//Audiencefy Review: Best Ecommerce Analytics App For Shopify

Audiencefy Review: Best Ecommerce Analytics App For Shopify

As an eCommerce user, you often face challenges with delivering an omnichannel customer experience and Competitor Analysis that can be hard to mitigate since the customer can reach through any number of touchpoints so it is very important to equip your team with the right technology.

Targeting the right audience and managing purchase data has been difficult at all times for a merchant and gets complicated too— Audiencefy makes it easy.

What is Audiencefy?

Audiencefy.io is the best segmentation and customer analytics app for ecommerce. You need not worry about any integration effort on your part. Simply install the app and we build all reports and insights for you. Intuitive and robust reporting to measure business health and customer conversion funnel.

Action-based insights from customers’ buying journey as to WHEN & WHAT did they buy, increase lifetime value (LTV) and Customer segmentation to personalize treatment and marketing campaigns, all at your fingertips.


Audiencefy delivers business intelligence, alerts, and automation to help you generate more revenue, acquire loyal customers, optimize product strategy and drive profitability through it.

Why Audiencefy?

As an eCommerce brand, you know what importance enhanced customer analytics holds. Audiencefy will help you with:

Amplify Customer Personalization with Pre Defined Segments:

Customer Segmentation includes over 20+ unique segments that can be exported and uploaded into your preferred marketing platform. For each segment, look for insights including Lifetime Value, Revenue, Average Order Value, and the Most Commonly Purchased Products.

Power Your Email Marketing with Highly Customizable Segments:

Audiencefy allows you to make more customer-centric email campaigns by segmenting your Shopify clients into pre-defined audience segments. It helps you increase your brand’s engagement and also improves the conversion rates.

Get Super Granular with Segmentation:

Understand product Segments, such as your most profitable products or bestsellers, and probe through Individual segments to learn more about what’s helping or hurting your store’s performance. Audiencefy’s robust segmentation will provide you with granular levels of information needed to optimize your sales funnel.

Customer Behaviour Analysis:

Widespread data is a major problem when it comes to generating eCommerce reports for analyses. Scattered spreadsheets and ideas is not a solution.

Audiencefy provides you with all the insights into consumers’ life and purchasing behavior.

Audiencefy Features:

Gives you access to easily build insightful eCommerce reports focused on your most profitable product, sales channels, ad campaigns, and customer segments and offers you; Audiencefy has all the right tools you need to make your business grow.

Predefined Segments

Audiencefy Review: Best Ecommerce Analytics App for Shopify 2

Choose from over 20+ audience segments that you can export to your favorite marketing channels. There are different criteria on which they are filtered such as – Value Shoppers, High Paying Customers, Customers who ask for a refund, The ones who abandon their carts and make no purchase and Repeat Customers since past 12 months, Full Price Customers, High/Low-Value Order Customers, Recent Purchasers, Active/Lost Customers and many more.

The detailed segmented data help you take further triggered actions on such customers sending them browser notifications or emails.

Advanced Filtering

Audiencefy Review: Best Ecommerce Analytics App for Shopify 3

Use the pre-filtering feature of Audiencefy to get granular with the targeting. Use metrics like average AOV, Customer LTV, revenue generated and much more.

Easy Export

Easy Export

Export your segmented audiences with just a click of a button. Seamless integration of CSV with your marketing platform like Mailchimp, Facebook Messenger, Zapier, etc helps to create customer segmented lists within seconds.

Custom Segmentation

Custom Segmentation

Customized, targeted marketing campaigns can generate as much as a 760 percent increase in revenue. Audiencefy custom segmentation function allows you to know endless ways of increasing revenue.

Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Personalized, targeted email can generate as much as a lift in revenue over email campaigns. Customer Segmentation includes more than 15 unique segments that can be exported and uploaded accordingly into your preferred email marketing platform. For each segment, carefully look for the insights including LTV, Revenue, AOV, and the most commonly purchased product.

Customer Analytics

customer analytics

Audiencefy automatically calculates customer lifetime value, repeat customer rate, and several other customer-centric KPIs – delivering insights that help you understand and optimize purchase behavior. Discover which channels and campaigns generate the highest customer lifetime value and have the lowest customer acquisition cost. Receive and act on valuable insights regarding customer purchase behavior, lifetime value, and more. Also, Optimize your marketing spend with advanced customer analytics at multiple levels for profitability.

Facebook Custom Audience Export


Directly send your segmented audience into your facebook ads account to create custom and lookalike audiences. Create high converting ads with just a click of a button.


Audiencefy Integration

Audiencefy’s flexible data layout and open API helps you create powerful integrations with any enterprise system. Integrations connect and support all the data you use to run your brand.

You can explore hundreds of Audiencefy’s Integrations to speed up your workflow or create customized integrations with our SDKs / API developers.

and on platforms like Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Magento, Facebook Messenger, Zapier, and many more.

Audiencefy 3rd Party Integrations like Mailchimp seamlessly integrates product recommendations and effectual content into your email marketing campaigns using Audiencefy’s integration with MailChimp. Simply enable the integration with a click of a button and use out-of-the-box code snippets built for MailChimp and begin delivering the most relevant product recommendations and personalized content to your customers. Use Audiencefy’s out-of-the-box code snippets for MailChimp to seamlessly enable email personalization. Allow customer activity to dictate personalized product recommendations that can be instantly incorporated and delivered in email campaigns that render at the open time. Google Analytics, on the other hand, at Audiencefy’s platform lets you share personalized data with your existing Analytics account in a seamless way. This way you can analyze your campaigns and track real-time visitors directly in your dashboard.

We also offer Magento, using its extension, on your eCommerce site will be a breeze. The integration automatically feeds every action on your Magento 1.x or Magento 2.x site into Audiencefy’s personalization engine, allowing you to achieve the same. All visitor activity, page visits, and product interactions can be tracked by Audiencefy and can be optimized and personalized across any channel for your customers. It will also help you increase the quality of the integration when you use this extension with auto-implementation of Audiencefy, including tracking scripts, Context API, eCommerce events, and product catalog integration by enabling advanced features immediately.

The most interesting part about the integrations for Shopify and Shopify Plus users is that the data can be fetched easily and quickly just by entering the login credentials.

Conclusion: Best eCommerce Analytics App for Shopify?

As a Shopify Plus user we rarely rate a platform 5 stars across the board, Audiencefy provides Responsive support, always improving the software, informative and hosting webinars that educate its users – there’s a lot that I like about Audiencefy. It provides a personal touch – which is awesome. It solves all your user problems: Where should you spend time and money to get the best ROI. Simply put – Audiencefy provides the answer.


Audiencefy Review: Best Ecommerce Analytics App for Shopify 4

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The plans that were earlier priced at $49, $99 and $299 are now available for free for the next 6 months that might get extended if need be in the light of this global pandemic affecting all of us mentally, financially, socially and physically.

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