//Bluetti’s AC60 & B80 Portable Power Station Is Ready For Your Off-Grid Adventure

Bluetti’s AC60 & B80 Portable Power Station Is Ready For Your Off-Grid Adventure

Bluetti AC60 portable power station


By Ads/May 10, 2023 9:00 am EST

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As the summer approaches, getting outside and off-grid seems more and more appealing, and the new Bluetti AC60 and B80 portable power station wants to come along on the trip. The latest in the company’s solar generator range, the AC60 pairs portability with an unexpected amount of flexibility, both from what you can power and how you can recharge. That could well make it a hit with campers, RV and overland enthusiasts, or anybody simply wanting to head to the park without worrying about charging their gadgets.

Inside the AC60 is a 403 Wh battery, using the same long-life LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate chemistry we’ve seen in Bluetti’s other recent models. The benefit there is an increase in battery safety and a longer lifespan; in fact, Bluetti says, the AC60’s battery can handle 3,000 recharge cycles. To underscore that confidence, the AC60 gets a six-year warranty, and Bluetti rates its LiFePO4 pack as having a 10 year lifespan.

It’s sufficient to keep a 60W mini fridge going for more than five hours, Bluetti says, or a 15W light operational for over 21 hours. You could charge the typical smartphone more than 21 times, and while you’ve got your phone in your hand, Bluetti’s app shows the AC60’s current input/output, the battery status, and more. Of course, a front panel LCD displays current status, too.

Ports galore and expansion support

Bluetti AC60


If 403 Wh isn’t quite enough for the adventures that owners have in mind, the AC60 also supports expansion batteries. Up to two Bluetti B80 units can be attached, taking maximum capacity to 2,015 Wh. Notably, the B80 isn’t just an expansion battery but can operate as a standalone powerbank in itself, with USB-C, USB-C, and 12V car outlets.

For use away from home, the AC60 should be easier to transport than the typical drinks cooler. It’s under 19 pounds, and measures 11.3 x 8.5 x 9.7 inches, with a rubber-padded carry handle folding out from the top. It’s IP65 water-resistant and dust-proof, too, courtesy of a NEMA 4X enclosure.

There are nine output ports in total, despite the relatively compact dimensions. That includes two 120V/5A outlets for a maximum of 600W, a 100W USB-C, two 5V/3D USB-A, a 12V/10A DC outlet, and a 15W wireless charging pad.

Power Lifting mode gives the AC60 an edge

Bluetti AC60


Normally, the AC60 is rated for 600W of output power. However a Power Lifting mode allows it to crank that up to 1200W, making it capable of driving powerful energy-hungry high wattage devices like grills, coffee makers, hair dryers, and tea kettles. That’s a huge advantage over many rival portable power stations.

When it comes to recharging, as we’ve seen from other Bluetti models, there’s a variety of ways to top the AC60 up. With a standard AC adapter it’ll handle up to 600W, meaning a full charge takes about an hour. When on the move, though, 200W of solar charging support means 2.5 hours of sunshine can be enough to fill the AC60’s reserves. The same goes for car charging, and there’s even the option of 12V/24V lead-acid battery charging, for maximum flexibility.

To prolong power, meanwhile, the outputs can be tempered to deliver just enough juice for essentials like CPAP machines. Usually, the AC60 operates at around 45 dB at most, but a Silent Mode trims that to under 40 dB.

The Bluetti AC60 is released today, from Bluetti direct and from Amazon. Early bird pricing runs from May 15th to May 31st. For the AC60 or B80 alone, the regular price is $699, while the early bird price is $599. For the AC60+B80 combo package, meanwhile, the regular price is $1,398 but the early bird promotion brings that down to $1,198.