//Ola Electric Teases Its Cool New Escooter

Ola Electric Teases Its Cool New Escooter

In front of the forthcoming dispatch of the first escooter from Ola Electric, the organization’s Chairman and CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal, posted a video on Twitter today. What’s more, presently, we have the principal authentic look at the bike.

The video shows Aggarwal having a good time with the escooter in Bengaluru, India, where the startup is based.

Took this beauty for a spin! Goes 0-60 faster than you can read this tweet! Ready or not, a revolution is coming! #JoinTheRevolution @Olaelectric https://t.co/ZryubLLo6X pic.twitter.com/wPsch79Djf

— Bhavish Aggarwal (@bhash) July 2, 2021

Underlying feelings? The scooter is beautiful. Also, its advanced plan and smooth dark matt shading put it aside from different models presently available.

In addition, its substantial under-seat extra room, which fits two half-face head protectors, is another enormous benefit.

Be that as it may, the most astonishing spec is the escooter’s 0-60mph speed increase, something Aggarwal says is conceivable. Assuming valid, it’s protected to accept the escooter has a beautiful fantastic engine and battery pack.

However, the acclaim closes there. The video is somewhat unremarkable and loaded up with adages.

Initially, it appears to be the spotlight is more on Aggarwal than on the bike. Then, at that point, there’s an entire bundle of enormous explanations like “clever mobility” and “predominant cornering” being tossed around. Lastly, there’s the deadened EPIC music on the foundation.

Try not to misunderstand me here, I’m eager to perceive what the escooter will bring to the table, so I’m anticipating the dispatch.

Ola has much grander plans than a basic homegrown rollout: The organization also tries to carry its bike to the European market. In April, Ola additionally declared its Hypercharger fast-charging network, which guarantees to charge the organization’s electric bike to half in only 18 minutes.

If Aggarwal brings a similar sort of certainty he’s emanating in this video, he may very well get what he needs.

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