//Generate More Sales With Video Testimonials From Your Customers With Trust

Generate More Sales With Video Testimonials From Your Customers With Trust

TLDR: Use Trust’s rating surveys to keep a finger on the pulse and create stronger relations with people. Get Trust lifetime deal at just $59.00.

Would you order from a restaurant where the owner says, “We make the Best Pizzas in town”

Would you order from the restaurant which has plenty of positive reviews, and video testimonials on their website?

Definitely, the latter. Because, Trust Sells.

With a bit of help, you can turn your boring testimonial section into a marketing powerhouse.

You can easily get ahead of your competition, and probably steal your competitors’ customers with video testimonials from your customers.

Trust helps you to collect authentic customer feedback, and video testimonials from your customers, and display them on your website (or) store instantly.

Let’s get started with using the Trust to collect Testimonials from your Customers. Start with registering your website where you want to display those beautiful reviews once you receive them.

Make sure to insert the code in your website, so Trust can automatically pull up the reviews & display them on your website real-time.

If you’re a wordpress lover like I am, you can install their plugin to achieve the same.

To start collecting the testimonials, go to “Tools > Testimonials >> Capture” & start adding the fields to the Form your customers are going to fill in.

When creating a form, you can configure the form fields based on your needs – Text, Video Testimonials, Star Ratings, Upload Profile Picture, Allow Video Links, etc.

Configure the style of the Form to match your brand colours.

Make sure to turn ON the Video message, if you are planning to add a personal touch and say hello, thank customers for their time, and give an incentive that motivates them to fill in the form.

And then, configure the Thank You page. You can also turn on the settings to request your customers to review you on other major platforms like Google, TrustPilot, Capterra, etc.

With the built-in Email sender, you can configure sender info to email your customers to collect the testimonials without having to leave the dashboard.

Moreover, you can collect customer testimonials right from your websites, as forms by Trust can be added directly to website pages.

Time is Money. Save the forms as templates, so you could use them as many times as you want in the future.

And it’s time to set up how you want the videos to look like on your website. Right from the recorder, you can change the player skin, button colours etc. to match with your brand.

You really don’t want to handle the privacy laws across the world. With Trust, you don’t have to worry about any of it.

The built-in “Contract Data” is to make sure you will be using their reviews with their consent.

When the testimonials start pouring in, you can check the status of them from your dashboard.

Your customers can always preview their testimonials, before they submit them.

Display option helps you configure how the testimonials are displayed on your website: Pop-up, Widgets and/or Badge.

You can also choose how you want the pop-up to appear on different devices (Desktops, Tablet, Smartphones, etc.)

From your dashboard, you can see the testimonials received and get a preview of how it looks on your website before you publish them.

You can click “Publish” or “Unpublish” to show/hide a testimonial on your website easily from your dashboard.

A typical Trust customer pays nearly $49 per month for the “Off The Ground” plan with 3 websites and only 20,000 unique visitors a month.

Now, you can get the same plan with 10 Websites and 200,000 unique visitors per month for just $59 on a lifetime deal today.

You can stack upto 5 codes, to get unlimited websites, unlimited testimonials and 5,000,000 unique visitors per month in your account for lifetime.

Know your customers even better with Trust!