//Epidemic Sound Review – Everything You Need To Know

Epidemic Sound Review – Everything You Need To Know

Are you a creator? Or Are you a filmmaker? Or Are you a digital entrepreneur?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, you might understand what I will discuss in this post. It’s almost been a while I have been searching for the most lucrative way to form an informative video. And came across some of the important aspects that most people used to ignore a lot. Today’s world is all about technology and growth, and for that, visual effects play an important role. Making videos is considered the most unique and identical way to maximize personal branding.

To form good pieces of video content, you always need the best sound that will add some ingredients to your video. Whether it’s business video, short films, travel videos, etc. But choosing the right music is essential. Millions of different platforms provide music, but very few are optimized as per the creator’s point of view. Especially if you’re making videos on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. (Basically any social media platforms), it’s better to take care of the copyright issues.

It’s been observed that if you use any music without having any license, it might take then your whole social media account. And if you are working so hard to make each word of it used, it might get problematic for you to get your social media to account back. So instead of that, my suggestion would be to use the most pathetic music provided that will serve you 100℅ licensed music that can be used per the convenience.

In short, Epidemic Sound is considered to do the most authentic music provider with better reliability in terms of music offering and sound effects. If you’re a creator like me, you might surely have come across this platform but never know about the detailed review I will be doing for you. So if you’re the one who’s searching for the best music provider, then it’s better to stick along with me till the end as I will be taking you deep into the review of Epidemic Sound; along with that, I will also let you know about their pros and cons which is mandatory for you to know about before you choose them as a primary source of music provider.

What Is Epidemic Sound?

Let’s get into the flashback when filmmaking and videos were not common. I have been observing for a long time that most of the creators and digital entrepreneurs are dealing with the same problem of selecting the right music for videos. Especially when it comes to the YouTubers, there were very few resources available back then and not SO legitimate.

And that’s where the Epidemic Sound arrives into the market with full-fledged reliability and solutions to the most major issue of selecting the right kind of music as per the genre. As we all know, it usually takes hours and hours to edit the footage, and if you’re not having the right kind of music, then the time may take so long, which may bother you a lot.

Well, most people Look upon the free resources available out there, but let me tell you, a free and good one doesn’t always give together, so you need to understand that if you are supposed to get an advantage, then it’s better to invest some short of Penny. Most of the time, if you choose free music even with no copyright, the creator might ban it later, which may be problematic for you in the future. In such a case, it’s better to adopt some of the renewed music providers out there, just like the Epidemic Sound.

Basically, Epidemic Sound is a subscription-based service specifically designed for YouTubers and content creators around you who can use their sound effects and the music as per the genre. So if you are amongst any of the creative fields, then it’s better to adopt the services of Epidemic Sound as they have the largest audio library is or across the globe. And if you are individual content greater than it will cost you somewhere around $15 each month, and you can get complete access to their audio libraries that can be used likewise. Get unlimited access to the sounds that can get sorted just within a while.


Who Can Use Epidemic Sound?

As mentioned before, Epidemic Sound is a global platform that can be used by any of the creators out there who used to make content on YouTube and any of the social media platforms. It allows you to monetize your video without any copyright issues, which is a good thing. And if you’re having any trouble regarding the monetization of the Epidemic Sound, get it sorted just because it secures you from getting copyright issues on any of the tracks you use in the video, which is a good thing.

If that sounds great to you, let’s jump onto the working process of the Epidemic Sound.

How Does Epidemic Sound Work?

The Epidemic Sound platform uses the desktop browser; however, you can also browse for, listen to and download the tracks you like onto a mobile device.

If you’re a person using Adobe Premiere Pro, you can access Epidemic Sound’s music directly from their built-in library. This is pretty convenient.

Linking social media platforms with the Epidemic Sound application is a fantastic way to use their service. This lets you play your videos live on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

It’s actually easy. The first step is to select one platform on social media for each subscription you have. Click on the subscription option on your page. Go to your Account page. Select the platform you’d like to join (Instagram, Facebook, etc.). Make sure to save your changes, and you’re completed!

What Are The Features Of Epidemic Sound?

This is one of the major things you need to know about getting started with Epidemic Sound. Undoubtedly there are tons of different features that you can notice while using it to make your job simple and intuitive.

All you need to do is click on the music, and you will be able to filter the catalog for convenience amongst featured genres, moods, and albums. Let’s jump onto each of them and try to understand what they serve you.



