//How to Use Pinterest To Grow Business?

How to Use Pinterest To Grow Business?

Whether you want ideas for planning a party at your house or you want to have a look at the possible outfit for the next day, Pinterest comes as a saviour. It is not just you or me but almost 90% of users use Pinterest for such ideas. As a marketer, Pinterest is a very crucial tool as many people make a sales-related decision on Pinterest only. To attract such an audience, you should have a good idea of growing business using Pinterest. Let us have a look at the ways to use Pinterest to grow your business.

How to begin with a business profile on Pinterest?


Before using Pinterest to grow your business, you need to have a business profile on Pinterest. It is very easy to make a business profile on Pinterest, just follow these steps:

  • Create a profile on Pinterest but select it as a business profile. Personal accounts will not bore a better result. A business account will help you in Ads and analytics.
  • To verify your business account, you need to click and link to your business profile. This is a very easy process.
  • Next thing that you should do is to connect your profile with all of your social media accounts. This will allow you to cross-platform sharing. You can easily share things on all of the platforms easily.
  • The next step is to edit your profile to make it look like an active and catchy one. You can add a cover page, your logo, tagline or anything relatable so that the users will be able to connect to you and find you reliable.

As your profile is now created, you can easily start working on this profile to grow your business.

How to grow business on Pinterest?

A growing business is part of a strategy. Having a business profile is very common. But using it effectively to grow your business is not that easy. If you follow the right ideas and steps, you will be able to do it very easily. Let us have a look at some of those ideas:

Decide your content

It totally depends upon you what to share as a pin but you should always be conscious about what you will post. Decide at once what type of content you want to post. Always try to promote single or similar products. The main reason is the target audience. After deciding the kind of conduct you want to promote, you should keep the target audience in mind. If your target audience consists of youngsters, you should limit your endorsements to the products related to their use. This will help you in growing a reliable base among the audience and gradually, you will be able to develop a good network of audience. After growing a good audience, you can endorse new products but not frequently. As your audience might not be liking the other kind of products and frequent pins of such products will result in loss of trust in you.

Consider the design of post

You must be very familiar with the fact that the eye-catchy pins on Pinterest catch our eyes first. It is human nature, we get attracted to attractive things. Keeping this thing in mind, you should always post eye-catching images. Also, make sure that the images that you’re posting are within your brand’s Guidelines. This will be really beneficial for you. In case you have a hired designer, you might not feel any problem but in another case, you can yourself use tools like Canva to make your images attractive.

Categories your post

Pinterest has a total of 36 categories. For example, if you are finding a perfect outfit of the day, it will come under the outfit category. You can select a category for your images so that anyone browsing that particular category will be able to see your images. These categories also become keywords in the end and yield better results for your images.

Optimize your posts

It is very important to optimize your posts to get better results. Following steps must be followed to optimize your post:

  • Use keywords in titles, descriptions, and image file names
  • Arrange your boards and choose a board cover image
  • Include a URL (could be a link to a blog post)
  • Respond to follower comments
  • Create boards that are aligned with your keywords
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Add a call to action
  • Add a Pinterest widget to your site
  • Create a board for your blog posts
  • Follow popular boards and comment to connect with others

If you are done with all these steps, you should create boards. Many people create boards surrounding the topics of their blogs. Pinterest is really very helpful in promoting blogs.

How to promote blogs using Pinterest?


It is a really very good idea to promote your blog through Pinterest. A number of times, people visit your blogs through the Pins. For this you need to make sure that you follow some simple rules:

  • You should use infographics in your blogs so that you can also post them in Pinterest as well.
  • Choose your best blogs to promote. If someone will land on a good blog, they might become your audience but if you will promote not so good blogs, it might create a bad impact.
  • Images should be eye-catchy so that people couldn’t resist clicking it. Customize the pictures based on the blog.
  • Always use optimize pin description for your blog which will yield better results.

Final Words

Pinterest is very important for marketers as it helps them in reaching a wide audience. Most of the people use Pinterest to get new ideas and many of them actually try to make sale-related decisions from there only. If people are actually reaching to you through Pinterest then you are on right track but if not then please rewind your strategy and try to figure out if you had made a mistake in between. It is very easy to use Pinterest for growing your business but the business approach must be there.

How to Use Pinterest To Grow Business

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