//Meyers Manx’s New EV Is No Tesla Rival, And That’s A Wonderful Thing

Meyers Manx’s New EV Is No Tesla Rival, And That’s A Wonderful Thing

Meyers Manx Resorter NEV

Hagop Kalaidjian

Meyers Manx is employing the same design and engineering skills it’s used on its electric dune buggy for its new neighborhood electric vehicle: the Resorter NEV. The Resorter is a modern update of its iconic resort vehicle from the 1970s, which lets drivers get around ranches, coastal areas, and other small communities in style. While other companies like Tesla are looking to push the limits of EV technology into high-performance engines that can hit 0 – 60 mph as fast as ICE vehicles, Meyers Manx designed the Resorter NEV for pleasant drives through the neighborhood.

The company says the Resorter NEV is specifically made for local exploration and is electronically limited to 25 mph, which is the maximum speed limit allowed for recreational NEVs. However, what’s under its hood is still very impressive. “With the Resorter NEV,” said Phillip Sarofim, Chairman of Meyers Manx, “we are elevating the segment by introducing an unparalleled, well-engineered vehicle with the timeless Meyers Manx aesthetic.”

The Resorter NEV was first introduced on August 17, showcasing an aesthetic that’s both modern and evocative of the earth tones popular in the 1970s. The vehicle retails for $49,000, and customers can reserve one for $500 on the company’s website. Meyers Manx expects high demand for the Resorter, so you may want to reserve one fast.

The Resorter NEV shares part of its design with the Manx 2.0 dune buggy

rear view of Resorter NEV with roof up

Hagop Kalaidjian

Meyers Manx made a name for itself in the 1960s when it created the original fiberglass dune buggy. Its modern, electric take on the dune buggy — the Manx 2.0 — is the first all-new vehicle from the company in nearly 60 years. Manx’s NEV was developed in parallel with its buggy, and the two vehicles share several key components. As such, the Resorter NEV will have more oomph than your typical neighborhood vehicle and will be able to explore larger, hillier terrain thanks to its high-torque engine and rugged wheels. Owners of the vehicle can expect quick acceleration, and decent tow capabilities thanks to an available trailer hitch, which makes it perfect for hotel resorts and other shuttle duties.

The Resorter NEV sports a twin-motor electric drivetrain powered by pouch-cell lithium-ion batteries, as well as four-wheel independent wishbone suspension under its aluminum monocoque chassis. It’s also equipped with power steering and regenerative braking. Thanks to a detachable roof, a foldable windshield, and zip-down window doors, as well as standard heating and A/C, you’ll be able to ride comfortably in a Resorter in all types of weather.

The Resorter also includes a smart dashboard and advanced LED lighting, and its interior materials, front seat designs, and exterior colors are all customizable. All in all, the Resorter NEV promises to bring customers the same luxury and quality engineering it has with its Manx 2.0 buggy, which retails for $74,000. “With the rebirth of this iconic automotive brand, said Hinrich J. Woebcken, a Meyers Manx board member, “I’m immersed in the process of engineering and industrialization for a quality customer experience.”