//Google Play Music Will Stop Functioning As An App

Google Play Music Will Stop Functioning As An App

Google Play Music will soon stop functioning as an app worldwide. This news is not new but the users were already having some idea regarding this. The Google Play Music will begin to stop functioning as an app in Australia and New Zealand since the starting of September while the similar is applicable for the rest of the world since the beginning of October. But, the users who have purchased premium packs will not suffer as they will be having an option to shift their music and data to the YouTube Music by using Google’s Takeout tool.


Google Play Music will go defunct firstly in Australia and New Zealand since the beginning of September and at the beginning of October for the rest of the world. The whole world is using the app as it is one of the oldest and reliable music streaming available for both Android and iOS devices. When the app will become defunct, no user will be able to download, upload, purchase, or pre-order music from it by using the Music Manager. It is planned that till the end of December 2020, the app will stop working completely and the Google Play libraries will also cease to exist.

Shifting the data to YouTube Music

Though Google Play Music is planning to end its services soon it is giving a complete opportunity to its users to restore their data and continue enjoying their services on its sister app, YouTube Music. Google has made it clear that the users can transfer their songs, music, and the rest of the data to YouTube Music easily by using simple tools. Google is ensuring if users will be able to transfer all their data before December 2020 when the app will cease to function.

According to Google, all the users will be notified before they lose access to Google Play Music data and library so that users can get a final notification to restore and transfer their data before they are on the verge of losing access to it.  Google has already said that the users who have not shifted their data should do it now as it the time to do so.

YouTube Music in a blog post has said, “We want to ensure everyone has time to transfer their content and get used to YouTube Music, so we will provide a planet of notice ahead of users no longer having access to Google Play Music later this year”.

How to shift data from Google Play Music to YouTube music

The first most important thing to be noted is to transfer your data from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, you must download YouTube Music in your device if you do not have it already. It is applicable for both android and iOS devices. The next step is to click on the Transfer button on the app which will automatically enable you to share your music, purchases, albums, libraries, and curated stations. For shifting podcasts, the users are required to visit Google podcasts. This link will enable them to transfer their episodes and subscriptions. Thus, transferring data to YouTube Music is not a complex process.

Reasons for shutting down of Google Play Music

Google Play Music and YouTube Music are sister companies. Since when YouTube Music was launched it was updated constantly by the developers and was equipped with the latest features. However, Google Play Music has been updated for a long time. Maybe the company wants to continue a single music streaming app that is why it has given several hints to its users to shift their data to YouTube Music and use it. Better features like player page redesign and explore tab are introduced in YouTube music.

Users will be at advantage. If they will transfer their data, they will be a total advantage. There is no chance of any disadvantage as all the data is transferrable and even the premium features can be transferred. The cost of the premium package will be similar in both of the apps. Also, enhanced features are available in the YouTube Music.

Final Verdict

Google Play Music is one of the most reliable and oldest music streaming apps used by users worldwide. The app is, however, taken over by YouTube music which will allow users to transfer their data easily and also enjoy previous privileges along with enhanced features. This will indeed benefit users but users must be transferring their data to the other app to ensure the continuance of their services.

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