//Create Your Own Ecommerce Store & Bring Your Business Online With Vetrinalive

Create Your Own Ecommerce Store & Bring Your Business Online With Vetrinalive

TLDR: Build your own Ecommerce store and bring your business online & grow sales on the Vetrinalive Ecommerce platform! Get Vetrinalive lifetime deal at just $49.00.

Alternative to – Shopify, WooCommerce

When you have a product to sell, the best way to sell it is by building your very own E-Commerce Store. With the help of a pre-built platform, you can now create your own e-commerce website that will help grow your business by helping you reach new & potential customers, drive in more sales, and generate higher revenue.

With the help of this software, you can create your very own e-commerce website, manage your store autonomously without needing any technical knowledge, and see an increase in conversions.

Vetrinalive is the best solution to bring your business online or to start a new one. Discover the features that will help you create your online store in few minutes!

Vetrinalive allows you to bring your own online store and start selling immediately in very few steps. The advantage of having a pre-built platform means that the only things to focus on are: 

  • Settings – Enter a showcase name, description in evidence, link to social networks, telephone number, logo, and cover.
  • Products – Add your products in a few clicks, even from a smartphone, by adding a name, description, photos, and all other details. 
  • Delivery options – Define the shipping methods for your customers, including express courier, direct delivery, or in-store pickup. 
  • Terms of payment – Decide how your customers can pay among cash on delivery, bank transfer, PayPal, and Stripe (credit and debit cards). 

With these simple steps, you will immediately create complete e-commerce where your customers can view products, add them to the cart, choose how to receive them, and pay for them. 

Vetrinalive is also integrated with Google Analytics and Facebook so you can add your pixel, sync your catalog and use the Facebook Chat plugin. It will also index on Google to help you reach new and potential customers.

Start selling online – Vetrina Live brings your business online or your start a new one. Discover the features that will help you create your online store in few minutes!

Add and update your products without needing Technical skills – Even if you don’t have any technical skills, you will be able to add and edit your products autonomously and start easily to sell them online.

Tracking Customers – Add Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integrations to track the users and optimize campaigns based on the same user data.

Manage orders on a single platform – Receive orders, manage their status, and communicate directly with customers to fulfill orders.

Easy to Use Templates – Vetrina Live is characterized by a responsive and easy-to-use template, with no distractions, focused on showing you products and stimulate purchases.

Sell on Facebook and Instagram* – Easily create your Facebook-Instagram* Shop and start selling through the social network. Leverage your catalog to create dynamic campaigns and boost sales in prospecting and retargeting.

Manage your business wherever you are – Vetrina Live is optimized for all devices. Update the catalog in the office with your laptop or tablet or manage your orders with your smartphone when you are on the go.

Online payments – Whatever your business is, you can choose to get paid by classical methods like cash, wire transfer, or connect your PayPal Business and Stripe accounts to accept payments with credit cards.

Connect it via WhatsApp – Contact the customers/shop owners via the WhatsApp button to simply ask for more information about the product, before you make a purchase and after.

Catalog – Facebook Catalog Synchronization in order to create and launch dynamic campaigns based on your products catalog in retargeting and prospecting and also to open your Facebook Shop.

If you do not need an e-commerce store but want to maintain a good relationship with customers, you can use Vetrinalive to create your catalog of products or services online, managing them with complete autonomy.

Normally you would pay $240/year, but for a limited time only you can get Vetrinalive lifetime access starting at $49 one-time.

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