//Battle Of Top Stylus: Apple Pencil Vs Samsung Pen

Battle Of Top Stylus: Apple Pencil Vs Samsung Pen

Today, we consider styluses as accessories for smartphones but if we go back to the times, when styluses were just introduced they were considered as enablers. Styluses have gone through an evolution, and then Apple Pencil and S Pen were introduced in 2007 and 2011 respectively. Apple and Samsung have been considered top companies today but when they introduced their styluses, they faced competition. With the release of S Oen, stylus came into a trend something which people considered necessary for their smartphones. Even today Apple and Samsung provide two top styluses, and the debate of Apple Pencil Vs Samsung pen is going on.

The tale of a stylus

Styluses, no doubt, look very stylish but if you look at the broader perspective, you will notice that styluses hardly work with smartphones. Samsung was though successful to arrange it with Galaxy Note series but even it could not arrange it with other series of smartphones. Smartphones are meant to be operated by a touchscreen interface. When it comes to Apple, even it was not that successful to introduce stylus with its smartphones and brought a stylus for iPad.

Apple Pencil


Apple Pencil is the stylus presented by Apple with its iPad. It is larger in size as compared to S Pen and it smoother. It is very efficient if you want to use it but there is no compulsion to use it. Even you can buy it alone. If you are not comfortable with the stylus, you can just not use it at all. It has found a place with the iPad after the launch of recent models. In terms of look, it literally looks like a pencil. Imagine it like a pencil which is larger than S Pen. Apple Pencil has also seen an evolution. Earlier it was a separate accessory and had to be kept separately but recently it has found home within the iPad which is very convenient.

S Pen


S Pen is a stylish kind of stylus which is tiny in size. It has pointed tip and works efficiently. It is much attractive than Apple Pencil. The reason is its unique design. Unlike Apple Pencil, S Pen is abounding with Galaxy Note. If you have Galaxy Note, you need S Pen to work it out. Though you will always get one with the smartphone. The other thing is that it had found a home in the smartphone itself. It charges with the smartphone itself so you do not need to worry much. It has a chip and it connects with Galaxy Note with the help of Bluetooth. But as mentioned above, there is no need to worry about the battery.

Difference between the two

Both the styluses are very different in their design and working. Talking about the size, the size of Apple Pencil is really very large as compared to the S Pen. The S Pen is tiny and very compact to carry. The design of S Pen is much stylish as compared to Apple Pencil. The reason is that S Pen has a delicately designed tip and the rest of the structure. Apple Pencil is not necessary for the iPad while the Galaxy Note is incomplete without S Pen and S Pen is incomplete without Galaxy Note. Another thing that you should keep in mind is the features. Apple Pencil is just like any other pencil with the help of which you can draw but S Pen is much more than that. It is very useful in terms of features like Bluetooth connectivity and also a chip. It can be used to switch cameras, swipe photos, change tracks, and as a clicker for presentations.

Apple Pencil Vs S Pen

Both Apple Pencil and S Pen have played a very important role in the evolution of styluses but which one is better totally depending upon your perception. If you really want to buy a stylus which will have features and is necessary for your device, you should go with S Pen. But if you do want to depend upon a stylus and want to be able to use your device without the stylus, then you should go for Apple Pencil, which is just a scribbler.

In terms of design, S Pen is clearly more stylish then Apple Pencil which is very large and simple as a real pencil in its look. In terms of features, S Pen offers a variety of features such as it can switch cameras, change tracks, be a clicker for your presentation and many more. But Apple Pencil is just a scribbler which is literally a Pencil, maybe that’s why Apple doesn’t call it a stylus but calls it a Pencil.

So, in terms of features, looks and compact size, S Pen is a winner but it still depends upon your perception if you really want to depend upon a stylus or not.

Though the trend of styluses is not on but with the release of latest  Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra 5g, we will be getting a newer version of S Pen. A stylus is an assistant to the users, making their works easier. So, it is never out of trend to flaunt your styluses.

Battle of Top Stylus Apple Pencil Vs Samsung Pen