//John McAfee Found Dead In Barcelona Prison

John McAfee Found Dead In Barcelona Prison

John McAfee, the author of the organization behind McAfee Antivirus, has been discovered dead, agreeing to reports from Reuters, El Mundo, El País, and others. He was being held in a Barcelona jail, and the Catalan Department of Justice has expressed that his demise was possibly brought about by self-destruction. Legal advisors for McAfee affirmed his passing to Reuters and The New York Times, with one saying it was “the aftereffect of a brutal framework that had no motivation to save this man in prison for such a long time.”

McAfee was being held in prison, pending removal to the US, since his capture in October 2020. He faced expense evasion charges and was accused of protection fraud relating to a supposed cryptographic money siphon and dump conspire. Spanish courts had supported his removal earlier today with a favorable circumstance, agreeing to Reuters and El Mundo.

McAfee’s story over the previous decade has been feature-getting. He’s released a medication-filled video in which he un-introduces McAfee Antivirus, professed to have made a device that impeded NSA surveillance, and run for president —twice, in 2016 and 2020. He was additionally a prominent cryptographic money advertiser. He once professed to charge $105,000 for each limited-time tweet on the off chance that you needed McAfee to help your digital currency or initial coin offering on Twitter’s foundation.

McAfee had a background marked by disagreements with law authorization. He, his family, and individuals from his security forces were captured by the Belize police in 2012 after medication and gun charges. He went on the run sometime after that, after the Belize police pronounced that he was needed for questioning in connection to the homicide of his neighbor.

Lately, McAfee professed to be on the run from the CIA, tweeting an image of himself on a boat holding a firearm. McAfee has also tweeted on different occasions that he wouldn’t get off himself once after his October capture. Those tweets are, as of now, prompting paranoid ideas about his passing.

John McAfee found dead in Barcelona prison

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