//New M3 IMac Launch May Be Only Days Away

New M3 IMac Launch May Be Only Days Away

Apple iMac with M1 silicon.

Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

An iMac refresh might be Apple’s last major product surprise for 2023. According to Bloomberg, Apple will announce something on either the 30th or 31st of October. The report cites the low availability of iMacs at Apple Stores, with shipments for certain configurations extending into mid-November.

At this point, the iMac is long overdue for an upgrade following a wait spanning over two and a half years. So far, rumors have suggested that the iMac could skip the M2 silicon and jump straight from the M1 to the M3 generation. However, Apple has reportedly pushed the debut of M3 hardware into 2024. Apple was also rumored to launch multiple iPad models later this year, but that is yet to happen.

Circling back to the iMac, it will most likely focus on a processor upgrade. Interestingly, Bloomberg’s report doesn’t confirm whether Apple will fit an M2 chip inside the iMac or if the desktop will become the company’s first computer to arrive with an M3-class processor.

The best of Mac is yet to come

Apple iMac with M1 chip.

Bloomberg/Getty Images

Given Apple’s affinity for continuing with the same design language for multiple generations, the iMac refresh will most likely look identical to its M1-powered version launched in 2021. We are expecting a 24-inch LCD and some bright color options to go with it. So far, rumors from the supply chain side have also pointed at a relatively modest upgrade despite differing on the launch timeline for an iMac refresh.

It seems plans for a new iMac Pro are also still alive. This one will reportedly feature a 32-inch display, the largest Apple has ever fitted on a Mac. The next-gen iMac Pro, however, won’t hit the shelves anytime soon. According to Bloomberg, it will likely arrive late next year or early in 2025. By then, Apple is heavily rumored to launch Mac hardware with an OLED screen instead of the LCD and mini-LED screens buyers get on the current-gen Apple computers.

Down the road, Apple is expected to give a similar OLED upgrade treatment to the iPad lineup, which would come hand in hand with a design refresh. But these are rumors at best, and official plans could change down the road, so take all of this with a healthy dose of skepticism.