//How Product Videos Will Boost Your Ecommerce?

How Product Videos Will Boost Your Ecommerce?

Once upon a time, only major brands could afford to make product videos or commercials but the times have changed now. Product videos have become affordable and popular means to boost your eCommerce. If your business is already successful and you have not introduced product videos yet, it is advisable to use them. Product videos not only serve as a brief way to describe your product but they also play a significant role in boosting your sales and overall performance on eCommerce platforms. And the best part is that it is an inexpensive, easy, and quick way to enhance your performance.

What is Product Video?


A product video or commercial is a video specifically designed to describe, advertise, and promote your product. It is like any other commercial. Product videos become the identity of your product. A good commercial will remain in the minds of the public for a longer time. A good product video must have the following features:

  • It should describe your product in detail. The description might include basic features and work done by it
  • It should impart positivity about the product to convince the user to buy it
  • It should express how your product is better than its competitors available in the market
  • It should be in simple language so that even laymen can understand it. Try to avoid technical jargon as much as possible
  • If should not be too long to bore the customer

How product videos will boost your eCommerce?

Many people do not think that they need videos or commercials for their products. They consider their traditional ways of marketing the product efficiently. But statistics have proved that product videos will boost your eCommerce anyway. Product videos or commercials are not expensive so that your blooming business cannot afford it. On the other hand, it is relatively inexpensive that the other kind of marketing tools available. Let us have a look at some of the major reasons why you need product videos and ow they boost your eCommerce.

People like videos

This can be the most convincing as well as a simple answer. According to statistics, people tend to watch videos more as audiovisual marketing attracts them. They will hardly read one or two paragraphs out of long descriptions and case studies about your product but they can watch a full product video. The main reason behind this that the long texts might bore people while videos if created properly, can help people understand the value, description, and utility of the product easily.

Product videos impact sales

Someone who will watch a product video will obviously get to understand the product better. This will impact their decision of purchasing the product. They can easily make up their mind to buy it or in other cases, they can clear their queries. According to a study, after watching product videos, customers try to connect and bring out conversation. Product videos and commercials considered to be a better way to boost your sales results.

Product videos impact organic traffic

Product videos enhance the organic traffic of your website. Basically, Google rates websites on the basis of the bounce rate. In simple words, if a customer is vising your website and leaving it soon, that will rate it low. On the other hand, videos already result in better engagement die to which bounce rate of your website will reduce. Thus, Google will rate your website as a quality site which will result in organic traffic.

People can share and click your video

People’s videos can be easily shared and clicked on. As humans tend to get attracted by visuals more, they will watch your video carefully. Watching a product video completely will impact their point of view about your product. If a customer is serious about buying the product, it easy to influence them by videos. On making their decision, they can also share your video with their family or friends for asking their suggestions. This will generate passive engagement easily.

Videos build trust


If you will create product videos, people visiting your site will generate trust in your product. The reason is that creating a video creates a positive impact in the mind of the customer. They think that if you are putting efforts to make a product video or commercial effectively then your product will definitely be of good quality. They will build trust in your website.

Steps to make an effective Product video

Have a basic framework

You should have a basic framework or simple plan about creating your video. This framework will include all the basic points, you wan to introduce in your video. It will include a list of all features and specialties of your product will impart positivity about your product in the mind of your customers. Product videos must be creative. Remember how long lectures in childhood used to bore us most? Do not make your video that way.

Consider your budget

Budget matter the most. If you are a start-up and dealing with financial issues, do not spend too much on a commercial as it will harm you only in the short term. Consider your budget and work on the basis of it. Most of people spend more than their budget because they think that videos will boost their sales and they will be able to recover their losses. But this is not a true fact. It might benefit you enough to recover your losses but in the short term, it will impact your financial resources badly.

Consider the timing of the video

The timing of a product video matters the most. The very long video might bore the customers while too short video will not be able to impair the true ideals of your product. To balance this out, a few things should always be kept in mind. You should first revise the framework so that you get an idea of how much screen time your product requires. Also, your budget is the deciding factor.

Allow people to share it

Shareable videos are most important for your business. As long as you are allowing your customers to share it, you are opening doors for passive engagement. Also, allow users to share your videos on various social media platforms so that they can share it. You can also share your own video on your social media handles to reach out to the audience.

Final words

Product videos are an important source to boost your eCommerce. Humans tend to be influenced by visuals more than text. But your product video must be interesting enough to keep people watching it. Finally, product videos might vary from product to product but the basic framework will remain the same.

How Product Videos Will Boost Your Ecommerce

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