//How To Use Safari Efficiently On Mac?

How To Use Safari Efficiently On Mac?

Safari is one of the oldest and reliable web browsers. Most Mac users prefer to use Safari as their browser which makes it more important for them to know how to use Safari efficiently on Mac. Safari was developed by Apple specifically for Mac users and even today, Mac users have Safari as their first choice over any other web browser. If you too are using Safari over your Mac, you need to know a few tips and tricks so that you can make your experience better. Let us have a look at some tips

Personalizing webpage

use safari efficiently (personalized webpage

Safari’s setting to personalize webpage is basically designed fort introducing various customizable settings for the websites. Safari already provides you with a number of customizable features and settings for many websites but there are some websites that do not support this general setting. For this, Safari introduces settings to personalize webpages that work on all the webpages. This includes settings such as auto-play, zoom-in, reader view, and user permissions. To enable this setting, follow simple steps-

  • Right Click on the Address Bar
  • Choose the option ‘Settings for this Website’
  • Now you will find a number of settings for customizing the webpage. You can select any one of them.

Reading list or Bookmark

use safari efficiently (reading list bookmark

This happens most of the time that we are looking at a particular webpage in which we find some information which we might need for future reference. For this, the best way is to add the webpage into a reading list or adding it as a bookmark. In terms of similarity, both save a particular webpage for your convenience so that you can look at it again.

Reading list or Bookmark though doesn’t differ much, but there is a minor difference. The main difference between the both is that in the reading list you have the option for the webpage to read it later and it gets deleted once you read it. While in case of a bookmark, you can add the page as a bookmark and you can look at it whenever you want and it will remain in your bookmark list till you delete it yourself. To add a webpage in your reading list or bookmark-

  • Click the share button next to the address bar
  • Select the options ‘Add to Reading List’ or ‘Add Bookmark’ according to your requirement.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

use safari efficiently (picture in picture

Picture-In-Picture Mode is one of the special features of Safari. This feature is created just to make your experience very effective. This mode is basically designed to allow the user to get a floating video window. This window allows the user to move anywhere outside the particular tab without compromising with the video. This s very beneficial for multitaskers. You can watch the video along with completing your assignments at the same time. To enable Picture-In-Picture Mode, a few steps are to be followed

  • Right Click on the video you are watching
  • Select the Option ‘Enter Picture in Picture’

To exit this option, simply close it.

Using Handoff

use safari efficiently (handoff

Handoff is an apple exclusive feature that allows you to switch between devices while looking at similar webpages. This can be used to view webpages on different devices. With this feature, you can conveniently continue your work on another device that you are doing on a device. To enable Handoff, follow these steps-

  • Go to stings
  • Go to general
  • And select, AirPlay and Handoff

Steps to use Handoff

  • Go to the System Preferences on Mac and select the General.
  • Select the checkbox in front of Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices.

A simple tip is that you have to ensure that you are signed-in to the same iCloud account on the devices you are connecting.

Search tabs

Sometimes, you are caught up with so much work that you have to keep a number of tabs open. Now, as a lot of tabs are opened on your screen, it becomes actually very difficult to select any tab from the array of these tabs. But Safari has something for you. It allows you to keep your work neat and make it easy for you to look for the tab you want. For this follow these steps-

  • Simply select the Show Tab Overview (shift + command + ) or you can also select this tab from view option.
  • Now, press command + f and enter the name of the tab that you want to look for in the provided search box.
  • You will be able to find the required tab easily.

Look Up

use safari efficiently (look up

It is a matter of acceptance that most of the time we come across a number of words which are not familiar to us while encountering a particular webpage. At that time, it is always not feasible to visit the search tab again and again and look for the world on the web. Even if you have a dictionary installed, you just can not type all the words that you will come across frequently. To get rid of this annoying practice, Safari Look Up is designed. Lookup is an encyclopedia, dictionary, and everything for you. It helps you to get to know the meaning and background of every work you will come across. To look for a work by using Look Up, simply right click on the word, select the Look-Up option. You will get your answers.

Changing the default search engine

use safari efficiently (change search engine

The default search engine for Safari is Google which is the most common and most widely used search engine. But still, there are a number of users who like to change their search engine for your work or simple convenience. This is also with Safari. You can easily change your default search engine by following certain steps:

  • Select ‘Safari Preferences
  • Click on the Search Tab
  • Tap on the dropdown menu next to Search Engine

Now you can easily select the search engine of your choice from here.

You can similarly change your default search engine in the future by this process.

AirDrop Webpages

use safari efficiently (airdrop

AirDrop is not just about sharing files but it is more than that. You can even share webpages through it. So, if you use multiple Apple devices such as Mac, iPad and iPhone, you can use AirDrop to share webpages from one device to another. You can do this easily through Safari just by following some simple steps-

  • Click on the Share button from the list of options there next to the address bar
  • Select AirDrop
  • Choose the Device you want to share the webpage too.

Pin Tabs

use safari efficiently (pin tab

Pinning tabs is very useful when there are some tabs that are required to visit again and again. Instead of searching every time for the tab or opening them from visiting your bookmark list, simply pinning it is most beneficial. You can pin more that one tab at one time. It does not take much space and the pinned tabs are generally shrank and appear on the left of the address bar. This makes a clean arrangement of your Home Page. To Pin your tab, simply right click the tab and click on the Pin tab option. The tab will be pinned.

Viewing the complete URL of a website

use safari efficiently (view complete url

The major with most of the Safari users is that they are not able to see the complete URL of the website. This is because Safari only shows you the primary domain of the website to keep a clean and clutter-free approach. But sometimes, it is necessary for you to know the actual URL of the website, for that you can follow the following steps-

  • Select Safari Preferences
  • Select the Advanced Tab
  • There will be an option ‘Select full website address’
  • Select the checkbox in front of this option

After this, you will be able to see the complete URL of the website easily. You can anytime undo this setting by non-selecting a similar checkbox.

Final Words

Safari is one of the most used web browsers by Mac browsers but there is no use of using a thing till you know different features involved in it. Safari is a full bag of a number of features that actually help you in improving the quality of your work. It keeps releasing new features. These were a few tips and tricks that will help you in making your experience with Safari more convenient.

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