//Facebook Is Now Called Meta

Facebook Is Now Called Meta

The Facebook change we’ve all been sitting tight for has at long last shown up. No, Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t surrendered. And negative, the organization hasn’t been separated. It’s much more critical than that. Facebook has changed the name of its holding organization!

Zuckerberg reported at Facebook Connect on Thursday that the organization will presently be known as Meta.

There is a procedure behind the switch.

Zuckerberg announced the rebrand during a show about the company’s metaverse plans.

The most attractive declaration was that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is being created for the Oculus Quest 2 — however Zuckerberg said that gaming is only the beginning.

There will likewise be wellness in the metaverse just as new ways of working, voyaging, learning, and business.

“This is the following section for our work — and we trust the web by and large,” said Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg will trust the rebrand to convince individuals that Facebook isn’t only an online media hellscape — and maybe he’ll be effective. I’m as of now considering the organization a metaverse hellscape too.

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