//Make Your New Mac Yours By Fully Customizing Your Settings

Make Your New Mac Yours By Fully Customizing Your Settings

Productivity freaks love Mac, and for a good reason. Each component in a Mac computer has been designed and optimized to perform well and utilize less power. Furthermore, Apple strictly controls the software on its devices and comes up with yearly updates to ensure that Macs are always running smoothly and bugs are fixed quickly.

So, if you have decided to enter the world of Mac, here are a few tips on how you can personalize your system to make it your own. You can start by checking out this guide https://setapp.com/how-to/change-your-macbook-name if you wish to change the name on your MacBook.

After you’ve named your Mac according to your preferences, follow these –

Change the wallpaper automatically every few hours or days

There’s no need to be stuck with the same wallpaper for a long time. Also, you don’t always have to change the wallpaper manually, but Mac lets you automate the process. Go to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver. After you have selected the wallpaper image, you can click on the option to have the wallpaper change automatically. You can even set the frequency of the change. Tick the “Change Picture:” box and use the drop-down menu to select your desired interval. If you want to display the wallpaper images randomly, you can tick the “Random order” box.

To store the wallpaper images, you can use a specific folder in iPhoto to don’t have to worry about adding a new picture when you add or download something. The Desktop & Screen Saver pane always keeps them updated.

Add battery percentage

If the menu bar’s battery indicator is only an icon and you need more information, you need to plug in your system and navigate to Apple Menu. Then click on System Preferences > click battery > then battery again > select ‘show battery status in the menu bar. This will give you a reading charge. After that, you can unplug your system and see if it still works.

You can also go to Systems Preferences > click Dock & Menu bar > click Battery > select Show Percentage. This will help you to know exactly how much charge is left on your system.

Change app icons

If you are crazy about personalizing your Mac, you can consider changing the app icons on your Mac to make the system feel like it is your own. Of course, you can do this manually. Just download any icon of your choice from the Internet. If it is a standard .icns file, you can forget about the next steps.

If it is a .png or .jpeg file, click the icon and open it with Preview > click Edit > Select All > copy the selection. Find the applications that you wish to modify > select it > click Get Info. Then click the small icon found in the top left corner of the application > Command + V to paste the new icon.

If you want to remove a custom icon, select the icon in the Get Info window and press Delete.

Set personalized regional variations on your Mac

Regardless of where you live, you can customize your Mac accordingly. For instance, if you are a USA resident, the date format will be at odds with the rest of the world. Maybe you have a preference for changing the date format as an ascending (DD-MM-YYYY) order or descending (YYYY-MM-DD) order.

It doesn’t mean that you have to format the date as the rest of the USA. On the contrary, you can customize according to your convenience and preference, among other things like Language & Text, and so on.

You have to go to Systems Preferences and click the Region tab. Then, you can do the following –

  • Start the week on any day and not necessarily Monday. For this, you have to click the drop-down menu found beside the First day of the week and select the day you want the week to start.
  • Change the date format by clicking on the Customize button found beside the Dates section. You can reorganize the way you want. There’s even the option of adding the era – AD.
  • The time format can be customized, and in addition to seeing hours and minutes, you can even add seconds and milliseconds. This is also a drag and drop process after you’ve clicked on the Times section.
  • Modify the decimal characters to commas or commas points. You can go to the Numbers section and customize it.

From the wallpaper to how you see time, everything can be customized on your Mac according to your preferences and personal taste. While you are in the Systems Preferences, you can explore and change various other aspects of your system like choosing Dark Mode for your toolbars, changing your Dock size, selecting how long you want the display to stay on before sleeping, personalizing the alert sounds, and so on. You can even add restrictions, such as parental control, if you have nosey kids running around.

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