//Google Confirms Next Version Of Android’s Robot Logo Will Be 3D

Google Confirms Next Version Of Android’s Robot Logo Will Be 3D

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Google has confirmed that the next version of the Android logo will be 3D, and though it isn’t ready to provide all of the details yet, it has been teasing the updated iconic green robot design for months now. Confirmation about the planned logo update was provided to 9to5Google, which shared a selection of screenshots of the updated icon — ones you can see for yourself live on Google’s own The Keyword blog if you look carefully.

Based on a scroll back through The Keyword, it looks like Google first used variations of the 3D logo for CES 2023, though it’s unclear whether it made subtle appearances before that. What hasn’t been as visible is an updated version of the word Android used alongside the droid — the next version will ditch the lowercase “a” in favor of a more mature capitalized variation featuring what looks like a new font style.

Google says it’s working on a ‘new brand identity’ for Android

Though the new Android logo retains the same general design as the current version, it quite obviously ditches the flat aesthetic that is currently dominating product design in favor of 3D style — though one that uses a more realistic matte texture rather than the aging high-gloss variation that was common when 3D UI elements and logos first became popular. 

For its part, Google told 9to5Google that this is a “new brand identity” for its mobile operating system, which has experienced a few big design changes during its time — most notably, the company’s decision to ditch food-based version names with the exit of Android 9.0 Pie. Before that, each version of Android was accompanied by a dessert name and imagery related to the sweet treat. The last major Android logo change — if you can call it that — happened in 2019 with the introduction of the flat lowercase “android” name and green robot head we know today (above).

Google hasn’t revealed when it will officially introduce the “new brand identity” and what other changes may be in the pipeline, but given that it has been teasing the 3D logo for months, it is entirely reasonable to assume that we’ll see what is in store with the arrival of Android 14.