The featured section usually includes all the albums divided into various categories. This page also includes the player list of staff picks, which usually gets updated every week, and it also includes the coolest and exciting tracks that can be used as per convenience.


Genre is considered the most intuitive way of finding the music alphabetically. Also, using this, you’ll find the exact music you’re looking for.

Some of the most common genres are pop, rock, jazz, and more. These sections also include the other categories like world music, fanfares, music, drones, special occasion music, etc. Amongst which you could consider selecting the one.


This section has exactly what you’d think: various states of mind to choose from to select the most suitable and most appropriate tracks.

If you cannot locate the exact mood you’re seeking simply scroll down the page, and you’ll be able to see a larger list of moods arranged in alphabetical order.


Another feature unique to This platform includes filtering the library to locate the most relevant and specific choices. You can look up specific sound effects and music, such as moods, locations and tempos, lengths, energy levels, and others.


This is another excellent feature provided through Epidemic Sound. It has created an extensive collection of albums with carefully selected tracks that can assist artists in finding the right kind of music to meet their requirements.


Are you in love with a track, but would you like to eliminate some of its features or make it more unique?

Epidemic Sound also allows users to download STEM files, giving them the possibility to let their imagination run wild. Through STEM files, you can create your own track using editing, sound-designing, removing instruments or vocals, and others.

The tracks are with four different stems (drums, instruments, bass, and a melody), and you can download the entire track or download each item individually using the download button to the left of each track.

For instance, the track you choose to download has one element you’d like to or must utilize. The STEM function lets you take out all other elements to get exactly the track you desire.

Sound Effects

If you are a content creator, you should definitely acquire the sound effect category provided freely by Epidemic Sound that can be used in your video or a podcast as per convenience.

The benefit of using sound effects is adding visuals and emails packed into the content you make so that everyone will get engaged. It also adds some realistic visuals that do not look like artificial ones, which is good. So. if you’re the one who’s willing to take the video production to the next level, then it’s always better to acquire the sound effects provided by the Epidemic sound.

How Much Does Epidemic Sound Cost?

When it comes to the pricing of Epidemic Sound, it is budget-friendly, so you need not worry about it. They have divided their plans into three different fit subscription plans that you can choose depending on your type of creator and how you plan to form the content.


Following are the details of the pricing of Epidemic Sound:

Personal Subscription

This plan is specifically designed for YouTubers and social media influencers, available at just $15/ month. Where you get access to unlimited downloads. Also, you get access to tons of tracks that can be used likewise.

Commercial Subscription

If you’re running an agency or a small business with around 50 employees, then it’s always better to acquire the commercial plan available at just $12/ month. Here you’ll get access to multiple accounts, which is a good thing for the YouTubers and creators out there as they need not have to worry about the tracks.

Enterprise Subscription

If you are supposed to customize the plan as per convenience, it is better to activate the enterprise subscription plan to select the specific feature you need and accordingly pay for it. This plan is available at a meager price.

Why Is Copyright So Important?

In the first place, you must be the owner of the rights or have a license to use the music you wish to make use of. It’s as simple as that.

Utilizing royalty-free music for artistic reasons is a critical legally speaking point of fact. If you’re using music subject to copyright claims, you could get into problems.

The first thing to consider is that the platform you are sharing it with could penalize you. Then, they can shut down your channel. The artist could sue you.

For instance, if you manage a YouTube channel and receive three bans (or “strikes”), you will have your channel shut down.

Therefore, it’s certainly worth considering a service such as Epidemic Sound, which allows you to keep making videos while doing it in complete conformity with copyright legislation.

To help you out, I’ve just discovered a few of the pros and cons you need to know about. So here are they:


  • Get access to over 30,000 tracks along with over 60,000 sound effects that you can use in your content.
  • As per the research, it’s got to know that their library is growing weekly.
  • Using Stems, you get accessibility to download every single portion of the song you download.
  • Get over 30 days of free trial to test the platform; you can even cancel it anytime you need.
  • The pricing depends upon the plan you opt for.
  • You’re free to visit their support via Twitter if you face any issues.


  • It’s got to know that their single track license is a bit expensive.

Final Verdict

It’s been a long time since you spent long hours looking for the perfect song, not knowing the license was appropriate for your particular project!

Many service companies offer quality music of the highest standard, but Epidemic Sound is the top one to date. Their library is vast, and their collection is growing quickly and continuously. It is simple to discover new music constantly, and they can ensure that your music has a distinct sound.