end, we can conclude that you can take your business to new heights through these LinkedIn Marketing Techniques.

Organic LinkedIn Marketing 9 Proven Techniques for Marketers