//Create & Sell Unlimited, Interactive Courses From Your Own Website With CourseMaker

Create & Sell Unlimited, Interactive Courses From Your Own Website With CourseMaker

TLDR: The online course builder for technical course authors and easily monetize your audience through a white-labelled website. Get CourseMaker lifetime deal at just $49.00.

You have gained a wealth of knowledge by consuming tons of content everyday, by reading, listening to podcasts, watching videos, etc.

Combining that with your experience, you have a lot of expertise that you can share with others & make money for that (no kidding!)

Putting together a course is easier than ever.

Worried of handling the tech to showcase your course, designing your website, optimizing it for Google, collecting payments, taxes & so on?

You need a platform that can handle all of that for you, while you are focussing on the content alone.

With CourseMaker, you can easily monetize your audience through a white-labelled website, from your own email list.

Start creating your first course by adding a school. Add your first course, and then create the sections which will be a part of your Course Curriculum.

Now, add the lessons a.k.a lectures one by one in your Course. Under each lesson, you can upload your video, documents, audio, etc.

Are you still working on the content & not ready to be published yet? You can upload the files, but make your lesson/lecture hidden, and keep working on in the background.

You can also unlock specific lessons to your students who enrolled for Free (value-based marketing to make them pay later)

You can create unlimited courses at your school, and enroll unlimited students under each course.

If you want to create a membership site with many courses, you can do that and start a subscription business yourself.

PLUS, if you’re offering coding lessons to your students you can make it interactive for them.

You can find the same under the tab “interactive coding”

For every course, you can create a custom landing page.

With the real-time preview, as & when you enter the Overview of your course, Testimonials, FAQ etc., you can preview the same on the right side of the screen.

You will then be asked to upload the Course image & Preview video of your course.

And then the Author details (it’s time to brag about yourself, yay!!) to complete everything you want your students to see.

You can set up the Price for each of your courses (Money, Money, Money), or for the enrollment to your whole school.

Connect your Paddle, or Stripe account to start collecting payments. Once connected, you can also create coupons for every course that you’re selling.

From your Performance dashboard, you can keep track of your earnings for every course, or for all the courses.

You can easily export the list of students, under the “Users” tab as a CSV file.

Set up your School under your Custom Domain easily by adding a CNAME record. You also get SSL/TLS Certificates out of the box.

CourseMaker is fully GDPR compliant. And, their Tax Auto-Remittance system will take care of the Tax remittances for you, if you’re a Paddle user.

Normally you would pay $1050/year, but for a limited time only you can get CourseMaker lifetime access starting at $49 one-time.

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