//Get Peace Of Mind While You Work With This Smartphone-Connected Alarm Device

Get Peace Of Mind While You Work With This Smartphone-Connected Alarm Device

Entrepreneurs have a lot of responsibility in their careers. When you’re an entrepreneur with family members, worrying about their well-being as well can become overwhelming. Of course, you don’t have to worry all the time, and you’ll have even greater peace of mind with the Care Go™ Personal Alarm.

Care Go is a modern personal alarm that can protect your whole family. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, Care Go works as a preventive tool for yourself or others in your family. With SOS emergency notifications, you can alert loved ones when you are in critical need of their help and let them know where to find you with real-time GPS tracking. The Follow Me mode lets loved ones know when you’re going into uncertain situations, like walking alone at night or going on a first date, and even notifies them when their phones are on silent. You can add as many protectors as you want with the Care Go app, and they’ll all be told whenever you need help.

Care Go attaches easily to a set of keys or fits in your wallet and comes with a finder function that makes it exceedingly difficult to misplace. It offers an IP65 waterproof rating, so it’s up to snuff in all weather, and the 150mAh battery lasts for an entire year on a single charge. The Gadgeteer writes, “I like Care Go because it’s small, has features that will allow your loved ones to follow you and react when you send a real-time SOS alarm. It also has a battery that only needs to be charged once a year.”

Invest in personal security for the whole family. Right now, you can get a Care Go™ Personal Alarm for $33.99 with coupon code ALARM16.

Prices subject to change.

Get Peace of Mind While You Work With This Smartphone-Connected Alarm Device

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