//How To Become Instagram Famous: 12 Expert Tips From Real Influencers

How To Become Instagram Famous: 12 Expert Tips From Real Influencers

Life of an Instagram Influencer may look all starlit and exciting from the outside, but on the inside has its struggles. In this world of fake it till you make it, it is the real and authentic content that stands out and attains the person the desirable audience. Instagram hacks, fake followers, and other marketing techniques do work till a certain point, but the only things that sail till the end are unique representations, quality content, and transparency with your followers. 

Thus we bring you 12 different ways that can help you become Instagram famous in 2020. 

Let’s check them out.

Expert Tips To Become Instagram Famous

Ensure your content is genuine and authentic

Authentic content is one of the pillars of a good profile. Of course, it is a lot of hard work and patience to implement in a world of constant competition where you feel every other account has better brand visibility and outreach to people. You might feel envious and might want to portray a shinier outlook, but the key is to remain focused and honest about your account. Eventually, you shall make it too. 

This can be achieved if you build your profile as a stage to conquer your audience. It is important that more than building a fanbase, one must focus on building a genuine audience network. 

Make use of a personal profile photo


Social media is an indication of a personal environment. Even though utilizing a logo or an abstract picture might add to your aesthetic sense, a personal profile picture is always recommended, as it is the first thing that people notice when they open your profile. 

Even though you might want to promote your brand, followers may misinterpret it as a promotional spam page, and this can affect your audience base. Hence to establish a personal touch, it is always recommended to use your picture as your profile photo. In this way, the audience shall face the ‘real you.’

Be yourself and upload content that exhibits your inner self

The most crucial aspect of being an influencer is letting your inhibitions free. You need to accept your real self and be proud of it to showcase it in front of the public. Pretentious content exists all around us, and it only portrays photographs of an individual’s elite lifestyle and wealth. 

Hence, the key is to engage your audience with the snippets of your daily life, your skills, and activities that will be more relatable and boost your account. Never hold back about what you genuinely feel and do not be influenced by people’s changing perceptions. 

Sharpen your photography skills 


In today’s time, greater the aesthetic of your page, greater the outreach. Creatively shot photos with devices of high clarity and image control immensely gather attraction to your profile. Hence, you must pay extra attention to pictures and videos you click and more importantly how much time and effort you spend on shooting and editing, 

If your phone is not providing quality output, it is better to invest in a professional camera or a professional photography course for long term results.

Always update your Bio 


Your Instagram bio is the next thing people notice after your profile picture. You must always renew your Bio as it gives a highlight of your entire account. It might be a natural move to forget about it, but this can be detrimental for you. 

Through your Bio, give a gist of all that you are and all that you do. Add catchy lines and inspiring quotes. You can attach links to your previous projects or the upcoming ones to entice the crowd. But always remember to keep your Bio updated and precise. 

Discover and define your audience


In the pursuit to gain followers, one must remember that it all begins with bridging a gap between what you want to post and what your audience expects. Hence to understand your audience, you have to be a relevant audience. 

Follow similar creators and curate content that will catch the good attention of the people. When you share different perspectives of yourself, your followers are intrigued, and the response will reflect the like-mindedness that helps you define your audience. 

Invite and reciprocate the engagement 

One of the best ways to gain more followers and engage the current ones is by creating interactive content. Publish polls, conduct live videos, and curate posts with content that will resonate with your audience, and they will be compelled to make an activity on it, i.e., like comment and share. 

Once the audience does their bit, you must do your part and respond to their queries, comments, and reactions. This is the best way to establish a healthy two-way sustainable relationship with your followers. 

Choose brand partnerships wisely


For an Instagram influencer, brand associations are a major aspect of audience building and, obviously, money. But one must have a thorough check-up of the brand and analyze how it will impact your audience, what will be the personal and the professional gains.

Sometimes, if a brand appeals to you and their marketing strategy assures you good publicity, you always don’t need to wait for them to reach out to you. Partnering with brands that are a good fit for you can achieve milestones in mobilizing an audience.

Plan your posting schedule and stick to the timeline

A successful influencer’s most definite practice is an organized post schedule. Preparing a timeline of your Instagram posting initiates a systematic way of profile building. It will give you insights on how your audience responds to new content, the accurate time for posting new content, and many other vital technicalities. 

With a concrete plan, your feed becomes more meaningful and manageable. There are several applications available online like Hootsuite that allow you to plan your account and applications like Planoly that allow you to check the orientation of your feed in advance. 

Find good sources of inspiration and research 

Along with planning your posts and accounts, their inspiration must be credible. This does not imply that you engage in plagiarised content, but supporting and gathering inspiration from established as well as budding influencers is a sign of growth. 

It will be a tough task ahead to create things 24/7, that is always under the scrutiny of millions. But always let your creative instincts flow, and your inspirations give you positive outlooks to enhance your profile.

Develop a positive spirit to respond to negativity

In the world of social media, people wield criticism more than anything. Hence, it always will not be a situation where your content is praised and valued. You will be targeted with tons of negative comments and opinions that might shake your spirit.

It is bound to affect your sanity for a while, but one of the most characteristic features of a successful influencer is the ability to rise above all the hate and still have the passion for working for what you believe in. 

Sometimes, just take a break and disconnect

It is well said that ‘all that glitters is not gold.’ Life as an influencer will appear glamorous but has its demerits. It can take a toll on your well being. Hence, to be a successful influencer, sometimes, it is ideal to disconnect from social media. 

Taking a break lets you work on yourself and analyze your low points to make a fruitful comeback as an influencer. All in all, it helps you focus on yourself more and allow you to solve the issues that have been bothering you. 


An influencer has a tiring and challenging life, but it all seems worth it when you can inspire millions with your content. Along with following all the social media protocols and Instagram marketing techniques, the main aspect of growing is creating quality and original content. 

We hope this article was objective enough to give you insights that have proven useful by real influencers and guide you with the tips that can help you achieve a large audience base on your Instagram.