//How To Choose Right True Wireless Stereo

How To Choose Right True Wireless Stereo

True Wireless stereo or TWS is in high demand ever since Apple introduced us to the AirPods. Today, everyone wants to buy TWS earphones so that they can get rid of tangled wires which might create a nuisance a lot of times. But there is a huge difference between buying a wired earphone set or TWS. While buying a wired set, all you look for is sound quality and design but when it comes to buying TWS, it creates a huge difference. You have to look for battery backup, design, audio quality, and many more. Even the price difference between a wired headset and TWS also creates a big difference due to which it becomes very important for you to choose the right TWS. Let us have a look at a few criteria to choose the right TWS for you.

Look if it comes with Case

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The case is a must accessory for TWS. It is not like wired earphones which you can put anywhere and entangle them to use again. Let us be frank with it, the small size of TWS makes them prone to lost somewhere in a corner of your house because most of us are in habit of putting our earphones anywhere. To reduce the risk to a minimum, always go for TWS with the case.

A case will work as a permanent place to keep your TWS and it will protect them from any damage. But choosing a case is also important. Most of the time the case demands from the users to fix their TWS in the case in a precise manner. This might be annoying for you to spend 5 minutes in just setting TWS in the case. Instead, you can try the case with magnets, if you find one so that all your problems get solved. This type of case will also help you to protect your TWS from damage.

Design matters

True Wireless Stereo

Whether you are going for a wired earphone set or TWS, the first thing you might look for is design. But in the case of TWS, you will encounter a large variety of designs. From the shape of earbuds to the way they fit in the ear, TWS can be categories in different forms. The shape of the earbuds is a personal choice but still, one thing you must keep in mind is comfort. Do not opt for such shape which might look cool but hurt your ear in long run or does not even fit in your ear at all. Another thing that you must keep in mind is that there are two types of TWS, one is that which simply hang in your while the others go deep into your ear. Choosing one depends upon the time you use your earbuds.

Battery Life matters the most

choose right tws(battery

This is what differs TWS from wireless earphones. While your wireless earphones used to provide you 24/7 service, TWS will demand charging. The charging of TWS might be low as compared to wireless earphones. This is what might annoy you sometimes. The only solution to this problem is to choose TWS with long battery life.

TWS with less battery life will die out too soon and you will feel like shifting back to wired earphones. Also, look for the earbuds which can use one by one. As you can not use TWS while charging, you might face issues in case of urgency. In the case of TWS in which a single earbud can be used, you can use one earbud while charging others. So, it will be more convenient for you.

Bluetooth Connectivity

choose right tws(Bluetooth

Do you remember what attracted you towards TWS? It was the concept that you do not to stick closer to the device always while wearing your earbuds. This notion can only be satisfied with better quality Bluetooth connectivity. If the Bluetooth connection is too weak that you have to keep the device always with you then, to be honest, you were better with wired earphones. Most of TWS comes with Bluetooth 5.0 but it is your responsibility to verify the strength of Bluetooth range. Check if the connection is not disrupted with a wall or some moving to another room. The Bluetooth connection will not be too strong but it should be strong enough to enjoy true wirelesses of TWS.

Status of Mic

choose right tws(microphone

You did not buy TWS for just listening to the songs. It has to serve a more important purpose that is calling. Your TWS must be efficient enough to connect with your friends easily. It is not always necessary that if the voice is reaching you clearly, it is reaching to the other person. That is where the role of mic comes into play. Look for a powerful mic in TWS so that your voice can also clearly reach out to the person on the other side. Because changing the position of earphones, again and again, to adjust mic is not only inconvenient but also annoying.


choose right tws(ui

There is no use of cool design, comfortable earbuds, and top-class audio quality unless UI of TWs is messed up. If it does not offer a user-friendly interface for pairing, gestures, and buttons, how will you use it? Processes like pairing are the most important feature of TWS and if it is not smooth, it becomes really difficult to use the TWS. As you bought TWS to make your work easier, it is your responsibility to choose TWS with good UI.

Active Noise Cancellation

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What music lovers look for its Active Noise Cancellation. But it is not necessary to opt for TWS with Active Noise Cancellation as it might cost you more bucks. Not only in monetary terms but nut it ill also affects the battery performance of your TWS. Most of the earbuds are already efficient enough to provide you with passive Noise Cancellation. Thus, if you are not much into Active Noise Cancellation, you can opt for TWS without it. It will reduce your cost.


choose right tws(protection

This criterion might be ignored by most but has become very important in the last few years. Buying a TWS which is dust resistant or water-resistant reduces all your worries. Water-resistant TWS is capable of going well even in conditions like drizzling or rain. Water-resistance is still a criterion people consider before buying but hardly a few people consider if TWS is dust resistant or not. Dust resistance is an important criterion as dust can reach your earbuds anywhere> you can’t keep them with delicacy every time. So, being practical and buying a dust-resistant and water-resistant TWS is a solution.

Final Words

TWS has changed the meaning of earbuds. Whether it is Airpods or TWS by Realme, JBL, Boss, or any other brand, users are going for truly wireless earbuds rather than wired ones. But since a wide variety of TWS is available in the market, choosing a right TWS becomes more and more crucial.

How To Choose Right True Wireless Stereo

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