//New Dark Matter Theory Has A Terrifying Explanation For The Universe’s Expansion

New Dark Matter Theory Has A Terrifying Explanation For The Universe’s Expansion

A new hypothesis distributed in the APS physical science diary looks to clarify the beginning and expansion of dull matter through the presentation of a straightforward idea: consider the possibility that dim matter can transform standard matter into dark matter.

Physicists have long suspected that dull matter has either existed however long the universe or that it was made as a result of the Big Bang occasion. Were not exactly certain, yet that is because nobody’s at any point straightforwardly noticed dim matter.

We accept it exists since we can see items and occasions we can observe responding to something mysterious. Scientists who put stock in obscurity matter hypothesis (apparently, most physicists) will quite often concur that the universe is probably mostly dark matter.

Be that as it may, there’s an issue. There is by all accounts decidedly an excess of dull matter in the universe. Remaining dull matter from the Big Bang or whatever doesn’t very clear how the stuff is by all accounts all over the place.

The group’s paper proposes some significant level arithmetic to adapt to dark matter at a widespread scale, yet attempting to decide the physical science of something you cannot notice is a difficult one to figure out.

In any case, you don’t be an astrophysicist to comprehend that a universe where dull matter could go ordinary matter into the dark matter could be a fleeting one.

As an individual who has at any point played Go knows when two players are given an equivalent beginning stage, the one with the predominant procedure wins.

In any case, a round of Go where just a single player can flip the others pieces is a surefire triumph for the player with an advantage.

A universe where dim matter worked under similar guidelines as Romero zombies do (zombies can transform people into zombies, however people cannot transform zombies into people) would be one that immediately loaded up with the dark matter.

Be that as it may, there’s a catch! Our universe is extending. The researchers clarify how matter can continue in a universe where the dull matter has all the power by bringing up that dim matter cannot change over customary matter if the universe is extending away from it.

The hypothesis sounds pretty cool. I particularly like the part where the universe is fundamentally similar to Sandra Bullock in the movie speed; if it quits extending at a particular rate well all be devoured by unending dimness.

However, I do need to ponder: if the universe is growing away from dull matter, what’s filling in the holes?

Read the whole fascinating paper here on APS Physics.

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