//Automate Your Lead Gen, User Registration & Support With Typebot Conversational Chatbots

Automate Your Lead Gen, User Registration & Support With Typebot Conversational Chatbots

TLDR: Typebot allows you to engage your prospects, increase your response rate and collect data that has more value compared to a traditional form. Get Typebot lifetime deal at just $25.

Alternatives: SurveySparrow & JotForm

You will need to communicate with your visitors, customers more effectively.

And it’s impossible for you to stay online round the clock (even if you’re insomniac)

It’s 2021, and let your bots take over & automate your conversions, support, sales while you’re asleep / busy with other tasks.

Typebot is the no-code conversational bot for your business needs, and the simplest of all the bot builders on Earth.

Getting started is really easy.

Pick one of the easy-to-use templates (Lead qualification, Customer Feedback, Customer Research, FAQ, Newsletter registration, Event registration) or start from the scratch.

And, add/edit the existing questions to match with your requirements & hit publish.

The platform has a chat-based interface, which allows you to create bots by dragging and dropping elements, and you can preview them real-time before you embed.

With the WYSIWYG editor, you can add bubbles (Text, Image, GIF, Video & Frame) to make your bots a lot more conversational & friendlier.

You can reorganize the bubbles real-time, i.e., even after your bots are live!

You can change the avatar of your bot anytime (Genie FTW), and make changes to the colour, background & size of every chat bubble.

Love emojis? Add them to your bots to make them more interactive. You can add text and/or emojis and modify any bubble anytime later by simply clicking it.

It’s time to collect more information from your visitors/customers.

Add blocks such as Long Text, Short Text, Phone Number, Email, Website and payment format to get all the required information from your audience.

Creators of Typebot clearly understand that you don’t want to show the same flow of questions to all your visitors. You wanna show them based on their responses.

And that’s why they’ve built AND/OR conditions, you can build the logical branching to show the bubbles based on the answers.

All the collected details are going to be stored in your account, so you can access them at any point of time.

You can export full or part of the list as a CSV and send personalized emails with any CRM tool using the data like First Name, Website Screenshot, Avatar URL, etc.

You can embed the bots built with Typebot anywhere, as Full page, Standard, Pop-up or Bubble with the WordPress, Notion, Wix, HTML / Javascript and Webflow integrations.

Typebot has a bunch of native integrations such as Facebook pixel, Google Tag Manager, Webhooks, Slack, Hubspot, etc.

When normal customers pay $19 every month to avail the maximum features, you (as a Genie-us) can avail the best out of Typebot for just $25 on a lifetime deal today!!

Buy Typebot @ Just $25 (Save Upto 95%)